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Hourglass Heights [PDF / EPUB] Hourglass Heights Who is brutally murdering the male residents of the Hourglass Heights apartment complex At first glance it would appear that their spouses are the killers but Detective Marcia Tanaka believes that a s Who is brutally murdering the male residents of the Hourglass Heights apartment complex At first glance it would appear that their spouses are the killers but Detective Marcia Tanaka believes that a serial killer is responsibleThrough the course of her investigation Detective Tanaka is pulled into a world of Japanese folklore and the supernatural as she explores the darker side of relationships sex and psyche She must learn to defeat her own personal demons before she can defeat one that is far sinister.

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    Male residents of Hourglass Heights Apartment Complex are being brutally and mercilessly murdered At first it's believed their spouses are the killers but Detective Marcia Tanaka believes a serial killer is responsible As she starts to investigate she is soon pulled into a world of Japanese folklore and the supernatural I love serial killer books that are gritty dark disturbing and really get under your skin and although this had a fair amount of erotica which I don't like I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found it uite addictive The graphic murders are very very gory with lots of blood and guts and certainly not for the faint hearted but they do play a huge part in the plot and therefore uite necessary The main character Detective Marcia Tanaka is a very intricate and troubled person following the murder of her father fifteen years ago for which she blames herself The storyline does leave you intrigued as to what happened to her dad and you soon find out how it fits in with the murders of the males at Hourglass HeightsThere's a interesting supernatural theme to this book which adds to the entertaining storyline and I was compelled enough to want to read this book in one day To give credit to the author Ian David Noakes this is a definite 5 star book but due to the amount of erotica which is just not my thing I can only award 4 stars However if erotica the supernatural and grizzly murders are all your chosen genres then you should love this book and I highly recommend Hourglass Heights to you 4 stars

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    Horror is an intriguing and bizarre genre However it's also one of the most flexible in terms of content Sometimes the content can be mixed to bad effect we've all seen the results in book and movie form but it can also create some uniue and thrilling tales of terror I can honestly say one thing though It's been a very long time since I've read an erotic thrillermysterywhodunnit with a Japanesesupernatural influence After all they don't come along oftenhowever Hourglass Heights is one such novelHourglass Heights An apartment block with a secret When Detective Tanaka sexy flawed bad ass is assigned a series of brutal murders she believes a serial killer is to blame Whilst investigating the crimes she realises that something is amiss When bodies start to pile up all as mutilated and eviscerated as the last it becomes clear that there's something sexually sinister about the murders something not natural or of this worldSexy smart thrilling mysterious erotic and chilling Just some words one can use to describe Hourglass Heights Part noir shady streets flawed protagonist with a murky past hard boiled dialogue part murder mystery one that could contest the greatest thriller writers and part comic book Japanese folklore plays a huge part in the story HH is a phenomenal read Dripping with menace and lust this sexually charged story of death and redemption is hard to ignore My reading pace is uite fast but I found myself taking my time with this; placing myself in the world and enjoying every word I also had the privilege of reading a physical copy of this book; it only enhanced the experience The characters are excellent not least the main protagonist Marcia Tanaka a damaged near suicidal detective Her dark past drives her to mindless and borderline violent sexual encounters and excessive alcohol Not the perfect personality for a murder investigation or two However the character is written with verve and realism not shying away from the characters weaknesses or destructive pastimes It's refreshing to see a flawed character portrayed so originally and it helps us root for her as she develops before our eyes She might as well be virtually ripped from the pages of a comic book think Sin City's babes with a badge in the way she's written as she seeks redemption for her 'sins' It's unflinching engaging stuffHer support characters are interesting too Vincent an attractive artist who resides in Hourglass Heights who Tanaka takes a liking to is potentially cliché but works within the confines of the story A horny teenager who happens to know all about Japanese folklore and becomes a source of information for our heroine is hilarious The residents of the apartment block are great too a highlight being the landlords sexually deprived wife her moments are comedy excellence And Crimple Tanaka's boss and surrogate father figure is awesome in his role if there's a follow up to this they could form a great duo The murder mystery has a place for all of them in turn and the glut of characters never feels forced Even a disgusting vomit inducing pimp has time to shine pivotal in the story itself It'll make you look at one night stands in a whole other light thoughespecially the ladiesIan David Noakes is one to watch Masterfully crafting a murder mystery that's unpredictable thrilling and creepy in eual measure he really brings the story to life He weaves Japanese folklore American pulp fiction and dark comedy effortlessly Also the sex scenes are excellent He doesn't pull any punches and there are no happy endings Sex has a place in this story and it's not a pleasant one bar one very touching scene as characters crave it feel degraded because of it and shockingly enough die because of it The enemy in the story is sex and the way it affects every character is paramount to the story Erotica is may well be but no one will be getting off on this If hardcore isn't your thing be warned it isn't pretty5 One of the best books I've read this year I don't usually read erotic books but it soon becomes clear that the erotica is used to uench other needs in this book murder and violence and serves as a plot device rather than a selling point The book is violent gory chilling and sexual but it's also addictive and unputdownable HH will have you craving Tanaka is a character who could easily carry her own series and if this is the case the author would be onto a winner If not the book will stand alone as a great entry in the erotic thriller genre This book easily makes my Top Ten of 2014 list Excellent

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    Received book through Goodreads First Reads I really liked the fact that this book was written from multiple POV's the main character was written as 1st person and the supporting characters from 3rd person It allowed the reader to see things that Marcia couldn't experience such as the murders taking place while still keeping her status as the main character The length of the chapters they were very short some were only a page long I thought made the book so easy to read and gave it a fast pace The murders were well described it was easy to picture what was happening I thought the author overdid the use of exclamation marks I would have liked for there to have been background on Japanese folklore In terms of the romance side of the story I would have liked for it to be spread out across of the book I know it wasn't the main focus to the book but I also think it could have developed Seeing as this book is classed as paranormalerotichorror I have to say I was a little disappointed with what I got There was definitely a paranormalsupernatural element to the story the creature in this story isn't one that I personally have read many books about which I liked Yes there was sex in this book but I wouldn't necessarily label this book as erotic For some readers this may be of the horror genre but for me not so much Personally I think this book should be classed as a murder mystery with a supernatural twist I liked the way the book ended Everything is made clear and you're not left with any lingering uestions well I wasn't anyway

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    I have to say I am definitely a fan of Ian David Noakes This is a very very good book and I loved it I had bought the kindle version of this book and then I participated in a promotion on Facebook and won a signed copy of the book and the cover art and am honored to have both I love anything supernatural so this book was right up my alley Detective Tanaka is investigating a series of murders that have occurred at Hourglass Heights As the investigation continues she realizes that things may not be as they seem Can she figure out what or who is doing these killings? Will she be able to catch or kill this killer? If you are interested in the supernatural andor mysterythriller you should read this book It is a very good book and another one to be added to my favorites of this year 5 out of 5 stars for this amazing bookHighly recommendedYou can also follow my reviews at the following links 1988Lisa1988httpwwwgpprofileA1NU

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    AUTHOR REVIEWI always feel uncomfortable leaving a review on one of my own books but I feel obligated to leave something that may shed some light on my story The very first uestion I was asked after my book was published was to describe what my story was about in my own words So here it goesOn the surface it is a brutal erotic murder mystery with a dusting of the supernatural Who is brutally tearing apart the men who live in Hourglass Heights while their wives slept beside them in their locked apartments? Dig a little deeper and I hope my readers will discover the story of the lead character Marcia Tanaka and her growth and development She’s highly flawed though many around her may not realize how much Filled with guilt and self loathing she acts out in ways that are meant to be personal punishments As the story progresses she learns to face and overcome her demons to accept herself and those who love her Of all the characters I have created she is one of my favourites”Oh I also hope you enjoy reading this story as much I enjoyed writing itThank YouIan David Noakes

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    Review also on wwwjolasbookshelfwordpresscom'Hourglass Heights' is an awesome novel one that I greatly enjoyed reading It mixes a lot of genres like thriller horror and mystery with supernatural elements It's a story that's hard to put down once you start reading it full of action and surprises had me guessing till the end I'll be looking forward to other works form this authorThanks to Ian David Noakes for sending me and ebook in exchange for an honest review

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    Once in awhile I like to break out of my mold and do something a bit different so here I am trying to figure out how I’m going to review Hourglass Heights If you follow me on Facebook or Goodreads you know that I do review everything I read As a writer I want to lead other people to books that they either haven’t heard of or should have heard about How else are writers going to get people to read their books? I received Heights from Stuart Keane and I have to admit that as a fan of the guys work if he recommends a book you know it’s going to be good so I have to thank Stuart for sending me a copy and telling me that I have to read it Stuart’s like that Maybe it’s how they do things in the UK but seriously Stuart is the kind of writer we should all aspire to be He helps promote other writers without asking for anything in return Hourglass by Ian David Noakes is the kind of novel that takes a variety of styles and throws into the a blender and what you end up with is a literary smoothie There are elements of horror supernatural romance and a bit of noir thrown in and while you may think this may make for one odd smoothie it’s pretty damn good In order to make this work you have to have talent and the guts to create something new and uniue As writer sometimes you have to take risks and Heights does that without becoming unhinged and falling apart Ian balances all of these genres and keeps the plot flowing Books like these rarely work but here it works seamlessly It keeps the book interesting and you want to figure out who is murdering these men What kind of person would do such a horrible thing? You also have that James Patterson style of writing without it being too simple It’s a complex novel with a plot that is built slowly and methodically and when I say in a James Patterson style I meant that you get various viewpoints from other characters to give the story depth James Patterson could never write a book like this and if he did I doubt that it would come off as well as this does At the forefront is Detective Tanaka a detective with a few demons of her own and this is where the majority of where the story is told She isn’t your usual run of the mill detective and while she punishes herself for her father’s death you can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever find redemption Then of course you have the murders themselves and these are uite gory and will excite fans of horror Noakes has a fine eye for detail and with each character you get a real sense of who they are This is a book that you have to read If I were able to do stars here we would be talking a solid four star effort Yes it's that good originally posted at

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    recieved via Goodreads giveawayWell it jumps straight in which I do like in a book and the main character is well developed throughout I would have a liked a bit background on the demon lore and mythology and a bit of a struggle before Marcia bought into it but I'd definitely read by the author

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    This twisted tale tackles all manner of issues and takes you along for the ride After reading this book I felt affected by it's tangled web of intricate characters I felt empathy for the main character but also a kind of strength that grew with the novel This book hits hard and honest and shines a light on some brutal truths for all involved Read this story with a stiff drink and allow yourself to get swept into the murky supernatural

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    This book has it all What a thrillSpine chilling suspense passionate encounters and a supernatural element bound to leave you sleeping with the light on It read like a dream or nightmare and delivered in terms of action and holding my attention from start to finishA book I would recommend to all seeking a terrifying page turner

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