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Full Circle Full Circle #1 [PDF / EPUB] Full Circle Full Circle #1 Ivan Vanya Kirillovich Pravdin never expected to fall in love when he went to law school He just wanted time away from his father and their oppressive family business However fate had other plans He c Ivan Vanya Kirillovich Pravdin never expected to fall Full Circle PDF/EPUB ë in love when he went to law school He just wanted time away from his father and their oppressive family business However fate had other plans He can't help but be attracted to Persephone Peterson the beautiful young woman that sits next to him in his Contracts class Her unusual name and strong constitution are intriguing Unfortunately his Full Circle ePUB Ñ family business is getting in the way of the relationship he wants to pursue with her Will Vanya be able to reconcile obligations to his family with his new love.

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    So much funI am in for the ride This book is well written despite a few grammar mistakes here and there and a weirdly unannounced jump in the timeline I love the characters and I'm ready to see where this series goes Kudos for having strong females and action to boot

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    Full Circle by Blake Haugen a love story between two very different people Persephone “Percy” Peterson Ivan Vanya Kirillovich Pravdin They meet in a Law school class where Percy is trying to strike out on her own after an accident left her without both of her parents She was taken in by a friends family who treats her like a daughter however her “friend” seems to treat Percy differently Then we have Vanya a slightly older law student who is trying to be his own man away from his controlling manipulative traditional Russian and possibly Russian Mob connected father who wants Vanya home to help run the family “business” Vanya on the other hand has different plans and those other plans now include the beautiful mysterious Percy who Vanya will not give up no matter what his father has up his sleeveThis book was a really good start to a series that I am sure will be a winner There are a lot of elements to this story that will definitely keep your attention You can tell from the very 1st page that the author is setting you up for wild ride with this book The story is written very well and the romance between Vanya and Percy felt realistic than a lot of bocks in this genre and the sex scenes were just hot This is my 1st book by this author but it won’t be my last for reviews of see

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    I love it when a book really surprises me which this one did I never really thought that I would pick this one up so I'm glad that the challenge I'm participating in did have me do that One of the main reasons I didn't want to read it that cover Horrible for me to admit but it's awful and it just stuck with me But here I am to admit that this was wrong This is a pretty short story and there is a lot of good stuff happening It doesn't feel short at all rather well played out It probably could have been written a bit better but it's forgiven with well how good the story actually is I liked Vanya even though I struggled with his name and I like Persephone too Both of the characters are independent have clear ideas about what they want and aren't afraid to go for it Including when they are in the bedroom Vanya is dirty talker and I love those so it's probably one of the reasons I enjoyed him as much as I did I'm definitely coming back for of that This ends on a serious cliff hanger but I'm in the midst of another series that I'm really hooked on but I know that I will be back for of this

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    This is Vanya “Ivan” and Persephone “Percy” storyBook 1 – started off a bit slow for me but still kept me engaged Ivan and Percy are getting to know each other and we are introduced of the other minor characters Ivan is from a mob family and his father would not approve of Percy being in his life Ivan is an open book where Percy is concerned he loves her and tries his best to keep the mob side of his live away from her Percy does not dig around in his life or ask lots of uestions she handles it all very well considering Although Ivan is an alpha male I loved it when he got all emotional and vulnerable with regards to Percy He loves her wears it on his sleeve she is slower to admit her love and is reserved about showing her love for Ivan

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    Wow BRAB Online Book ClubA lot of my new authors are recommendations from members of various book clubs This is no exception and I'm glad I didPersephone and Vanya are what you'd call an odd couple He the son of a Russian businessman with uestionable ties and she an orphan with a complicated upbringing The chemistry if off the charts and the sex is hot hot hot I can't wait to see what these two are up to next

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    Alright now loving this so farVanya and Perse I don't know what to make of them just yet They almost seem like the odd couple Maybe the next book will give understanding But so far so good On to Book 2

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    Drop Everything Read This

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    It'll Pull You InDog gone it you got me I'm not one for cliffhangers but after reading the prologue I was already hooked This is not your typical hook up story there was some thought out into it Now I'm vested and all up in Percy's Persephone Vanya's Ivan business I'm on my way Book 2

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    Really good book I really liked it I'm made it's a seuel but that will not stop me from getting the next book I have to see where things go with Finn and Tim too

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    Love PlotVery interesting book Love the couple can not wait to read the other two books Plot flows Her unusual name is fitting

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