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Saint Joan of Arc [PDF / EPUB] Saint Joan of Arc The 19 year old saint who defeated England in 15 months saved her country crowned its king and changed history was burned as a heretic Yet 500 years later she was canonized and became the patron saint The year old saint who defeated England in months saved her country crowned its king and changed history was burned as a heretic Yet years later she was canonized and became the patron saint of France A uniue and almost unbelievable story pgs; PB.

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    Absolutely Fantastic With a problem Beevers commendation concerning Cauchon irritated me Highly irritated me Actually enraged me I mean really Beever Cauchon might not have been malicious but truly concerned about Joans soul and body from the fire? I mean really? And many of the statements that Cauchon says about Joan or to Joan Beever just has to say that he thinks that Cauchon was truly genuine in his concern for Joan I mean really? Read this book you will see what I mean Because what Cauchon says and what Cauchon does are clearly indicative of the maliciousness and angst to get Joan burnt up And Beever is clearly aware of this from the Ghetto So; what about this book? I loved it Poor Saint Joan You truly encounter the history and Saint Joan as a person in her life all in one And Beever is uite good Because from time to time he eliminates what people have been saying about Joan which is false And clearly says what is true It is truly astonishing what Joan endured what she did A peasant girlSaint Joan pray for Holy Mother Church That we are all prepared soldiers ready to fight for our faith Christ the true King

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    The life of Joan is filled with challenges to the way I've grown up thinking the Lord's voice sounds like Her life fascinates me because she constantly is being spoken to by different saints who had died before her and her love for Jesus is so real I just find myself baffled at how often she hears the voices of saints speaking to her rather than the Lord himself I adore her though so I thought it was fantastic The course of history is changed through her so of course it's worth reading Especially if you're into hearing stories of women doing bold and courageous things and changing the course of war ;

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    I enjoyed reading this book and it saddened my heart that this nineteen year old woman was persecuted and burned as the result of a trial that was not really authorized as the proper way to attain answers to uestions properly the trial was a farce and mishandled falsely accusing Joan of being a heretic and a witch She was later declared to be a Saint and vindicated by the Catholic Church and a heroine of France which she helped to free from foreign enemies She was devoted to God completely and listened to Him and obeyed what it is He instructed her to do She knew she would die and never hated her accusers but asked for prayer and for them to forgive any wrongdoings that she might have done as she forgave them for wrongly accusing her and condemning her to death I believe she is with our Lord in His kingdom and this inspired me to stand stronger in my faith and to listen and obey God above all other voices in a world that has so many temptations and false teachers hoping to ensnare us I am thankful to God for so many of His people who have gone before us and inspire us to endure through whatever trials may come in our lives and look to Him Who is our Creator to provide all we need to live as only He knows all things and is able to do all things I am thankful to the author for sharing this inspirational true story with those who have ears to hear and hearts that love God and want to love others

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    Would have been better if the author had not made excuses for Cauchon

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    pb Doubleday Image 1962

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