Malices Possession The Brothers of Menace MC #1 MOBI

  • Kindle Edition
  • 148 pages
  • Malices Possession The Brothers of Menace MC #1
  • Jenika Snow
  • English
  • 20 January 2016

10 thoughts on “Malices Possession The Brothers of Menace MC #1

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    I usually review just the writing because I don't always like the plot or am in love with the storyline but I am not the authorHowever I do not get how this book was actually accepted by the publisher AND it is getting good reviewsThe editing is NONEXISTENT Really almost every page there is something either not in the correct context spelled incorrectly or the words are repeatsThe story is not even close to believable Yeah this is fiction but you are reading about people You are told that the main male lead is a mean bikerenforcer for this group but he might as well be playing at that for all the mean things he does Our female lead is such a doormatAnd then author throws in religious fanatics AND shifters? The madness goes on if there is one reference to this MC group being all bad but really good underneath you read it almost every chapter Oh and they make their money illegally but again they are really doing something good tooSorry this was so not worth the money This publisher and author need to have a sit down and revamp this series

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    I enjoyed the slow build of the relationship between Malice and Adrianna I just wish there had been focus on their relationship The author devotes time to laying out another MC member Kink and his personal problems regarding a teenage daughter Malice finds Adrianna in the middle of the night at a rest stop as she is running away from her abusive boyfriend He gives her a place to stay and protects her until he and his brothers return to their own club They do not fall into bed immediately and in fact the actual first sex scene is at about the 60% mark But the author worked it for me with a build up of the relationship and seeing Malice's possessive behavior There is a decent plot going on in the book The MC is a 1% club and they deal in prostitution but they take care of the girls and no one is forced into prostitution There is a fanatical violent religious group that has targeted the MC This is the first book in the series and I will be reading the next book The secondary characters were engaging No cliffhanger and no cheating

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    It's not bad enough to be a two star but not good enough to fit three So two and a half stars it is This one was definitely not the best from Jenika Snow It does need some editing But that was easily overlooked as it wasn't to an extent tha it bothered me There wasn't very much to the plot line and most of it was predictable I felt like the plot was a bit stretched out instead of eventful I also found myself skimming or skipping a lot of scenes especially the sex scenes Perhaps I just wasn't feeling the story and the characters However it was a decent read

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    Loved it 45 starsAdrianna has finally had enough life's dealt her a shitty hand but enough's enough she's taking her life back not uite in the manner she'd planned but desperate times call for action When Malice first sees her she's staggering barefoot down the road beaten and dazed and he feels instantly protective towards her but Adrianna is half his age and has just escaped an abusive relationship do they really stand a chance?This book had me glued from the first page to the last I was going to say it's the best of this series so far to which you'd be thinking it's the first in the series so obviously but I mean the best of Jenika's MC books I liked both Malice and Adrianna and the story was good I can't wait to find out what happens nextI will say Lucien intrigues me I can't wait for his book he must get a book surelyI can't finish this review without including a line which I loved Malice Rock and Tuck three huge scary bikers are discussing pre schoolHey don't laugh I can remember my preschool years Rock looked up at the sky Best fing time of my life He looked at them again Back then they had naps and snack and shitI just loved that

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    MALICE BAD BOY BIKERFirst book in the spin off series to the Grizzlies MC Malice is the sergeant at arms for The a Brothers Of Menace At forty years old he's experienced much in his life He loves his son Dakota and his brothers in the club While visiting another chapter to pick up some women who are under threat from a religious cult he rescues Adrianna who is wandering in the road bruised bloody and beaten His possessive instinct roars to life She's almost half his age and has been through a lot with her ex Adrianna should really be afraid of Malice he's a giant of a man and really scary but she brings out his gentle and caring sideI liked this story very much There's a definite plot with the crazy cult who are gunning for the brothers and the women who work for them I liked the chemistry between Malice and Adrianna I would have liked hot scenes with them together I must admit I'm slightly uncomfortable with how the brothers earn part of their income via the women who work for them What I'm really waiting for is Lucien's story

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    5 Bad Boy Biker StarsThis book is the spin off series to the Grizzlies MC that I did not read yet Malice is the sergeant at arms for The a Brothers Of Menace At the age of forty years old he's experienced a lot in his life The two greatest things are his son Dakota and his brothers in the club He was at chapter to rescue some women who are under threat from a cult he also save Adrianna who is wandering in the road bruised bloody and beaten His instinct possessiveness is to protect from all harms She at least half his age but that did not stop him from finding her attractive Can't wait for is Lucien's story

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    My one star review really has nothing to to with the story line which was ok a bit workhorse of type no real character development and I agree with many other reviewers that this story should have been about the hero and his girl Too much time was devoted to another character who has his own book that follows this one and therefore the whole story feels rushed and forced On average I can read two to three books a day very uick reader and as an English teacher I can appreciate good writing In general I read everything from harleuins to political thrillers but this book is astounding in the bad grammar incorrect sentence construction incomplete and frankly confusing paragraphs and worst of all the spelling mistaking hear and here pliant and plaint I really don't understand this is a fairly big publishing house and uiet frankly I think the proof readers and editors were on holiday when this book came in or they just think the level of intelligence of the readership is very low I almost didn't finish it and I don't know if I will read the next two books as I don't want to re read pages to understand what has been written In fact it makes Fifty Shades of Grey look like a classic or even a masterpiece

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    EnforcerOnce again Jenika you have blown me away Not only was this story fan fucking tastic it was gritty dramatic sexy and so very intoxicating We met Malice and the Brothers in the Grizzly MC's book and knew that under that big bad alpha exterior is a man who only wants to protect what is his and it’s beautiful to catch him in those rare moments of vulnerability From the first meeting between him and Adrianna you know that this sweet girl is going to turn his world upside down Adrianna has been dealt a helluva hand in what we call life but after meeting Malice she slowly but surely starts to become the person she's meant to be When it comes down to it this story was all heart and erotic as hell I am so ready for the next one Which Brother will it be

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    I enjoyed this book and I like that they aren't overly lengthy with lots of extra crap that you have already gathered I be read the first three books back to back and must say lucien's book is my favourite and I really enjoyed the characters but seriously what's with all the younger woman??? Lol A little predictable but still enjoyable

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    Ugh I skimmed through a lot of the ending Insta love I can forgive But the author threw in Kink's story and it was really awkward Just didn't even need to be there Also a lot of convenient things happened

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Malices Possession The Brothers of Menace MC #1[PDF / EPUB] Malices Possession The Brothers of Menace MC #1 Trevor “Malice” Mason once had an old lady and he doesn’t need another one Taking care of his son and being there for The Brothers of Menace MC are what is important to him The only kind of fema Trevor “Malice” Mason once The Brothers Epub Û had an old lady and he doesn’t need another one Taking care of his son and being there for The Brothers of Menace MC are what is important to him The only kind of female company he needs is the one that can warm his bed at nightAdrianna Carmine has led a tough life but she is a survivor When she allows herself to fall for the saccharine falseness of comfort Malices Possession PDF/EPUB or from her now ex boyfriend Phillip her only escape is to either die trying or kill the man that exacts pleasure from hurting herWhen Malice finds Adrianna wounded and alone protecting her consumes him After delivering retribution to the one that hurt her he takes her back to River Run hoping that she can heal But Malice wants her something fierce and staying away isn’t an option even if she deserves better.