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    In Delusionism Anthony Marais presents roughly sixty nine micro essays whose two sections Culture vs Nature and Art vs Life are divided by a hundred aphorisms This is a forked tongue in cheek exploration and oration marketed as philosophyself help somewhat in the vein of Bierce's Devil's Dictionary but intending to drive thought through humor than humor through thoughtThe book is filled with thoughts and thoughts about thoughts and I was tempted to refer to its points heavily in this review I was in retrospect surprised to not find an essay on Conversation or Discussion though it's likely there was a fitting aphorism I'm not recalling Regarding Genius Marais says Has the reader ever noticed that thinking is easy? For most of us it's difficult not to think than the contrary It seems that with every turn of the head our brain showers us with thoughts flashing across our mind's sky like fireworks Indeed the rush of ideas is a delightful feeling Sometimes it seems to palpably flow through our body in a euphoric almost tickling sensation Interestingly it's often ideas we perceive as untruths that tickles us most absurd ridiculous thoughts that produce outrageous images People who with a haphazard turn of the head stumble upon these thoughts sometimes find themselves giggling aloud in public or walking with a silly conspicuous skip This is genius the ability to produce freely and easily new thoughts And the sensation is pleasurable It is genius this genius that Marais seems to strive for with this book; and from how often I laughed along I think he often hit his mark With a wink and a nudge he delivers essays on topics ranging from Originality and The uest For Happiness to Pet Rocks and Books vs Movies Some play straight some verso and others strive for double duty contradicting not only convention but subtly perhaps themselves as wellOf course some insights are clever than others some are obvious some simply plain and some a bit muddled But the overall attempt I think makes a very worthwhile platter of intellectual finger food that could well be grown into a banuet given the right crowd I found myself half wanting to keep notes as I read to argue back with the author and see where thoughts led so perhaps this is a book better read with a friend But I suspect the author would be pleased even with my reaction to those essays I was not moved by or felt were less than a hundred percent presented I thought If this sounds interesting you might also consider our review of The Cure a novel by Anthony Marais

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Delusionism [PDF / EPUB] Delusionism DELUSIONISM is a collection of essays intended to provoke thought about art and life The author adresses the reader directly as if sitting at a cafe popping out uips and expounding on all matter of su Delusionism is a collection of essays intended to provoke thought about art and life The author adresses the reader directly as if sitting at a cafe popping out uips and expounding on all matter of subjects from the obscure to the commonplaceThe book is divided into three parts Part One is entitled Culture vs Nature with meditations on Sleeping Eating Sex and Love Part Two is a collection of Aphorisms And Part Three Art vs Life discusses modern art literature kitsch Cabbage Patch Dolls and Pet Rocks de•lu•sion•ism n Philosophy A philosophy that regards nature as truth and all manifestations of culture as delusion emphasizes the unity of human experience in an indifferent universe and stresses the use of dreaming and escapism as a means to self actualization de•lu•sion•ist adj n.