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Immortal Obsession [PDF / EPUB] Immortal Obsession Can his dark legacy protect her Madison Chase an American newscaster is in London to follow a missing girls case But her priority is to locate her brother who has also disappeared Research leads Madi Can his dark legacy protect her Madison Chase an American newscaster is in London to follow a missing girls case But her priority is to locate her brother who has also disappeared Research leads Madison to the discovery of an enclave of ancient vampires that run the London underground which puts her in dangerChristopher St John has lived for centuries and can’t escape the dark legacy that created him But that legacy also makes him a rogue vampire’s worst enemy So his desire for the redhead who digs into the past though immediate and all consuming is forbidden And as Madison’s investigation continues she must discover if St John is a trusted Protector—or if she’s being seduced by a monster.

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    BLOOD NIGHT CHRONICLES ### WINNER Best paranormal romanceactionsuspense Paranormal Romance Guild's reviewer's Choice awardsA long time ago a group called the Seven was formed from seven of the best knights of the Round Table These knights were offered immortality in order to protect a holy relic known as the Grail which contains secretive powers best kept hidden from the massesSeven immortal knights protectors of the Grail will live through time until we find them now in the current century in this series Called “Blood Knights” because of the way they became immortal Not vampires though they do possess not only fangs but longings for the kind of justice no mortal men could conceive of Undefeated in battle Unearthly gorgeous If not exactly righteous something close with the will to protect humankind from monsters that lurk in the shadows of a modern worldOne Blood Knight per book in this series Seven books 5 so farGolden Vampire Immortal Obsession Guardian of the Night Immortal Redeemed Angel UnleashedThrilling reviews Here's one I wanted to shareRomantic Times Book Reviews TOP PICK The book offers a sexy and fascinating hero an original Blood Knight sworn to protect mankind and pits him with Madison a woman who refuses to back down even when her life is on the line

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    This story is of Christopher St John one of The Blood Knights who is the Protector of Madison and what a good looking guy he is Madison's twin brother has disappeared in London when he went to investigate vampires and other creatures of the night And four young college girls are also missing But this is also a romance between romance that starts as a low flame and blossoms into a fiery love I loved this book And can't wait for the next book In The Blood Knights Chronicles to come out Check for an entertaining read

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    I enjoyed the first book in this series but this one was so much It took the next step in explaining who the Protectors are how different the 7 Blood Knights are from the vampires In this book Madison and St John are in London there is the biggest community of vampires The 100 The 100 is ancient sect older vamps who live by the code in the human world and there is a traitor St John is working undercover to discover who the traitor is and to eliminate him and the threat he poses to the human world The attraction between Madison and Christopher is instant but they don't drop everything and just jump There is so much uestioning their own feelings the world around them from Madison mostly The story is beautifully written and you feel that step into another world it becomes real I am excited about the series and with this second book it feels that the story just begun and there is so much to explore I would love to see all 7 Knights together to learn about their maker Linda's men are always noble gentlemanly and treat their women with so much care Anxiously looking forward for the third book

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    Another Blood Knight gets to tell his story in the third book of the Vampire Moons series where obligation freuently clashes with desire These seven extraordinary immortals have existed for centuries after being chosen to carry out specific commitments using their new capabilities More about these fascinating beings is learned in the latest book and each new fact only adds to their honorable reputation The world created by Linda Thomas Sundstrom for her paranormal beings is like no other where uniue traits abound IMMORTAL OBSESSION is imaginatively original with enchanting adventures Christopher St John is a Blood Knight and he knows it is his responsibility to keep the number of frenzied vampires in London from increasing and control the ones already transformed He knows humans are at risk from these recently turned bloodsuckers plus he must keep mortals from discovering their worst nightmares are actually real When he comes in contact with a newsperson who has come to the area to report on several missing American girls he knows duty comes first and that the connection he feels for her must be ignoredThough Madison Chase did come to London along with a news crew there is another reason she came and sometimes takes chances by going to places mentioned in the notes written by her twin brother Her sibling has been missing for three weeks and it seems he was checking out details concerning the existence of vampires When she meets a tempting man with an unusual demeanor Madison is attracted to him but knows locating her brother is what she must concentrate on St John believes she is in grave danger yet does not even know it and he plans to protect her from those who would harm her while making certain she does not report on what she might uncover If Linda Thomas Sundstrom writes a paranormal story then innovativeness is guaranteed throughout Scenes are always creative and seem particularly real because of carefully thought out developments The Vampire Moons series has been a favorite of mine since the first Blood Knight made an appearance The books do not have to be read in order as adeuate information is given to enlighten the reader without a lot of repetition Dedicating his life to not only keeping humans safe by being their Protector but also being in the middle of danger at times makes the current hero extra special I have enjoyed the main characters in the previous books yet there is just something very exceptional about St John His behavior proved his dedication to the vow he took yet strong feelings for a woman prove love can be powerful too Neither St John nor Madison is an individual who runs the other way when trouble strikes Both show their feistiness on uite a few occasions sometimes with action and other times with only words Several heartfelt moments occur when truths are revealed and the author backs any of their conversations with genuine feelings Though St John and Madison may be opposite in many ways the lusty passion between them is almost overpowering and leads to explosive sexual encounters While he may already know much about the world of supernatural beings Madison does not and it was interesting to see how she would react to all the situations that arose Linda Thomas Sundstrom makes her Vampire Moons series constantly entertaining and IMMORTAL OBSESSION is a compelling romance with intriguing scenarios CataRomance review 45 Stars

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    She wasn't in London for pleasure even though she looked like it wearing the sexy silver mini to the famous club No she is a reporter searching for the four college girls missing and her also missing brother Her investigation leads her to her twin's research But how could that be? This was paranormal stuff that couldn't be trueOr could it? When she met Christopher gorgeous sexy man she was about to enter a world mortals had no knowledge of or the danger it posed A world of not only danger for mortals but betrayal for their brotherhood The draw this man posed to Madison was only matched by his feelings for her With the war pending and their differences could they have a future?The author is a master at creating uniue paranormal worlds that are a whirlpool of characters and situations that engulf the reader Even though vampires are not my favorite PNR characters I too was engulfed and totally enjoyed this book and strongly recommend it

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    ABOUT THE BOOK Release Date September 1 2014As her Protector he was bound to oblige her every desireA rogue group of human hating vampires have overtaken London But the elite immortals who own much of the city may have found the key to protecting their territory Madison Chase an American newscaster investigating a story about missing teenagers If she can convince someone to help her infiltrate the dangerous faction she just might stem the bloodletting and find her brother in timeSt John can't escape his dark family legacy But the instincts that keep him from being fully human also make him the rogues' worst enemy His desire for the ethereal redhead is immediate all consuming—and forbidden And as the investigation escalates Madison must discover if St John is her trusted Protector—or if she's being seduced by a monsterREVIEW IMMORTAL OBSESSION is the latest instalment in Linda Thomas Sundstrom’s Vampire Moons adult contemporary paranormal romance series focusing on the Immortal Seven descended from the originals and protectors of the golden chalice This is Immortal Christopher St John and American news anchor Madison Chase’s storyline Although IMMORTAL OBSESSION is part of a series it can be read as a stand alone without too much difficulty Linda Thomas Sundstrom weaves background information and the history of the immortalvampire into the storyline so that we are acuainted with different factions of the supernatural loreThe storyline follows Madison Chase as she searches for her missing twin brother last known whereabouts in London England searching for the mythological vampire of lore Madison knew her brother was determined to prove the existence of vampires but what she found was the story of nightmares Enter Christopher St John a man who professes to be Madison’s protector but a man who is definitely part of the supernatural race Christopher suspects that Madison’s brother may be in over his head but he never suspected the betrayal from one of his ownThe relationship between Madison and Christopher is one of immediate attraction Christopher is drawn to Madison like a moth to a flame but there is something about the American newscaster that is dark and deadly The sex scenes are intimate sensual and heated with lust and desire There is no denying that Madison wants Christopher but is she compelled towards the man or is it of her own volition?The secondary characters are as dark and dangerous as are most immortals We are introduced to the most deadliest of night creatures as well as get up close and personal with a child of the moon IMMORTAL OBSESSION is an intense and passionate storyline where reality meets fantasy; where betrayal is an act of destruction; where romance draws two people together regardless of their DNA or purpose in life Linda Thomas Sundstrom pulls the reader into a dark world of the supernatural one storyline at a timeCopy supplied by the publisherwwwthereadingcafecom

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    I finished this in a whirlwind read a thon because I was enthralled by the story and always love Linda's Blood Knights In this book Christopher St John one of the seven ancient Blood Knights is terrifically drawn out and sexy And when he finally drops his chic vampire personna in favor of showing his true identity wow I mean WOW I could not get enough And his match Madison Chase feisty determined intelligent is all those things we'd all like to be in a bad situation Plus she gets you know whoThis goes along loosely with other book is the BLOOD KNIGHT CHRONICLES stand alone series Golden Vampire Guardian of the Night Immortal Redeemed Angel Unleashed

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    The book offers a sexy and fascinating hero an original vampire Blood Knight sworn to protect mankind and pairs him up perfectly with Madison a woman who refuses to back down even when her life is on the line RT Book Reviews 4 stars

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    Loved loved loved it This fast paced story is full of action and romance It is gripping and VERY difficult to put downI look forward to

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    I do so enjoy stepping into this author's worlds where I know I will encounter characters that will give me their all Some will capture you so much you will forget that this is paranormal also In this one Madison will be on a story that will lead her into the unknown Christopher will capture our attention but also be lending a hand but discoveries will cover many aspects Some things will be all consuming with the intrigue having us not wanting to look away We also find out why St John is so special but also be kept on a dance of danger they must be prepared for With each of these stories we are consumed by that special one swooning when it turns out in a way that warms our all the way to our toes

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