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City of Nine Gates [PDF / EPUB] City of Nine Gates An atheistic millionaire is forced to find and help his long lost friend achieve self realization in a mystical City of Nine Gates known only to the Gods and the wisest sages of the Advait and the San An atheistic millionaire is forced to find and help his long lost friend achieve self realization in a mystical City of Nine Gates known only to the Gods and the wisest sages of the Advait and the Sankhya Assisted by other friends in the City he leads the City on an inward enlightening journey only to realize at the end who his friend is what actually the City of Nine Gates is and who is that beyond all regions knowing which one never comes back When the Gods descend to devastate When Kalyuga meets City of PDF/EPUB or Apocalypse Out of a Billion Only one strives Of those who strive Only one achieves What those sages realized and you still haven’t knowing which one never comes back Rise O’ Cities It’s time to liberate It’s time to realize.

  • Paperback
  • 300 pages
  • City of Nine Gates
  • Pankaj Rajput
  • English
  • 10 March 2015
  • 9789384049645

About the Author: Pankaj Rajput

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    A book towards self enlightenment that is what this book is all about Finding yourself and all the uestions you had about your existence The book is a summary of various holy scriptures of India A truly enlightening experience reading the bookAbsolutely loved it A 5 star worthy definitelyRead at City Of Nine Gates

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    City of Nine Gates is a spiritual fiction which would be a different taste to your mind and intellect In the beginning I found it hard to connect with the book but as it went ahead I could feel what was going on Though at some points I felt that the story has been unnecessarily stretched yet in the end I guess it was all worth it This book demands patience and a right frame of mind and attitude to consume what it has to offer you It starts with the description of the two schools of thoughts Sankhya and Advaita Vedanta Both of them are distinct yet same in their vision Gyan an atheist and successful Start up guy come across a mystical discovery during his excavations at an archaeological site That mystery intrigues him so deeply that the subseuent series of events he faces surprise you out of the blues His rendezvous with Budhi and their camaraderie is amazing to read The book opens up the gates to the city of nine gates the human body Human life composed of the secret knowledge of Purusha and Prakriti is of utmost importance for every being This revelation is the most fantastic part of the bookThe well developed narrative answers our uestions pertaining to grief and suffering It teaches that Pain is the key to the path of Moksha It is in pain when the human being loses attachment and is directed on the path of salvation We have several Vrittis holding our existence The book draws the relationship between Vrittisthoughts Manas Buddhi Karmphal Gyan etc Never before I have come across such an enlightening spiritual fiction The book goes on to tell us that the whole world is a thought itself A continuous battle between Manas and Icha is inevitable because this is how we tame our futile desires In the war for Moksha Desire is the epitome of Nishkam Karm It is when the Atman realizes who it is in truth and remains established in truth it attains Moksha And by the end the ultimate truth embraces us Atman is BrahmanBrahman is indestructibleA surreal narration won the game though it could have been gripping and subtle Moreover the book needs a round of editing to polish it Rest the language is fine The character introduction as well as gradual description is very good To top it all the imagination of the author made the ball to fall into his court For people who absolutely love to know about the intricate details of their body and enigma underlying their existence this book would be a good treat Remember it demands patience to receive the best out of something Be it money fame or oodles of wisdom“This book review is a part of The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program and Blog Tours For details check “

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    Why me? Why me only? Why me always? Why do I even exist? What am I supposed to do? What is expected from me? these are certain uestions that we all aspire to find answers about At least once in our lifetime we encounter ourselves or say our inner self and ask these uestions and look out for the answers Have you ever asked these uestions? If yes were you able to find answers for yourself? If yes were you satisfied with what you perceived? If yes the my dear friend – you are beyond the limits of this world and if you don’t mind me asking – Are you God? And if your answer is “No” then let us join hands to this spiritual journey of enlightment which is devoid of heavy weight verses ideologies and philosophies which are beyond our understandingCity of Nine Gates is a spiritual journey of self enlightment is the easiest possible way in the current times I am confident it will be an easy to read reckoner for the readers vouching for scriptures of the kind Since ag s the humans have tirelessly made efforts in order to understand the ancient scriptures including Vedas their inscriptions and their teachings None has been successful in attending to the call completely This is because these are comparative and subjective and thus every learned person has his way of perceiving and preaching During such an attempt to make it easier and simpler they unknowingly find it complicated and hard to decipher – such a vicious circle it isPankaj has made a pious attempt in researching and re packaging the truths of life in shape of a story with a modern age protagonist thus making it easily relatable comparable and finally acceptable to the modern age norms He has adopted a simplistic style of writing which catches the attention and helps in focusing on the crux of the story rather than the superficial developments penned down to give a shape of story In addition to this he sets forth euilibrium with the eternals by introducing the sages read them as representatives of God only As we tread along with Gyan we acuire ‘GyanSource

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    The book is a compelling spiritual tale full of spirituality and psychological analysis but also of irony has the power to change your life The book is presented both formally and in the educational objective as a fairy tale with a happy ending It tells the story of Gyan a naive and young man who after a journey through city of nine gates transforms into a man who is aware of his potential and above all of himself It resembled a dreamlike world inhabited by impalpable presences and supported by a knowledge that all involvedEverything in that kingdom resounded with his presence and men were part of it like everything Universal knowledge spilled every aspect of life But it was not a material civilization but a civilization of the mind And the men who inhabited it experienced what was the practice of an extreme thought of a world based on the mind than on the visible Then everything disappeared engulfed by the unknown that the men held in high esteem But that story sometimes returns to the next events in the worlds and civilizations that will come later until it touches ours and sometimes to enter it as a warningBasically the suggestions given to Gyan are almost trivial of practicing kindness patience generosity precision parsimony simplicity optimism ambition trust concentration use of appropriate language and loving all The journey will inevitably lead to emotional serenity and the benevolence towards everyone For thousands of years’ humanity has been searching for answers on the origin and on the meaning of the universe Philosophy religions and science have only given partial and uncertain answers No religion we know is remotely comparable to the Veda whose traits went beyond worship and myth to envelop everything every gesture every appearance This ancient text contains the uintessence of the millenarian Vedic knowledge Creation is described scientifically from a theistic point of view In the Vedic literature some initiatory texts give us answers that go far beyond what culture offers us In particular the texts expose us to the origin of our and infinite material universes explaining the reason for this manifestation The texts are mystical and scientific at the same time and the reader will discover perfect material and spiritual truths The soul will find in these verses written in the most ancient language of humanity and of the cosmos its own home and how to transcend the world of time to enter the games of eternityThe heterogeneity of the story written in the book by Pankaj Rajput involves the reader on several aspects of the narration We can concentrate on the lives of the protagonists and the soul in the unconscious The writer manages to show the dual personality of Gyan that is engaging but it is also fascinating and mysteriousThe goal of the writer with this novel seems to be to tell a story that speaks of the inside and outside of each event and person to explain what existence is The text deals with intimate common and normal human travails concerning the social condition that conditions our experiences and often traps Through a clear and multi faceted writing the book makes the conscious unconscious the implicit explicit and known unknown The author is good at mixing the surreal with madness until you no longer understand where one ends and the other begins Further there are profound psychological and philosophical deliberations that challenge everything that has always been believed to be true or right to the point of shaking the very foundations of existence as we know itPankaj Rajput has painted a perfect picture of the reality that we live every day but that we are too busy to forget because it is taken for granted In this testimonial the reflections of a man is presented with a very raw thought of reality almost detached from it I would dare to say The author was able to express ordinary concepts under the eyes of a stranger whose vision is illuminating Reading this book it seemed to me in a few moments to lift myself from conventions customs and conformity and I was able to observe reality for what it is The author managed to construct a discovery the one that will change our lives the one that makes the stalls of the highest ecclesiastical powers tremble I find the way of writing to be captivating one of those that hypnotizes the reader This book wants to inspire a profound spiritual change in the reader In this book there are excellent teachings for life I consider it a motivational book that makes you think a lot The topics dealt with regardless of taste concern everyday life and the way we deal with things The book offers us an intense and overwhelming novel enriched by numerous and interesting anecdotes of modern and ancient art architecture philosophy and technology It is a book told with a light and elegant style with the characterization of the successful characters and superb descriptions which touches very profound themes existing since ancient times as the origin of man or the role of religion in today's society

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    ‘City of Nine Gates’ by Pankaj Rajput is the story of Gyan and his journey towards wisdom Gyan is a well established businessman and people admire him for his intelligence and work ethics The journey to his success was not an easy task for him to reach the peak at which he is now Gyan had keen interest in building and archaeology and during one of his archaeological expedition with his friend he discovers a structure craved from a single type of stone and has resemblance with the fort The craved structure is considered as a temple but somehow Gyan is not convinced that it is a mere temple and his curiosity leads him to further discovery which makes it clear that the structure is shaped like a crown which is cursed What might have happened that made the structure cursed? Who will help to alleviate the curse and make the hidden city from the curse?As the journey begins towards the mystery of the hidden city Gyan is encountered with the various mysterious elements of the structure which are concealed He discovers the truth behind the salvation of great human figures like Buddha Vidya etc and also how they in their own ways infused self actualization and fulfilment in the peopleMy OpinionI loved the cover of the book it would surely make the reader curious as to what is the book about The writing style of the author is engaging lucid except for some Sanskrit words and it is not too fast nor too slow The readers will be engrossed in the story and keep the readers on the edge as to know what is coming next The plot is very interesting with each page having some twists and surprisesThe characters are very good but there are too many characters which might make the readers a bit confused at times The readers will be transported to the mysterious and hidden places of the temple The book has a touch of spiritual mystery adventure making it a fun readI would recommend this book to people who are looking for some adventurous read

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    of Nine Gates by Pankaj Pajput was a first in many ways for me It was the first book by this author for me and also a first of its kind that I have read A very novel and appealing concept that combines mythology myths modern struggles and the age old wisdom that seeks to help humans reach a higher level of enlightenmentI liked the cover which made me very curious about the book and the blurb made me pick the book up A very intriguing and captivating duo it will no doubt catch the readers' attention towards the bookThe hero Gyan is rich but dissatisfied This book is his journey of enlightenment and the mystery that he encounters on his path of discovery The world building is fluidly done and I could visualize the sages the hidden city and the mysteries that have remained hidden for so longThe characterization is good and made me feel for Gyan but I felt that too many supporting characters made the story too confusing at times Writing style of Pankaj is engaging simplistic and very balanced He is able to keep the reader engrossed in the story and throws in well calculated twists and surprises to make the story appealingAll in all City of Nine Gates is a book that takes us in a world long hidden and which contains many mysteries A book that makes us remember Robin Sharma's bestseller The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari this is a great attempt at a uniue concept from Pankaj and sure to entertain you at anytime 4 out of 5 to City of Nine Gates Recommended to everyone go read and enjoy the book Pankaj is a talented writer and I hope to read from him in the futureI received the book from the author to read and review and I am very thankful to him The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced

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    Seems like an interesting bookReally wanna read it

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    Amazing uniue and a brilliant bookFull review

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    The book speaks about the journey of Gyan from an awarded entrepreneur to a Divine Enlighted oneIt is a fascinating spiritual tale Holding the essence of spirituality and unveiling the metaphors of psychological mindGyan is the able bodied human who moved into a surreal environment with the responsibility to save a city He is guided by erudite sagesHis movement to the kingdom in the new environment takes him to cities Amongst millions of similar looking yet different in size prosperity and zeal he reaches to one Every people here go by the same name as “Parth” The dilemma of Gyan is to find the “Parth” who needs to be saved and conseuently saving the cityIn this path he befriends characters who have a pivotal role and help him in his motive Gyan navigates the city with a magical fabric and his friends to explore known and unknown lands of the realm Gradually he learns his numerous friends and citizens of the land are Buddhi Aham Manas Vritti Pranas Karmaindriyas etcThe plot is intense and multi layered It travels from one schema of concepts to another Taking profound knowledge from philosophical references of Vedas the author does a commendable job Spiritual landings are intricate Difficult for common mortal beings to understand An attempt to relate the psychological and philosophical ponderings challenges principles of daily life is braveThe story takes a few pages to grow on the reader Once the grip is tightened the book can be a page turner for two reasons One to know what happened next and other for the glossary A bibliophile with an inclination towards divinity can uickly get involvedAuthor Pankaj Rajput’s knowledge of Vedic philosophy can be seen in the paperback He uses gist of shlokas in English rhythmic forms which are in the form of riddles and at times self explanatory The riddles get unfolded in the next seuence of events Giving character as a human form based on psychological entities is done with convictionThe narrative storytelling is engaging yet complex On few events’ readers has to keep re reading earlier trials to understand with clarityProbably the author also tried Gyan as the protagonist is the reader who gains knowledge with every passing chapter Knowledge of realities against the truth the existence of consciousness within unconsciousness and the other wayThis book deserves a re read at different points of life An ocean of knowledge is present in brief An absorbed reader would introspect perceptions of life with new lensesThis book is the first in the “City Trilogy” series I wonder what would be the next oneRead the detailed review

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    Imagine your whole body is converted into a city where all kinds of people inhabit it and there are market places houses etc inside it Imagine all the abstract and intangible parts of inside a body like knowledge mind conscience everything has been personified and they all are full of virtues and can actually communicate with each other City of nine gates is one such ‘Vedic Fiction’ book which aims at translating or imparting the knowledge contained in the ancient Vedic literature of our country The literature which has lost its significance over the centuries in fact ‘Yugas’ The author Pankaj Rajput has taken this virtual picturized route to present everything from a different perspective and still keeping the essence of core knowledge and values intact To summarize ‘City of Nine Gates’ is a self enlightenment spiritual fiction kind of a book – one of a kind The story revolves around the main character ‘Gyan’ which is personification of knowledge and how he traverses through an entire body and becomes self aware and awakens himself to his truth The writer masterfully converts the entire body into a city which through the story form looks realistic like a present day city The language of the book is simple and but at the same time the content is complex A person who has never been introduced to such Vedic words like nadis indriyas chakras etc will find it difficult to put everything in perspective In the beginning one might find it difficult to follow the book as a lot happens over a lesser time frame with eually confusing ancient words It would have been great if the writer would have given the meaning of Vedic words on the same page It is not easy to go to and fro from the current page to the glossary that is compiled at the end of the book The book would have been blessed if the story too would have been spaced out even further Once you get hold of the context and understand what part of the body and its virtues are personified as what then the pace definitely uickens but until then it becomes a task to not to lose focus Though the story revolves around a central character but a lot of characters come and go which makes a little tricky to keep a track of everything that being said and referred toThis is a good attempt at converting and bringing the ancient literature back to life in this form Imagine what it would feel going through the original Vedas when this book itself is complex All in all a decent read with a lot of thought provoking instances I am going with three out of 5 stars for Pankaj Rajput’s City of Nine Gates There is a seuel planned to it and the goodreads page tell us that it is a trilogy Keep an eye on it if you are a lover of such literature

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