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    Keith Reem Williams has written a very touching and believable novella with his new release Tourniuet Two of the main characters are familiar to Williams' fans of his War Angel series; as they played minor yet pivotal roles in the first book in the series With that in mind I wasn't certain what to expect as I began reading Tourniuet I was so touched by the subject matter and Williams' way of developing his characters and the context of the story around this difficult subject to make a compelling fast paced interesting emotional and well received message A message that is universal to women everywhere females around the globe of all ages can be fit into these pages and their voices can be heard their pain felt their desire for freedom from oppression and abuse palpable and their victories celebratedI’m not condoning violence only freedom from itI was so moved I cried twice in 78 pagesAnd there's here Williams crafts pain loss and suffering beside family ties that bind tightly and the deepest of loves There are several stories being told at once and all connect to present realities in our world; children without fathers daughters in danger mothers sacrificing all for their children real fathers are needed real fathers are missedWilliams' protagonists possess certain strangeness as he put it in his dedication However they are resilient and able to love beyond the superficial which in the end helps them to survive A truly awesome story

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    Angela and Gavin are a young couple that have been outcasted by their peers They both harbor secrets that have affected them mentally and is the driving force behind their demonsCan this young couple draw enough strength from each other to survive this cold world? orWill the demons takeover and win the battle?Very well written short story about the family we were briefly introduced to in part 1 of the series War AngelI enjoyed the uniue storyline with an emotional yet great endingAnticipating the final chapter in the War Angel's seriesI know it's going to be epicAnother great job Keith Kareem Williams

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    This is my first read by Keith Kareem Williams and it surely will not be my last I enjoyed reading the story showing the trials that young people face It was raw and emotional Angela represents many young ladies and her voice should be heard Gavin is an example of many young men forced to grow up and to deal with the tragedy he faced I love how the book flowed and did not miss a beat The ending was a shock that so many would come together in light of justice served and appropriately so

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    Brief Bold StoryAlthough brief this story boldly featured tales of betrayal love lust and revenge as well as the everyday struggles many face depression suicide loss of loved ones Well developed characters with a steady forward moving story

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Tourniuet [PDF / EPUB] Tourniuet Angela and Gavin are two social misfits that have somehow found a way to fit together in a world that neither one of them truly feels a part of When he was just a small boy Gavin’s mother abandoned Angela and Gavin are two social misfits that have somehow found a way to fit together in a world that neither one of them truly feels a part of When he was just a small boy Gavin’s mother abandoned him and left him in his father’s care but since his father’s recent death he finds himself lost than he has ever been Angela lives with her two younger sisters a mother who is constantly away from home working to keep the bills paid and an abusive stepfather who makes her skin crawl whenever he looks at her The dysfunction of both of their broken homes threatens their sanity but can they save each other from depression despair and the pain of all they have had to endure.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 61 pages
  • Tourniuet
  • Keith Kareem Williams
  • English
  • 20 October 2015

About the Author: Keith Kareem Williams

Keith Kareem Williams is the author of over books screenplays He still resides in his hometown of Brooklyn New York where he delicately balances his time between his responsibilities as a single father as well as the challenges of being a full time author“In interviews one of the most difficult uestions I’ve been asked is ‘What genre are your novels’ because honestly I never write w.