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Between Octobers [PDF / EPUB] Between Octobers A single decision can change life in an instantGrace Zuniga a yearling widow is convinced she could never fall in love again She has surrendered to her uiet life on a uiet street in a world that revol A single decision can change life in an instantGrace Zuniga a yearling widow is convinced she could never fall in love again She has surrendered to her uiet life on a uiet street in a world that revolves around her two young sons—until the moment she steps into an elevatorEvan also known as Rhys Matthews is a typical Hollywood playboy He’s used to women falling all over him but Grace is different She makes him believe in love at first sight and in himself She’s thoughtful beautiful and intelligent—the opposite of his usual type and the woman he never knew he always wantedIt’s an ordinary October day when the two meet in an elevator and embark on a romance that is anything but ordinaryThe following October Grace is living out a normal day until she suddenly finds herself trapped and struggling to get away from a faceless woman Terrified Grace can think of nothing but her motivation—her sons Evan all the mistakes she thought she had time to make up for and a love she will give anything to keep Stumbling through her bleak circumstances Grace relives the past year and thinks of all that has happened Between Octobers.

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    The opening chapter of the book is just brilliant It's absolutely intriguingI love the character of Gracie I like her interaction with other characters The first few chapters were very engaging and the suspense held my interest The only problem was that there were lengthy interior monologues that served little to no plot function The beauty of the set up was lost BUT I was already so heavily invested in the character that it was difficult to disengageThere's plenty of things to like about this book It has suspense action romance and the funny bits are uite hilariousOverall this is a strong debut novel that's truly an enjoyable read

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    Between Octobers by A R Rivera is an excellent book I simply had to read to the end I could not put it down Grace is having to put her life back together after the death of her husband It has been a very hard year with trying to raise her two sons and now be both mother and father to them The first anniversary of his death is coming up She decides to go out with Lily and try to make her life “normal” again She is holding chairs at the bar for two friends when she backs up to sit down Instead of sitting in a chair she sits in the lap of stranger In her haste to straighten up she spills wine on his shoes Her time away from home is not getting her anywhere The next day she has to take keys to Lily at work She leaves the boys in the car in the parking garage and runs up to Lily’s office On the way back she is in the elevator with a very handsome man who she thinks she knows but can’t remember him The elevator gets stuck and they are in there together for an hour Little does Grace know that Evan the man in the elevator was also the man at the bar and is Rhys Matthews actor Grace and Rhys start seeing each other and end up married to each other Rhys then goes back to filming a movie leaving Grace at home Things get worse between them Neither one likes to talk things out Finally they separate and divorce is mentioned Can Grace and Rhys make their marriage work? Will they ever set aside their pride and talk? What about the hostility she gets from those at the film can she get past that? Despite their practicing safe sex Grace becomes pregnant What will Rhys think about that? He has said he never wanted to be a father will he change his mind? All in all the book is excellent The characters become real in the story and you begin to root for some of them and against others It is an excellent read

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    The previous review outlines the plot clearly and with excellent detailsI enjoyed the book and found myself drawn to Grace and her boys The way the author wrapped the story around the loss of Grace's husband without dwelling on their past was refreshingI felt connected to the characters and than once laughed loud enough to disturb those around meThe storyline flows nicely and keeps you engagedThe emotion and anguish in the decisions Grace makes puts you right in her head My heart raced broke and wanted when I finished the last page

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    Between Octobers by A R Rivera is a modern romance thriller packed with everything you expect to see from both genres and a little you might not It tells the story of an ordinary woman Grace who meets and falls in love with an extraordinary man famous actor Rhys Matthews The book details their intense love the passion which unfolds and how it consumes them and all around them Their relationship is not without its struggles and they eventually take its toll Interwoven with this tale Grace struggles with a real and intense danger and as her love story unfolds and she struggles to find a way to save herself the bittersweet facets of love are revealed Rivera has done a superb job with blending a thriller with some small touches of action and mystery The story moves along a just the right pace giving the reader enough background on the characters and letting them grow without crawling along at a snail’s pace or cutting back in other areas The novel grips you from start to finish with a kind of mature drama one that I think anyone who has been in a long term relationship can understand and those who have enjoyed passionate flings It is so very real portraying love in such a raw manner that at first it takes you aback with its authenticity then just when you think this is talking about every relationship you have ever had Rivera cuts to the fantastical bits that season the story A romance novel is still a romance novel though and this book does sometimes delve into the pitfalls of romance books The language Rivera uses when Grace speaks sounds like every airport bookstore love story you might pick up It always struck me as very nineties the way a character would describe their outfit or how they would narrate their actions; all so formulaic and aged What struck me most especially was the way Grace spoke I did the math and based on the clues Rivera gives Grace is at most 31 years old for most of the novel but she sounds like she is 45 It’s not that it detracted from the book but is so a source of distaste as most romance novels read this way There was a smattering of Christianity throughout mainly on the part of the main character but not enough that someone non religious would be turned off and just enough to potentially please those who aren’t I have to say as far as romance goes this book actually impressed me I liked the pace of it the length and so often I found so many parallels between Grace and Rhys’ relationship to my own that I really got hooked But the biggest bonus for me was the ending As I try desperately not to reveal much I do need to gush a bit about the bold choice in ending Rivera went with definitely not your typical take on a romance novel and uite refreshing If you want the romance without too much longing looks pouting lips and furtive glances then this is for you If you want something of a mystery a touch of authenticity with a few embellishments then this is the book for you

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    To see this and many other reviews check out Sharon's Book NookCopy of book provided by the author in return for an honest reviewBetween Octobers is set over a period of one year and is filled with plenty of drama love and tumultuous emotionsThis story is nicely written moves at a steady pace projecting very strong emotions that pull the readers emotions in opposite directions and has very likeable characters in Grace and Evan along with villains to loathe The story is told in the first person via Grace's point of view and towards the end switches to Evan's I enjoyed this part and found that it gave the reader a good view of the story from both sides of the coinOur main character Grace is a widow after losing her husband in a car accident a year earlier She is a mother of two boys and is a very kind hearted caring person who is trying to piece her life back together for her family Then we have Evan he's a famous actor and is having issues of his own that are not fully disclosed until over half way through the book Along with this he is having to deal with his lack of privacy and annoying paparazzi Aside from this he's a very sweet guy and cares very deeply for GraceThe secondary characters also provide the reader with a good mix of personalities From the innocence of children to the nasty mother in law the protective sister in lawbest friend and a loyal best mateThe romance side of this book is sweet and there are no graphic love scenes The relationship between Grace and Evan does develop fast but it still feels uite realistic and not the instant love you can come to expect with some books in this genreAs for the ending of this book I did not find it predictable and I liked that especially Even though it's not a particularly joyous end we are given an earth shattering climax If you enjoy stories that pull at your heartstrings and keep you guessing then you may enjoy this book4 stars

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    Over the course of the book which takes place within the period of one year the main character Grace experiences situations that take her from heartbreak to renewal and back to heartbreak There are ups and downs with some of the situations being ones that seem so real that my heart was torn too as a reader I found some scenes a bit long which is why I don't give it 5 stars but I find the writing to be very compelling

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    I didnt know much about this book when I started reading So my first surprise was the thrilling part of the story I have expected an usual romance and it is in parts very charming due to the irresistible Evan But there is so much and I didnt see this end coming I really enjoyed reading it and I think it will stay with me for a while

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