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The King and Queen of Comezón [PDF / EPUB] The King and Queen of Comezón C omezón It’s than an itch It’s a long standing desire that will never be fulfilled And in this novel by award winning author Denise Chávez it is also a border town in New Mexico whose denizens C omezón It’s and Queen MOBI ð than an itch It’s a long standing desire that will never be fulfilled And in this novel by award winning author Denise Chávez it is also a border town in New The King Epub / Mexico whose denizens’ longings are as powerful as they are all too often impossibleBut in the feverish dance of life that seizes Comezón during its two annual fiestas all things seem possible As the townspeople King and Queen Kindle Ò revel in the freedom of the fiestas their stories unfold in all manner of mystery drama and comic charm In the middle of it all is Arnulfo P Olivárez master of ceremonies and befuddled patriarch of a less than tractable family At the moment he is calculating his chances of becoming mayor as well as pondering the fate of his beautiful disabled daughter JulianaArnulfo’s daughters “the half and the whole” he deems them are the Fiesta ueen Lucinda a lovely lost and wild girl and Juliana her half sister wheelchair bound but with soaring dreams of love for the local priest El Padre Manolito Their mother the saintly Doña Emilia attends to all her children including Arnulfo with grace Lucinda’s unsuitable suitor Ruley Terrazas a tall bumpy skinned boy is not to be trusted nor is his father Cuco “Matamosca” Terrazas the local chief of police And Rey Suárez owner of the Mil Recuerdos Lounge is haunted by his former incarnation as an immigration officer an expert in spotting fake IDsBetween New Mexico and México between Cinco de Mayo and the th of September between the dreams and the realities of Comezón’s characters something has to give Each character is attempting to find love in this feverish fiesta called Life And in the deft hands of Denise Chávez this tragicomic novel gives unerringly pleasure surprise and the satisfaction of a tale well told.

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    What a carnal novel this is Three hundred pages of bodily functions and dysfunctions A book full of seepages and oozings and assorted excretions the housemaid farting in the bath characters urinating on themselves an undocumented border crosser having her period at just the wrong moment the untold joys of defecation But the biggest most insistent physical signature of the novel is an itch a comezón An unfulfilled desire This is the theme of the book longing Not a soul walks the pages of this story without longing for something whether it’s love sex or just a little late night company It’s a great theme and fortunately for us Denise Chávez is than capable of carrying itThere is a wonderfully seedy cast of characters most of whom are inspired creations The novel begins and ends with the hero Arnulfo hosting the town’s big fiestas In between we watch the comings and goings of Comezón as if watching a telenovela Arnulfo’s daughter the saintly Juliana confined to a wheelchair falls in love with the less saintly Padre Manolo a rapidly unraveling priest Isa the ugly and indispensable maid who takes care of Juliana is a supremely earthy creation who eventually leaves Arnulfo's family never to return And bar owner Rey is a haunted ex immigration officer too compassionate for the tasks life has set him Each chapter is told from the viewpoint of a different character and through these we get a portrait of the townThe characters are terrific but the novel’s biggest appeal lies in the narrative voice Code switching deftly between English and street Spanish Chávez’s narration is hilarious profane and poetic – and sometimes all three in the same sentence If the voice and the characterizations are an unabashed delight the novel’s form occasionally slows down the story We start afresh in the mind of a new character every chapter and this sometimes comes at the cost of narrative driveBut overall the voice is so compelling – so wise and warm and full of humor – that we find ourselves swept along and wondering which itch will be scratched before we reach the end This novel is Chávez's latest love song to the borderlands and the people who live there And what a song it is

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    In Comezón a small town on the Mexico New Mexico border everyone has some comezón – a yearning for something that will never happen In this series of interconnected character studies the author examines what each individual wants – and what exactly is keeping them from getting itThe main focus is on the dysfunctional Olivárez family Arnulfo the aging father is slowly and uietly dying of lung disease and alcoholism but continues to take the stage as master of ceremonies at the local Mexican American festivals of Cinco de Mayo and 16th September His wife Doña Emilia is disabled and cannot control Arnulfo but she has the patience of an angel even when he doesn’t deserve it Their daughter Juliana though bound to a wheelchair has a rich inner life of reading and painting and a hidden love for the local Spanish priest Arnulfo’s daughter by an affair Lucinda knows that she doesn’t uite fit into the family and wants to escape as soon as possible running away with the son of Comezón’s Chief of Police And then there is Isá the housekeeper cook and best friend of Doña Emilia who also helps take care of JulianaWith these and other characters from the town the author takes us on a journey into the trials and tribulations – and loves and passions – of a small town on the Mexican borderRead the rest of my review here

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    New Mexicans will love this novel It is excellent I need people to read this so we can discuss

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    HCN Fall 2014 reading list lots of pinche this and pendejo that while less than self realized folk fall apart some redemption occurs

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