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Venus Euilateral Volume One [PDF / EPUB] Venus Euilateral Volume One Contents7 • Introduction by John W Campbell Jr13 • RM Interplanetary • 194257 • Calling the Empress • 194389 • Recoil • 1943129 • Lost Art • 1943161 • Off the Beam • 1944203 • Contents • Introduction by John W Campbell Jr • RM Interplanetary • • Calling the Empress • • Recoil • • Lost Art • • Off the Beam • • The Long Way • .

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    Two fisted tales of engineering starring Don Draper in SPACEThat's my tagline for this collection of stories from the 1940s In a lot of ways these are the Ur texts of Hard SF Venus Euilateral is a radio relay station located in a carved out asteroid its purpose to maintain communications between the inner planets its staff entirely made up of all American rock jawed engineers and their pretty secretaries As a historical document the book's interesting but to read the stories reuires some fortitude I found it best to approach them as camp

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    As at 1st November 2013 the ISBN and book details of Venus Euilateral Volumes One and Two are reversed

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