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    It started out promising and ended in a shit hole No exaggerationLet's start with the characters Not distinct enough to set them apart and no the fact that they were separated by a century did not count for anything Also the similar names didn't helpThe plot Good God What in the hell happened there? It was very weak simple boring The main reason I hated it is because the story had so much potential and it could have gone in so many directions and yet it took none of them Everything happened incredibly conveniently that at some point you have to think if the authors thought that the audience this book was targeting were idiotsIt was nice and sweet and I hated all of it I mean come on Half of this book takes place right before the war and guess what war is not nice and sweet Very unrealistic I'm not talking about the magic post boxes shallow and naiveI have no idea why I thought I would go for teenager books because this doesn't ualify as young adult

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    A friend of mine let me borrow this book for my son but I just start reading it one day and was totally absorbed The story is mostly just a life story but the main characters are 100 years apart somehow writing letters to one another through time and one is living in 1914 just before the first World War It's an easy read and everything flows really well I couldn't put it down Some parts are really touching and you get to really like the main characters and care for them especially Hadrien for me as his story is critical to the World War progress I did not give 5 stars because I felt the ending was a bit abrupt but I really all in all love this book and will let my son 12 years old read it soon Lots of interesting historical references enough to make me want to research about the towns mentioned in the book

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    A very interesting historical fiction this short read written by Silene Edgar focuses around two young teenagers with the same age and same problems school girlfriend and family the only difference is their timeline is differed Adrien lives in 2014 and the other teen Hadrien lives in 1914 They are able to communicate with each other by sending letters using a magical letterbox Unfortunately for Hadrien a war is coming this concept grabbed my attention about what will happen between the two friends and how is Hadrien going to survive the war I really recommend this book for readers interested in war history

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    I don't read young adult any I read this for an assignment and it was pretty interesting Definitely a light read and really suitable for young people around 12 years old Kind of reminds me of Wonderstruck

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    It was really good but didn’t really match my expectations

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    Lol good

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    Maybe I'm Adrien maybe i'm not Adrien Maybe I'm jealous maybe i'm not jealous It's a good memories

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    Un livre vraiment très intéressant même si je m'attendais à une histoire vraiment plus centrée sur la première guerre mondiale35Around the Year in 52 books 201641 A book about a major world event fiction or non fiction

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    This was such a beautiful story and it reminded me why I love historical fictions so much I will definitely read of them

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    A beautiful novel about friendship history and a bit of magic it was so touching A must read

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14 14 [PDF / EPUB] 14 14 Hadrien et Adrien sont deux garçons de treize ans ui habitent à uelues kilomètres l'un de l'autre en Picardie Ils ont des problèmes à l'école à la maison et avec les filles comme la plupart des Hadrien et Adrien sont deux garçons de treize ans ui habitent à uelues kilomètres l'un de l'autre en Picardie Ils ont des problèmes à l'école à la maison et avec les filles comme la plupart des garçons de leur âge Il n'y a u'une seule chose ui les sépare Hadrien vit en et Adrien en Leurs destins vont mystérieusement se mêler leur permettant d'échanger du courrier alors u'ils croient chacun écrire à un cousin éloigné Lorsu'ils comprennent ce u'il se passe Adrien se rend alors compte u'il doit prévenir Hadrien ue la Grande Guerre est sur le point d'éclater et u'il doit à tout prix se mettre à l'abri.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 349 pages
  • 14 14
  • Silène Edgar
  • French
  • 23 July 2016
  • 9782362311192

About the Author: Silène Edgar

Fille et sœur d'auteurs Silène a grandi dans une maison dont les murs sont faits de livres Nourrie de voyages elle a bourlingué un peu lors de ses études de lettres et après uelues années à droite à gauche dont une superbe escapade d'un an à Tahiti elle a finalement posé ses valises près de Guérande Elle enseigne aujourd’hui dans un petit collège du marais briéron dont l'atmosphère est p.