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More Than a Rancher [PDF / EPUB] More Than a Rancher Does he dare to follow her lead Ballroom dancer Jenna Stevens is done with all things romance It's so much satisfying to focus on her career That is until she meets Sandro Salazar; a handsome brooding Does he dare to follow her lead Ballroom dancer Jenna Stevens is done with all things romance It's so much satisfying to focus on her career That is until she meets Sandro Salazar; a handsome brooding small town chef and sometimes rancher Jenna is drawn to him immediately but there's no way Sandro could More Than PDF/EPUB ² fit into her fast paced urban lifeStill as she gets to know this reformed bad boy she begins to wonder if maybe their two worlds could merge One thing's for certain; Jenna will have to take the lead if she has any hope of Sandro seeing what's possible for the two of themtogether.

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    There seems to be a mandate in romances that the hero and heroine must meet as close to the first page as possible so it was kind of refreshing to wait just a little for the hero’s introduction and instead get to know Jenna a bit on her own first establish her character apart from Sandro and their love storyBallroom dancer Jenna is kind and compassionate but she isn’t perfect I particularly liked the moment where she was at her worst when late in the book Sandro makes a confession to her and she isn’t anywhere near as understanding about it as you’d expect from a heroine in a romance novel she reacts like someone might in actual life like whoa wait a minute this might all be a bit much for me to handle I really enjoyed the realistic aspects of the story whether it was that reaction from Jenna how Sandro’s rock star chef status spiraled out of control on him or the ending the ending may have been the thing that I appreciated most that the author didn’t rush her characters she left them right in the place they were ready for hinting at what their future might hold If you’re looking for a romance with some family drama and strong pacing the conflict digging deeper as it goes along then definitely check this one out I received this through a Goodreads giveaway

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    More Than a Rancher is a book that deals with love life and harrowing addiction Contrasting rural and city life the book captures wonderfully the nuances and uirk of San Francisco while showcasing Sierra Nevada ranching communities This is my second time reading Claire McEwen and she's a one click author for me now She's a fresh voice who creates believable characters and transportive worlds

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    This one was fun to read made me wonder who was going to give in to cross the divide between them Sweet story

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    This was a pleasant surprise and a good read I'm finding these Harleuin Super Romances really good stories This one took a tough subject alcoholism and dealt with it brilliantly How do you handle it with a new relationship and how do you deal with it when it is a parent Jenna is a ballroom dancerinstructor and has never had the support of her parents Plus she is dealing with her mother drinking a little bit too much and her father's infidelities her best friend is getting married and she goes out to visit her in Benson CA and ends up lost Lucky for her she gets rescued by a young boy named Paul At her friend's home she runs into Paul again along with his older brother Sandro He is trying out new recipes on his friends Jack and Samantha and lucky for Jenna she is there too Somehow Paul talks his brother into taking lessons with Jenna in San Francisco while he is at cooking classes Sandro and Jenna spend time together and even if it isn't the best timing they are attracted to one anotherIt was a complicated story just like it would be in real life and maybe that is what spoke to me Having to juggle all these balls and find what would truly make you happy Jenna and Sandro were in two different places in their life and locations and didn't know how a budding relationship could work between the two of them Without giving too much information they seem to find a way Not a complete HEA but you know that they've taken steps to find a way to work together

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    I won this book from a contest on GoodradsJenna Stevens' family has never been supportive of her choice of work as a ballroom dancer teacher as well as she competes calling it her 'hobby' and to look for a real job Jenna has just been told by her current boy friend that he has been cheating on her for their entire relationship From her cheating father and now her 'second' cheating boy friend she feels there is a pattern in the making here So she decides to swear off menJenna's best friend and her fiancé Samantha and Jack invite Jenna to Eastern Sierra from her home in San Francisco to help Sam with her wedding plans They tell Jenna that Jack is investing in a four star restaurant in Benson with his good friend Sandro Salazar and that Sandro is cooking for them tonight to try out some of his food for the menuWhen Sandro and Jenna meet the electricity between them is instant but like Jenna Sandro is swore off women But the force between them makes it difficult to keep their hands off each other Unfortunately their jobs are geographically incompatible but for Sandro even so due to the skeletons in his closet Will Sandro be able to reveal his hidden fears to Jenna before they lose each other or will they be destined to live out their dream jobs alone and heartbroken?

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    I absolutely enjoyed reading More Than A Rancher by Claire McEwen McEwen captures your hearts and attention with the feisty dance Jenna Stevens who knows exactly what she wants or doesn’t want in a man At first she doesn’t want Sandro Salazar as she has just come out of a heartbreaking relationship and from her first impressions – Sandro is exactly the man that she can’t be with but the fire and desire between the two cannot be ignoredMcEwen’s writing is so easy and flowing that it makes reading More Than A Rancher a pleasure and you will instantly fall in love with both Jenna and Sandro The connection the two characters have is undeniable and the romance is than swoon worthy McEwen has a knack for romance and it shows with her wonderfully written and supercharged romantic book More Than A RancherSandro will have you sizzling with his romantic gestures the sizzling connection between the two – and let me tell you the scene at the beach will leave you wanting Sandro and Jenna have this undeniable chemistry that McEwen captures in such grace it will leave you breathless Their road to love to isn’t easy and it’s always charming as they will have to overcome their demons family demons and McEwen even touches on the battles of addictionA Great Read And a MUST to add on to your To Be Read Shelf

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    The first chapter is magicalBut unfortunately the rest doesn't live uite up to my expectationsPros include a flawed hero who's trying to put his life togetherHe's bending over backwards trying to build a relationship with the heroine he suggests that she start a dance studio in his town or that they can try a long distance relationshipIt is hard to warm up to Jenna since she shoots down all his suggestionsBecause of her insecurities and failed relationships she finds it hard to trust him and take him up on his suggestionsThe hero has uite valid reasons addiction among others which prevent him from living long term in the cityShe however proves uite inflexible and reluctant to accept him as he isThis seems curious since she has no compunctions about keeping up her relationship with her 'supposed' best friend Tess who makes a pass at our heroWhy this double standard? The hero's family seems realistic but the heroine's family interactions seem very artificial

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    Jenna Stevens is a professional ballroom dancer Her family thinks she needs to get a real job Sandro Salazar the oldest of four sons of a sheep rancher is a chef He fell off the drugs and alcohol wagon in NYC and has come home to get clean having concluded that big cities are not for himJenna meets Sandro and his youngest brother who wants to become a dancer She offers to teach him so Sandro brings him to San Francisco where he meets with a friend and former colleague making it big with his own restaurantAlthough Sandro and Jenna want to be together their respective back stories are major barriers She could never make a living in a tiny little town in ranching country and he's allergic to the temptations of big cities How can they get together? What follows is a story that weaves together their respective back stories and their hopes for the future

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    I loved Claire McEwen's debut book A Ranch To Keep and was excited and eagerly awaiting her next installment of More Than A Rancher The wait was worth it Again the characters were very three dimensional and got you wanting things to be just perfect for them Plus we got to see a little bit of the hero and heroine from the first story I always love revisiting old friends But the main characters of this book had their own hurdles to cross and we saw them do it with emotion and feeling This writer has a very nice writing style that is descriptive without being overly so and her stories flow so well you can glide right through them There is a third in this series and I'll be impatiently waiting for it to be released I'm sure it will be wonderful as well

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    Some authors are one hit Wonders and others never hit one out of the park Claire McEwen is neither of these This is her second book and it's just as engaging and vividly written as her first McEwen has a knack for creating memorable and three dimensional characters complete with complicated histories and internal struggles She is a master at conveying feeling and drawing the reader into the psyches of her characters She also has an amazing ability to so colorfully create a scene it's as if you're there be it in the park in the ballroom or at the ranch Another fun read from a truly talented writer I'm looking forward to reading her next book

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