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Arouse Spiral of Bliss #1 [PDF / EPUB] Arouse Spiral of Bliss #1 Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00ATUZ76SOne day I'm going to touch you in a thousand different ways and show you how to touch me he said And he didStruggling with a torm Librarian's note This is an alternate of Bliss Epub ß cover edition for ASIN BATUZSOne day I'm going to touch you in a thousand different ways and show you how to touch me he said And he didStruggling with a tormented past undergraduate Olivia Winter once led a practical but isolated life Then she met Professor Dean West a brilliant scholar of Arouse Spiral PDF or medieval history who melted Liv's inhibitions and taught her the meaning of both love and erotic pleasure But after three years of a blissful lusty marriage Liv and Dean now face a crisis that threatens everything they believe about each other And when dark secrets and temptations rise to the surface the fallout might break them apart forever.

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    5 achingly intense and arousing starsReview completed February 4 2013 Wow what a fantastic book Loved loved it Arouse is achingly beautiful in its intensity but at the same time also very steamy and arousing If you are on the lookout for a read that provides a great thoughtful story combined with enticing as well as fierce sex scenes then look no further You have found it Arouse starts off in early August and the main events take place over a time span of four and a half months Also the author goes back in time and shows us how Dean and Olivia met how they had to deal with Liv's difficult and painful past and fell in love with each other eventually I felt intrigued by the premise of Arouse and the story is very well structured and doesn't confuse the reader Arouse is mainly told in first person from Liv's POV but during the second half of the story it switches a couple of times to Dean's POV I'm grateful for this change because I really understood how Dean felt; his jealousy was utterly palpable Our hero Dean West is a tall broad shouldered handsome man with a distinguished appearance who is nine years older than his wife Olivia Without doubt Dean is gorgeous and experienced has a commanding presence that exudes both authority and sex appeal Although he displays a great deal of self confidence it doesn't come as a surprise considering the man's pedigree Bachelor's degree from Yale PhD from Harvard guest lectures at European universities etc Two years ago he was offered a tenure track position at King's University a private and prestigious university in Mirror Lake It's a Midwestern town with a beautiful lake surrounded by gorgeous mountains I liked the lovely setting Dean is spearheading a new Medieval Studies program at King'sArouse is a roller coaster ride of emotions After Dean and Liv got married she wanted to support him while he established his career Liv was happy being Professor Dean West's wife watching his success and didn't mind her part time jobs either Except now they have been in Mirror Lake for two years and she came to a dead end She feels restless and sort of impatient with her positionAt the beginning of Arouse we see a happily married couple who is madly in love and can't keep their hands off each other Everything seems to be all right however their marital issues begin after a possible and unwanted view spoilerpregnancy scare yet the test is negative hide spoiler

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    WARNINGContainsSpoilers aheadI wish I have known this before started reading this bookGuess what happens when you trust your friend too much???I will tell you She will shamelessly kiss your husband and rub herself all over him “just to prove” a point that ”You can like kissing another person It’s normal Hell it’s human Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you shut off a natural biological reaction” OkShe’s trying to justify the wife of a husband she just slants her mouth and body on him that it was a natural biological reaction to feel desire when his wife kissed another man and “liked it” So the friend kissed the heroin’s husband just to prove that “he can like it too” with her even if being marriedWOW what a great way justifying someone’s cheatingSo she thinks it GIVES HER THE RIGHT TO KISS “another woman’s husband” just to prove a point that it’s ok to feel pleasure because it is a “natural biological reaction”??? Maybe people need to try that method in realityI wonder if their response would be the same as the friend’s theory??? And wait she’s not finishedShe says “For the record Dean I didn’t kiss you just to make a point”“Then why?” “I always suspected it’d be good with you” she replies “Thanks for proving me right” NOW TELL ME WHAT SORT OF A FRIEND WOULD DO THAT TO HER FRIEND’S HUSBAND???WHAT KIND OF A FRIEND IS THAT??? That crosses a 'friendship line like that??? The line was crossed BIG TIMEAnd guess what the husband’s reaction was?HE DID NOT STOP THE KISSINGI just could not believe he did not stop and continuedeven his wife did not go that far with the kissing scene with the OM He was rubbing his hard erection against herin fact he “LIKED IT”so much that “he wouldn’t be surprised if she started stripping He wouldn’t be surprised if he let her” WOWI was utterly shocked that he had no control over himself and could do all those things that should be shared only with his wife The thought of “what would happen” if the friend did not pull away made me sick the heroin’s husband was obviously ready for than kissing I would seriously think twice about “his lack of control to other females” He evidently cheatedbecause even though his friend started thishe participated all the way responding to it completely “Soft She’s soft Thin and wiry but soft with nice breasts and Jesus her nipples are hard and poking against my chest My twitches swells She presses closer She runs her hands across my abdomen down to my waist then around to grip my assBefore I can think I grab her hips and haul her toward me A moan escapes her throat I clasp the back of her neck angle her head to a better position and kiss her deepShe tastes sweet like apples and sugar My blood simmers Her tongue sweeps across my teeth herbreath hot I put my other hand on the small of her back and shove my hips against her forcing her to feel the full length of my erection She started it so now she’ll get all of it I am like WHAT? he was so into it he even did not stop it firstSo what does that prove? He would have sex with her no doubtAt that moment I felt his “love for his wife” was very very thin After that I wanted him to uestion himselfWHY HE ALLOW IT? And continued so enthusiastically?I wanted him to reflect on his actionsBut there was NO GUILD NO REFLECTION NOTHING It was so disappointing the author failed for me by making the resolution “realistic one” in “both” cheating incidents of the hero heroine In heroin’s case she was “THE FIRST” to stop the kissing with the OM and realized it was not what it should be However the hero “DID NOT STOP” the kissing with the “friend” but his friend didand what would have happened if it would be one of his student’s female? In fact one of them was coming on to him even tried to manipulate his wife with some insinuations of them at the university Based on the “friend Kiss” He would have acted the same Isn’t that what the author implies by her so called “resolution” that it's normal its human to like to kiss someone else? But is this resolution credible? I DONT THINK SOThe heroine was not even angry when her friend confessed her “kiss” with her husbandAnd I am Like WHATWHAT? Would you not be at least territorial and suspicious??? So the hero can be angry with the heroine by kissing OM but heroine cannot be angry with him by kissing OW especially “HER FRIEND”? So he was angry with his wife for kissing OM but what he did with the friend did not count as cheating to him? If he felt he did nothing wrong so why then he was angry with his wife for kissing OM? DO YOU SEE THE HYPOCRISY HERE? And Where is the justice here??? So he can just get away with it? HE DID GET AWAY WITH IT And it made me feel depressed that the author had no integrity to make it fair for both sides So the wife was feeling guilty for cheating on him but her husband was having a good time with his infidelity and had absolutely no guilt about it? Year right talk about double standards So the message here is that MEN CAN GET AWAY WITH CHEATING BUT WOMEN NOT It saddens me that this book reflects the very gender ineuality and this was written by a female author herself So where does that leads the reader? YEAH the author’s resolution is “just because you’re married doesn’t mean you shut off a natural biological reaction” but is it justifiable to let it happenlike the hero did??? So what about control? And where was his control??? But seriously doesn’t the author think there are “other ways” by solving marriage problemsand “kissing your friend’s husband” to prove a point is THE ONLY WAY TO ACHIEVE THAT?Let me tell you people who LOVE THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS stop themselves before they do something that could hurt those they love and cause them great shamethey also would deal with their resentments for any risks that may inflict pain to the one they love The husband dealt with the “friend kiss” situation very poorly and there was ABSOLUTELY NO RESENTMENT ON HIS PART NO GUILD NOTHINGI just could not care for the characters that could do that “with another person” when they suppose to love each otherThe heroine was upset about her husband’s mistrust for not telling her something important from his past and rightly so but it is very wrong for the author to exercise that device for the heroine to use that as an excuse to justify her behavior by kissing another man and blaming it on her husband It seems herethe author is trying to cover up the heroin’s cheating mistake by allowing her husband to do the same with “her friend” to make it look less horrible on the heroin’s part but it just looks so BAD on the author to handle the “cheating” in a very inappropriate nonsensitive and objectionable way cheating can hurt deeply and leave mental scars for life it should not be dealt so casually as the author did in this bookJust let me be clear A NATURAL BIOLOGICAL REACTION DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE LICENCE TO CHEAT How can you justify the biological reaction to every cheating? Otherwise if everyone excuse their behaviors we would never have people controlling themselves or even trying because they already would have the excuse to cheat by HAVING A BIOLOGICAL REACTION

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    Review posted at Swept Away By Romance Huge 5 StarsOutstanding read This book blew me away I loved everything about this very emotional very heart wrenching and very beautifully written story There was so much heart and soul poured into this book that it was sometimes staggering This author had an amazing ability to let the reader experience this married couple's genuine love for each other while at the same time allowing the reader to recognize the devastating damage being done as this couple tries to resolve the break down of their marriage due to unwise choices I'm so glad I listened to my Goodreads friends and gave this book a try even though it has a hopeful yet slight cliffhanger ending I very much look forward to reading the rest of their story It BETTER leave me with a smile on my face After all this couple like all couples who unitedly make the effort deserve to have their marriage work

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    I was provided a copy of this book through Netgalleycom in exchange for honest feedbackWhew What an emotional journey this was This book gutted me I keep going back and forth over whether it is a 4 star read or a 5 star read I just can't decide but it was fantastic either wayLiv and Dean have a seemingly perfect marriage until a pregnancy scare exposes cracks in their relationship that they never knew existed Suddenly everything Liv thought she knew about her husband and her solid marriage is called into uestion When a big secret of Dean's is revealed Liv is left wondering what else he could be hiding from herI loved Dean and Liv as characters They were an unlikely pair but they worked Each of them was flawed but still very easy to relate to I felt vested in their happiness and wanted to see them work out their problems Like their friend Kelsey said if they couldn't make it then there's no hope for the rest of usReading this book was so painful at times It was heartbreaking but beautiful The author alternates the uplifting joy of watching the beginnings of their relationship with the gut wrenching breakdown of their marriage years later My emotions were all over the place I went from elated and content to forlorn and heartbroken with the flip of a page So I had a very love hate relationship with this storyThat being said I've always felt that the best books are those that can make you feel Man did this book ever do that I can't stop feeling the emotions this book brought outWhile some of the twists were predictable they still elicited the desired response Like watching a train wreck in slow motion you know it's going to happen and you can't do anything to stop it but the knowledge doesn't make it any less devastating when it does happen Brace yourself This book will rip your heart out and slowly piece it back togetherOverall I thought this was an excellent read It was slow moving at times but well worth the time and effort It does end with a bit of a cliffhanger that will make you want to start the next book immediately Luckily this book has been out for awhile and I won't have to wait for the seuel I've already downloaded the Audible version of 'Allure' and will be starting it ASAP

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    ★★★★★ Arouse book 1 of 3 Professor Dean West’s marriage to his Beauty is rocked by secrets miscommunication “Instead he just waited I had the strange thought that he would wait forever”“Instead she stepped toward me I had the strange thought that she wanted to come even closer” Books in the Spiral of Bliss Trilogy should be read in orderBook 1 ArouseBook 2 AllureBook 3 AwakenArouse book 1 opens up three years into Olivia West’s marriage to Professor Dean West They had met when she was an undergraduate student at University of Wisconsin Madison and Dean was doing his post doctorate teachings They married two years later Story will provide flashbacks into their meeting and courtship set against the backdrop of marriage troubles Most is what any normal couple goes through; some are misunderstandings and miscommunications but also their pasts coming back to haunt themArouse offered me the very best of a hero sizzling sex scenes and enough drama to keep me at the edge of my seat glued to me Kindle But it also provided a glimpse into a normal couple; two tangible and lovable characters dealing with life’s ups and downs “Christ Liv sometimes the way you look at me makes me feel like I can hang the fucking moon” Professor Dean West has been his wife’s rock and savior but we will see his position waiver even crumble at times With Dean’s POV being introduced in part III we learn that behind the façade of this smart successful and very strong man hides humbleness confusion and regretsSeven words to describe Dean Captivating strong assertive commanding noble obtuse and unforgettable “As self possessed as he is when he’s tired from working too hard his whole demeanor softens with vulnerability which makes me want to tuck him right beneath my heart and hold on tight” Olivia West Liv aka Beauty has had a troubled upbringing with many secrets most of which are unfolding with her flashbacks She has followed her husband in the pursuit of his career and along the way lost her footing her identity Six words to describe Liv Strong endearing lost insecure naïve and conflicted “So pretty with her long hair and bright eyes And so pure and damaged at the same time like a priceless vase threaded with cracks” As much as I was rooting for Dean and Liv I have to admit there were times I just wanted to keep Professor West all to myself Arouse ends with a cliffy but no worries just have to book 2 Allure handy for the continuation of their story Captivating plot Spellbinding storytelling Interesting Characters Fascinating lovable and unforgettable hero Professor Dean West I am smelling an epic read 6 star shelf and top 10 hero “I can’t tell her that our recent troubles have tilted my entire world off its axis I can’t tell her that for the past four months I’ve been terrified” Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 45 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsStoryline concept rating 5 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating NABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 5 starsOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes

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    FULL REVIEW NOW UP spoiler free 45 starsWe’ve all read the stories of first love and second chance love but few stories are actually about a marriage “No” I murmur against her hair “We are not freakishly happy We are not freakishly anything We’re two people who love each other We had a tough time We worked it out because we want to be together Because we can’t imagine being with anyone else Because we don’t want to be” Arouse is a beautifully detailed thoughtful and introspective story that truly makes you feel for the strength and resilience of a marriage based on true love It takes you through the struggles through the pain and the heartache and then brings you through to the other side This is a spoiler free reviewI’m always on the lookout for “different” reads and what made AROUSE stand out and grab my attention was that it was about an already married couple It seemed to almost start after the point where most books would end It was almost like the post epilogue book So often the books we read are about a couple who meets and falls in love and then their story ends with them ready to forge a life together but we rarely see a story that isn’t in the middle of a series start out with an already established coupleArouse was the literal continuation of a happily ever after and while most books end there after the couple has made their connection fallen in love and cemented their relationship this one actually began several years into Dean and Liv’s marriage Theirs was a marriage built on love trust desire and a strong sense of security in each other But this book explored what happens when something as little and as big as one tiny uestion lead to a ripple effect that could threaten their happily ever after? What happens when no matter how hard they tried to fix their relationship things continue to spiral out of control?I fell in love with Dean and Liv As a couple they stole my heart I loved them individually and as together They were the ideal couple – crazy about each other supportive understanding passionate and yet neither of them were perfect They had insecurities jealousies misunderstandings and secretsEvery part of this story felt real believable and understandable The drama came from such things you’d expect any couple to deal with and while there were some things that I felt both Dean and Liv over reacted to I always could understand where their feelings came fromThere was angst but it wasn’t the rip your heart out kind but rather it was the uiet kind that you feel subtly throughout the whole bookWhen they first met Dean could tell Liv was different She was strong and yet damaged and scarred from a childhood’s worth of trauma He understood that about her He knew that her heart needed protecting and he wanted to give that to her “I don’t want you to walk away” I said“Good” The lines between his eyes eased with reliefI gripped his wrists a knot of fear binding my throat “But you you might want to go” I warnedDarkness flashed in his expression “Why?”My eyes stung I swallowed hard“Here be monsters” I whisperedA heartbeat of silence brewing with danger filled the space between us Then Dean tightened his hold on me and with his thumbs brushed away the tears that spilled down my cheeks“Liv” he said his voice rough with tenderness “you don’t have to be afraid”“Why not?”“Because I’ll slay monsters for you” Because I’ll slay monsters for you MELTBut after they got married they moved for his work Liv wanted to support him and was happy to move – at first content with being Professor Dean West’s wife But she thought she’d find a little something of her own something to work towards for herself A few years and many closed doors later she finds herself feeling a little lost despite loving her husband dearlyI fell hard for Dean He was described as a cross between a hot hunk and a brilliant professor at the university though NOT her professor and my sweet heaven was he SWOONY He calls Liv “beauty” in a deep voice “Come here beauty” he says “You need to be kissed” I don’t know why but with his character I could so clearly hear his voice in my head when I was reading which rare I usually visualize but with him I heard He was just so protective and yet gentle with her You could just feel how much he loved his wife – completely with all his heart There was no room for anyone else in there and I loved that about him Throughout all their ups and downs all their struggles the one thing I never doubted about him was that Liv was it for him “Since the day we met I haven’t wanted anyone but youNever looked another another woman Never thought about one It’s always been you Olivia” “Don’t you want to touch me?” I whispered“More than I want to breathe One day I’m going to touch you in a thousand different ways and show you how to touch me” Dean slid his hand over the back of my neck “But right now were just going to make out” The imagery is very vivid And there was this undercurrent throughout the story something that you couldn’t put your finger on at first Something hidden that would change things for themI watched them fall apart but I didn’t understand why at first There are natural conseuences to miss communication and to a lack of communication However its also human nature to hide things And sometimes we’re trying so hard to do what’s right for the other person that it’s easy to forget that it should be their choiceSecrets have a way of always coming out And when you’re in a relationship with someone who is supposed to know all of them finding out there is still something your partner is hiding from you can be potentially devastating So when the secrets come out it puts the strength of their marriage to the test ”Don’t leave me beauty” His voice is a rough whisper“Never” This is a very real story I don’t know a single couple who has a perfect marriage And that’s because no one is perfect Dean and Liv were no different They loved each other that was undeniable But it didn’t stop them from hurting each other – however unintentionlallyMostly the story is told primarily from Liv’s POV although around 60% in we start to get Dean’s POV which was a very welcome switch at the time because I felt I had a really strong handle on Liv and her thoughts opinions etc but I needed to get inside Dean’s head to complete the pictureThis book is definitely adult The title does not lie – The sex scenes are beautifully erotic They weren’t just hot but were also emotional which I loved “Easy beauty” He presses his mouth to the tears that have slipped from the corners of my eyes and down my temples His breath rasps against my ear “Come first and then I’ll fuck you” I will say that there were a few slow points in the story for me but in a realistic way I guess In real life issues aren’t always resolved overnight and this book reflected that well And it didn’t stop me from crying when they worked it all out sniff I was so emotional at their resolution point I just needed that relief after all the heart ache “His hands tighten on mine “You’re so damn strong Liv and you don’t even realize it And you You’re the first person whose ever Christ Liv sometimes the way you look at me makes me feel like I can hang the fucking moon” The ending was what I’d call a ‘happy for now’ ending No brutal cliffhanger but something happened at the end a good something that has me wanting the next book like nowI started the review with this uote and I’m going to end it with this uote because of all of them I feel this one represents the story the most “No” I murmur against her hair “We are not freakishly happy We are not freakishly anything We’re two people who love each other We had a tough time We worked it out because we want to be together Because we can’t imagine being with anyone else Because we don’t want to be” ♥45 stars Here's my casting for Dean Liv also see above pic For of my reviews visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised5 STARS out of 5Genre Adult Romance EroticaMy first 5 STAR RATING in 2013 My Casting ‘We look at each other for a long moment Something is off I don’t know what it is’ Not even sure I have the words adeuate enough for a review There is no big intricate plot No suspenseful revenge driven characters You meet two people in love and fighting to stay afloat after a secret from the past surfaces and changes everything Omission – to leave out to neglect to exclude to disregardWhen was the last time you omitted information from the one you love? And how do you think they would feel once they knew the truth hidden in the omission? ‘There was a time when I never thought I’d have the life I do now Never thought I’d be safe or have a home I certainly never thought I’d fall in love But all of that happened because I met Dean He’s the one who turned my whole world right side up who transformed all my warped ideas about relationships Who proved that white knights really do exist Who discovered alongside me that we are so much better together than alone’ Olivia Winter was living a solitary life as an undergrad student; trying to get her degree when she crosses paths with professor Dean West Her attraction to him is immediate as is his attraction to her As fate would have it Dean is not her professor And because of this they are able to explore their attraction to its fullest Nina Lane definitely has a style of writing that agreed with my taste buds She slowly pulled me in and at around 36% I knew these characters would forever stick with me The emotional anguish was heavy I was a teary eyed mess She has this way with wordsThe book starts in the present then occasionally goes back to the past to show us how Liv and Dean met and fell in love We also learn why Liv has led an isolated life and how Dean pulled her out from the dark past she couldn’t seem to escape ‘He is the one who once rescued me from bitter isolation’ There is one of many pivotal moment when she tells him it won’t be easy for them to be together Basically handing him his walking papers before things progress between them “I don’t want you to walk away” I said “Good” The lines between his eyes eased with relief I gripped his wrists a knot of fear binding my throat “But you you might want to go” I warned Darkness flashed in his expression “Why?” My eyes stung I swallowed hard “Here be monsters” I whisperedAnd his response “Liv” he said his voice rough with tenderness “you don’t have to be afraid” “Why not?” “Because I’ll slay monsters for you” After five years their happy union is put to the test when Liv makes a life altering decision One Dean is not in agreement with Weeks go by without them discussing the issue that has totally interrupted their happy life Not to mention it effects their steamy love making sessionsWhen they finally talk and flush out their feelings the truth emerges Dean has been withholding vital information from his wife and she is none to pleased about it “You didn’t think I could handle it” “No I wanted to protect you” “So you lied” “I didn’t lie” “By omission yes you did” For God’s sake Our marriage is not supposed to have lies My stomach roils with a surge of nausea ‘Now I know my instincts were right I haven’t known my husband completely’ I love how we get glimpse from Dean’s pov towards the end of the book This took my feelings to a whole new level He was intense both his thoughts and emotions jumped off the pagesI completely connected with Liv and Dean; so Liv because I’m a woman I've had her thoughts and felt her emotions at one point or another in my life I have uestioned my decisions and wondered if I did things for me or my husband The story lines carried an authentic tone thus creating a sense of familiarity within me Again this is a nod to Lane’s excellent story telling skills My ThoughtsEXCELLENT All married women should read this book Why did I give this 5 Stars? Because I simply loved it I strongly felt the depth of this couples love for one another I could feel the intensity in their thoughts actions and just about every word they spoke to each other We get great secondary characters were the author offers up just enough to make you want As a matter of fact she offers two secondary characters I would love to get to know better Tyler and KelseyMy RatingsCharacters LovableWriting Style ExcellentPlotStoryline Gut Wrenching Soul Searching and Emotionally ChargedSteam Factor HighVery SteamyOverall I LOVED IT READ ITNow go forth and read Then come tell us about it on GoodreadsFor reviews got to ARC copy kindly provided by author for an honest review

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    Come here beauty he says You need to be kissed One day I'm going to touch you in a thousand different ways and show you how to touch me I seriously LOVED this book It was original captivating and the main characters Dean and Olivia managed to capture my heart to the point where I wanted to hug both of them and tell them everything was going to be alright after I made them sit down and address all the issues they had that isArouse is an intense and emotional journey of a married couple Dean and Olivia who still love each other deeply but who are now struggling to keep the cracks in their marriage from breaking them apart This uote by Pablo Neruda is the opening line to the story and to me it describes the beginning of Olivia and Dean's relationship perfectlyDean West Olivia Winter Dean West and Olivia Winter have been married for three years Ever since they met five years ago they've been happily in love Since the day we met I haven't wanted anyone but you Dean says Never looked at another woman he continues Never thought about one It's always been you OliviaMy white knight I reach over to sueeze his hand At the beginning their relationship wasn't always easy When they met Olivia was a twenty four year old student struggling to find her path in life; while Dean at the age of thirty three was a already a successful and well established college professor So there was the fact that their relationship might have been considered to be inappropriate in college terms But to Dean and Olivia that was never an issue What was of a struggle was Olivia's troubled past and the fact that she's never been nourished and cared for by her closest family members She's had a very rough childhood and she still caries around the dark memories of that time in her life But youyou might want to go I warnedDarkness flashed in his expression Why?My eyes stung I swallowed hardHere be monsters I whisperedA heartbeat of silence brewing with danger filled the space between us Then Dean tightened his hold on me and with his thumbs brushed away the tears that spilled down my cheeksLiv he said his voice rough with tenderness you don't have to be afraidWhy not?Because I'll slay monsters for youDean manages to win over Olivia's heart body and soul He becomes her everything He becomes her knight in shining armor But due to a course of events Dean and Olivia slowly begin to fall apart without either of them realizing it at first And when they do Olivia begins to wonder what her life without Dean in it would have been like I love him to my bones but suddenly I'm wondering what I might have been without himDean and Olivia both have their flaws; she tends to be a little too dependent of has trouble finding something to occupy her free time aside from being the professor's wife Dean on the other hand tends to be a bit too overprotective which leads to view spoilerhim keeping secrets from her I could not believe he hadn't told her anything about his previous marriage If I would have been Olivia I think I would have reacted a lot strongly after finding out something like that I get that he was trying to protect her but keeping something huge like that a secret is just wrong hide spoiler

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    FREEBIE StarsEverything about this book is refreshing I think I'm addicted From its honest style of writing to the author's uniue approach to storytelling Arouse defies the typical romance novel formula Rather than conforming to what would be considered 'right' this book focuses on what is realand real life isn't always pretty Instead of shooting for 'predictable' this book became relatableand simply put I loved it To be completely honest I had mixed feelings about this book at first; it initially felt like an extremely mundane tale of a once exciting marriage drifting into a state of jeopardy The characters used sex to deal with their issues and I felt detached from the entire scenarioHowever as the story progressed I became connected—until I was completly wrapped up in every word and absorbed by every emotion There was no highly profound plot No bells and whistles But this simple touching story hooked me into captivityand that was the beauty of it Olivia and Dean's relationship has only ever known 'perfection' Dean exudes self control and confidence and is intent on supporting Liv and Liv happily basks in the safety of his fierce protection When real life relationship issues arise they are both ripped off the pedestals the other has created and neither of them is euipped to deal with the heartaches of broken trust and betrayal Dean has been in control of all the barbed wire things that could hurt me And I have been willing to let him be my shield to keep the bad stuff awayExcept now the bad stuff is like uicksand beneath my feet pulling me under and my husband can’t rescue me from it I loved that this book alternated between past and present settings and the occasional switch to dual perspectives was a nice touch The tone of this story varied a bit; on one hand it was erotic and slightly dark—but then there was a peaceful undeniable innocence that formed a contrast with the rest of the story successfully enhancing it The characters although well fleshed out displayed a certain reserve—even from the reader It was as if we had to work a little to get to know them better and I thought that fell nicely into the flow of the story This in no way limited my understanding; it felt intentional and strategic and I enjoyed being slowly introduced to their lives I truly loved Dean and Olivia—both individually and as a couple Their touching story was realistically portrayed and there was an honest beauty in their flaws Let's face it life's much easier when we're not expected to be perfect; why should our fictional characters be entirely faultless? A beautiful authentic read Book Stats ▪ GenreCategory Contemporary RomanceErotica▪ Steam Caliber Maximum steam▪ Romance Passionate but damaged▪ Characters Protective alpha hero Innocent but aware heroine▪ Plot A once passionate couple meet at crossroads in their weakening marriage ▪ Writing Simple yet compelling and addictive ▪ POV 1st Person Dual perspectives▪ Cliffhanger None Open ending▪ Next Installment Follow up has been released

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    Why has it taken me so long to read this??? Arouse is a gut wrenching portrayal of how miscommunication and secrets can wreak havoc on a happily married couple Insecurity and mistrust cause Dean and Liv uestion things they've never uestioned before And things uickly spiral out of control leaving them both unsure of how to move forward Can love overcome all? “Liv” he said his voice rough with tenderness “you don’t have to be afraid”“Why not?”“Because I’ll slay monsters for you” I found myself completely captivated by Dean and Olivia's story It's realistic and honest and at times I found myself holding my breath I was so afraid for them nervous about what was to come Their love shined through each page but their turmoil was just as tangible The writing the story the characters everything was simply perfect This was an excellent read sensual yet filled with emotion and heartache I am so glad I have the next book waiting Maybe this was meant to happen this discovery of cracks where now a different new light can shine through

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