100 of the Most Influential Gay Entertainers Edition 2

100 of the Most Influential Gay Entertainers Edition 2 [PDF / EPUB] 100 of the Most Influential Gay Entertainers Edition 2 100 of the Most Influential Gay Entertainers is a creative nonfiction book featuring the Nation’s most influential entertainers in the GLBTI gay lesbian bisexual transgender ueer inter sexed communi of the Most Influential Gay the Most PDF ↠ Entertainers is a creative nonfiction book featuring the Nation’s most influential entertainers in the GLBTI gay lesbian bisexual transgender ueer inter sexed communities across the United States read the true life stories of your favorite entertainers as they provide intimate details of their early childhood the discovery of their individualism their challenges and achievements and their disappointments and accomplishments read the stories of injustice on every level of inhumanity 100 of MOBI :ß imagined beginning with a society whose lack of knowledge and understanding set out to discourage and disband a culture of people by putting into place dehumanizing rules and laws such as reuiring entertainers to wear at least one piece of men’s clothing under t heir drag attire or risk being arrested laws reuiring drag entertainers to purchase a license in order to perform and the law against walking the street in drag attire; read about police of the Most ePUB ☆ trickery abuse of power and physical abuse during raids at local entertainment venues and apartments shared by entertainers Also read how an entire congregation of parishioners tried to force the hand of their pastor to throw h is own son out of the church and the story of an entertainer whose family has disowned her for over twenty five years because of her sexual preference Most importantly read how these entertainers have not only excelled in of the Most Influential Gay ePUB Ñ their crafts as female impersonators male lead entertainers and female to male illusionists but also as productive educated citizens in mainstream society as celebrity look alikes successful business owners accomplished singers and musicians television personalities professional choreographers managers models and actors Reformatted and re edited with new and updated photos and other personal information that includes a brief autobiography of the author.

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    100 of the Most Influential Gay Entertainers are creative nonfiction books featuring some of the most revered local entertainers in the GLBTI gay lesbian bisexual transgender and ueer communities from all across the United States and abroad to include Bermuda Italy Mexico and the Philippines While many of us in mainstream society enjoy hearing about the who's who in America and on television the GLBTI entertainment culture has their own stars and celebrities After many years of attending the most prestigious gay pageants and shows in the land in 2005 I decided to write about the stars in My World in an effort to put them on the same pedestal in which mainstream celebrities reign I wanted to shine the light on the community which I love and adore by showcasing the entertainers in my community who are just as fabulously entertaining to me as any other entertainer I may ever encounter or get to see up close and personal in my lifetime ​After many years of being a member of the GLBTI community I have witnessed some of the best pageants and shows ever Every week thousands of fans attend shows to get a glimpse of their favorite transgender entertainer drag ueen male lead female to male illusionistking or comedian Often enough several major pageants take place around the same time every year so eager fans make their reservations in advance in order to spend an entire weekend watching their favorite contestants vie for the title The art of female impersonation pageantry and shows are a phenomenon in the GLBTI And for those who dare many heterosexuals have had the good pleasure of seeing a show What most people don't know is that the first pageantry system Miss Gay America has been in existence for nearly 34 years while many other pageantry systems have been crowning kings and ueens for over 25 years This is profound and should be recorded The entertainers who are featured in 100 MIGE are dedicated to providing the best in lip sync entertainment and live performances and deserve recognitionThe legendary entertainers who have been performing for over 25 years provide the richest information about a culture still fighting for eual rights They remind us of the past when the gay culture was less appealing than it is now; when it was illegal to be seen on the streets in drag and when permits and licenses were reuired to be a performer In an effort to discourage stomp out and erase a culture of people the legal system played it part in allowing those in authority to use illegal tactics in their effort to disband gay establishments by way of illegal arrests scare tactics gay bashing and other dehumanizing acts such as strip searches on the sidewalks outside of the gay clubs The entertainers give all of themselves as they tell their stories of accomplishments defeat love hate family turmoil long and loving relationships out of control lives maturity alcohol and drug use rape prostitution death of loved ones manslaughter life changing events alienation from parents and siblings fear and much The first release of 100 of the Most Influential Gay Entertainers was reviewed by the GLBT Roundtable of the American Library Association and recommended for ages 16 and up It also features my autobiography and the things I have accomplished and the struggles I face The second release of 100 MIGE Volume II is amped up and made into the perfect coffee table book It is an 85X11 book filled with beautiful professional oversized photos and 493 pages that you will keep you occupied Also featured throughout the book are loving Tributes recognizing and paying homage to some of the entertainers we have lost over time to include Arabia Knight Addams Erica Andrews Tandi Andrews Donna Day Naomi Sims Amber Richards Bianca Paige Savion Simpson Black Mishon Black Michelle Scott Latoya St James Sasha Valentino Kim Ross Paris Dupree and Bertha Butt It is my hope that these books save the lives of young teens who are struggling with hisher sexual identity and also that these books bridge the gap between the heterosexual and gay communities I want people to realize that the GLBTI community of individuals is no different than the next personIf you haven't already order your copy now I promise you won't regret it It's a great read and the perfect gift for any occasion For the mother or father who may be struggling with their child's sexual identitypreference; for the young adult who may be struggling with their own sexual identitypreference; for the family member who just don't understand or for the person you just don't know how to tell your own secret to Order a copy for them and it may make life a whole lot easier

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