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    Wattpad versionJanuary 2014Book versionApril 4 2016 April 9 2016ReviewCHARACTERS Dana was hurt that triggered her to change herself Andy was the same old Andy that is head over heels to Dana Dana's new friends Kim and Nof who had also experience something bad in their past that's why they clicked with each other Cyriel and Ynna had been back from the other side of the world Which makes Dana revengful to them And here comes Jamie the little sister that is getting Andy from DanaPLOT The story started on Dana's new lifestyle Party cutting class sexy clothers drinking alcohol and dumping guys She have new friends and new life to share on this chapter of her life Being hurt Dana promised herself that she would be strong and avoid being hurt by guys again especially Cyriel She should be the one hurting them and not the other way around Dana wanted revenge for her broken heart but Andy wanted to change her beliefs and bring her back to the old Dana Her friend Sara didn`t gave up on her but is giving all reasons to just be away from her Until eventually all that was left in her life was Kim Nof and Andy even though she's giving him all reasons to give up on her Being hurt Dana did change everything in her life she did move on eventually Andy was always there for him He managed to snag Dana's heart but Cyriel have to be in the picture again Dana was in the middle of the one who loves her and the one she loves She still picked Cyriel even though things would messed up around them And then things have to fucked up One second you're happy the next you're totally fucked up But Dana have to made a choice And that choice changed her life for the betterThis story really is an eye opener for those who had been hurt You may fucked up with your life after being hurt but eventually salvation will come into you in unexpected situations As for Dana her salvation was her unborned child that helped her to keep the decision she made and be happy in the end

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    i cannot believe i forgot that i have already read this book when i was around 14 and completely forgot the flow of the storyi'm content with the way things endedit was one hell of a story with uestionable choices that lead to this ending and of course this book this one didn't lose its charm the second time i read it maybe because I have forgotten but it was still a good readthe pain is still fresh and it really did hurt especially that things could have gone so differently everything is intertwined a chain reaction of some sort an if elif else statement but it was an ending everyone deserved in their own ways they were happy and they are happy

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    i am torn between two lovers 3

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    Eeh bad But it's better than the first one

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