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A Tightly Raveled Mind [PDF / EPUB] A Tightly Raveled Mind Sigmund Freud would have liked Dr Nora Goodman a sexy forty something psychoanalyst with her handful of neurotic patients who can't seem to allow themselves happiness love or success She's not exactly Sigmund Freud would have liked Dr Nora Goodman a sexy forty something psychoanalyst with her handful of neurotic patients who can't seem to allow themselves happiness love or success She's not exactly a steady customer herself born to a ranting bipolar Talmudic scholar and a mother with a heart as cold as a slaughterhouse on the Kansas prairie in January But now she has two kids and an overbearing psychiatrist husband She hates him She hates his insular social world Nora wants a new life sans A Tightly Epub / husband but what she gets is something terribly different It starts one Monday morning when her eight o'clock patient blows himself to smithereens The following week another patient dies The police see the first as an accident the second a straightforward suicide Nora thinks her practice is being targeted by a killer She hires private investigator Mike Ruiz a tightly wound ex cop who couldn't care less for Sigmund Oh Freud Mike says Isn't he dead Freud is always watching while the unlikely pair struggle to an unexpected endDiane Lawson was born and raised in La Russell Missouri population She did her undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri her psychiatric residency at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago and her psychoanalytic training at the Institute for Psychoanalysis also in Chicago She has two children and lives and practices in San Antonio Texas.

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    Dog lovers beware I was finding this mildly entertaining The main character a psychiatrist was interesting although not particularly likable nor were the other characters After reading around 200 pages though she did something so despicable I felt physically ill and couldn't care enough to finish the book

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    trite trite trite there isn't one true character or piece of real dialog in this story Thank god the library is open tomorrow

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    Things were moving along and I was liking the book and interested to see where it was going when suddenly the main character started BEATING A DOG WITH A RAKE It wasn't threatening her in any way in fact was just playing with her dogs I didn't stick around to see if she killed it or just really injured it but that's it I'm done Not on my watch sister

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    I agree with all the negative reviews but still found it a compelling look at a train wreck The surprising insights into patients and others were intriguing

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    Judged it by the cover Great title and cover art Story was ridiculously unbelievable Waste of time Disappointed

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    “A Tightly Raveled Mind” by Diane Lawson is a tightly plotted mystery about the mystery of our own behaviors It is a fun light read and an impressive debut novel by Lawson a psychoanalyst living in San Antonio TexasThe novel’s protagonist and narrator Dr Nora Goodman is like the author a psychoanalyst living in San Antonio Unlike the author—one hopes—Dr Goodman’s patients have begun to die one by one in unexpected circumstances Shaken and convinced that this is than coincidence she enlists the help of a private detective Mike Ruiz to figure out what is happening and to prevent any deathsLawson exploits the similarities between psychoanalysis and detective work both of which aim to understand and expose the darker side of human nature The difference is that the analyst aims to help the person under scrutiny while the detective aims to bring that person to justice Optimism and pessimism regarding human nature collideThis theme come alive in the tension between Dr Goodman and Ruiz just as the novel itself comes alive when Ruiz appears Lawson grabs you with the first mysterious death on page 3 propelling the story along by engaging your curiosity but the sparks really begin to fly when Dr Goodman meets RuizThe two central characters are fully formed and memorable unlike many of the other characters who remain character types the gold digging beauty the sexually deviant patient the self centered husband the disbelieving police detective The stock characters are not too much of a liability though as they fit into the noir tone of the novelWhen Dr Goodman first began to show sexual interest in Ruiz I thought it was a misstep on the author’s part as it did not jibe with her character the way it had been described up to that point I assumed the author was trying to spice things up and should have had confidence in her characters’ ability to engage the reader’s interestBut I was wrong Dr Goodman is a Freudian psychoanalyst and Freud is all about sex and the unconscious The irony is that Dr Goodman lacks insight into her own unconscious motives and sexual urges and the sexual theme begins to surface gradually in the novel the way it would in psychoanalysis Once it does it begins to clarify what before was opaueNote that there are two mildly explicit sex scenes in the novel in case you want to avoid such material—or in case you like to read it There are also a couple scenes of graphic violence If fiction is the inducement of a shared fantasy that’s where our fantasies often go to sex and violence According to Freud our repressed unconscious surfaces in this wayLawson’s writing style speeds along smoothly her narrator’s voice simultaneously wry naïve and intelligent The story builds tension as it moves along and the ending while leaving at least one unanswered uestion in my mind no spoilers here but you can ask privately if you like is unexpected and satisfyingFor those who like mysteries including the mystery of the human psyche “A Tightly Raveled Mind” offers a guilty pleasure for a few nights’ entertainment

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    My father occasionally sends me emails that consist of just a book title sometimes with author This is baffling to me since he usually writes fairly long chatty emails This time I asked about it he said if I recommend a book is that what that is? maybe you should read it?I suspect this is a subtle revenge on me for being an awful teenager which I was but I never thought of my father as a subtle or dish best served cold sort of guy Another book where everyone in it was a terrible human being Also they and the protagonist in particular kept making bafflingly bad choices Just what are you doing? I would read a little bit then have to take a break to read something less awful The only interesting part was the fact that there were a lot of very weird and specific driving directions she turned from Blanco Avenue north onto West Street isn't in there but along that lines I used to live in San Antonio so that was faintly interesting albeit bizarre she did it a lot of times

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    If a book written in the first person has an unlikable narrator I can still potentially like the book if it has some other redeeming uality This had none Up through mid way or so I was neutral with respect to likingdisliking her; and then the incident with the 3rd dog happened which incident isn't even relevant to the story as far as I can see and I was disgusted with the narrator The only 2 reasons I kept reading after that were A to see if my hypothesis re the resolution would be validated; or perhaps be outdoneby a surprising or original ending Turns out not B the testimonial from Abraham Verghese whose book 'Carving for Stone' was superb Can't understand why he gave a testimonial to this bookThere were a few very few well phrased literary observations so she's not completely hopeless as an author but mostly pedestrian writing And the psycho babble was pathetic Nor could I sympathize|empathize with any of the narrator's patients

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    I'm not entirely sure about this book even though I initially gave it four stars We follow a pair of psycho analysts on the cusp of divorce as our main character's patients begin to die off one a week Is she being set up? Is it all in her mind? Can we get behind her poor choices? Although there are a lot of gaping holes in the narrative it is undoubtedly well written and thought provoking I'm not a fan of the unreliable narrator; I always feel like I've been duped Although a third of the way through I realized I the reader was being led down a road I was curious about how I would get there and how it would end Now that I think about it I was left hanging with the ending It felt unresolved as if the author herself had no way to really end it and seemingly hoped the reader would fill in the blanks The setup and premise although intriguing at first became irritating as I lost confidence in the main character Still in all a decent debut

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    I really don't understand how this book was published Most of the characters are truly detestable and not believable I even disliked the kids did the author really think it was cute the constant bickering? unrealistic dialog a smug narrator who I came to loathegratuitous violence and the constant Freud references Made a special trip to the library to get this disaster out of my house

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