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    THREE TELL ME YOU LOVE ME STARSThis short story is the perfect accompanying novella to the McCade Brothers series If you enjoyed 'lover Undercover' by the lovely Samanthe Beck then nothing should stop you from grabbing this pleasantly put together short romance story As usual this author delivered the sexy sweet and light hearted suspense to bring together an enjoyable read and although I didn't fall in complete book lust this time around there was plenty involved to keep me interestedWhat's it all about?Stacy Roberts has always been on the wrong side of right but now that she's on a one way road to stardom she can't seem to shake of the past that has left her feeling a little inadeuate Stacy has found herself not only saying goodbye to her old lifestyle as a stripper but also dealing with hate mail from somebody who despises her self made success and on top of all that she is also pushing away the one and only man who has made her believe in love Detective Ian Ford has found himself heartbroken after the woman of his dreams can't commit to a future together but he's not about to let go without a fight But when a real threat comes to tear them apart forever they may have to fight for a love that is worth than just Wicked gamesWhat did I like?There is no doubt that Samanthe Beck has a talent for writing hot steamy grab yourself a fan style sex scenes She is also able to put together a well planned story line with humour and romance and it certainly doesn't hurt that she delivers delicious heroes As for this story she has added a great short story to an already likeable series and I've heard that it only gets better I did appreciate the overly lovely ending to the story nothing makes me happier than when an author puts the romantic emphasis on an over the top romantic ending so with that being said you can expect to be feeling good once you finish this predictable but nevertheless likeable novellaWhy not five?As much as I appreciate this authors writing style there was something amiss for my tastes it all fell a little flat and even though there were moments that I liked mostly I felt like I was just going through the motions of reading instead of falling in love with the characters and story line Final thoughts If you want a uick easy brazen fix that you take your reading time into a slightly unbelievable albeit entertaining story line then this may just be the novella for you Go grab it on release day Enjoy kisses ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review

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    I read this sexy novella in the Lovers Unmasked anthologyMy review

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    Originally reviewed for the anthology Lovers Unmasked on 92013 5 Stars Loved it The perfect novellaIf you haven't read Lover Undercover you might want to do that first to get a better grasp on the character relationships I adored Ian and Stacy in that book and was hoping they would get their own story but this short certainly had enough depth that it satisfied my need to have of them Kylie Stacy's twin sister and Trevor her fiancée and Ian's partner are front and center in this book and I was thrilled It was good to have ALL of them back There was a perfect balance of fun suspense and some hot Halloween lovin' Ian and Stacy still had that off the charts chemistry that they had in Lover Undercover The dialogue was excellent the story wrapped up nicely and there was even an epilogue yes an epilogue Samanthe Beck knows how to make good use of words She is an author to watch

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    I really enjoyed this one I loved that Ian never wavered in his love in Stacy I loved that not once was he tempted to try and move on or forget her I like suspense and it had that in spades Safe with the exception that kept me from rating five stars view spoilerStacy starts off the book with getting dressed for a Halloween party She puts a condom in her bra That hurt my heart since her and Ian were separated and she wasn't planning on seeing him Intentions to me are very close to actions She didn't do anything but dance with guys but it bothered me she felt the need to have a condom I'd be so upset also if Ian had done something like that Ian was hurt and angry when he saw the condom hide spoiler

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    25 starsI like this book OK but I just felt like I had picked a book up and started reading the last few chapters I know it's a novella but I didn't have enough story to connect with the main characters Just an OK read for me

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    Another great Entangled NovellaIn Wicked Games we are treated to Ian’s partner Trevor and his comical one liners Trevor and Ian are police officers who just happen to be dating twin sisters although Ian split up from Stacy a month ago and is currently working on getting them back together Unfortunately Stacy is harbouring insecurities about her past and is also dealing with a prospective stalker Ian’s protective instincts kick in big time at a Halloween fancy dress party where things all come to a head between them and then the stalker turns nastyI have to admit it did all get a bit predictable from here on in but the story was well written what with the baddie turning up and who it was etc but I enjoyed the characters and who doesn’t want their own “Halloween Hero” like Stacy get’s in Ian Great epilogue as wellARC provided by Entangled Brazen for which I am happy to provide the above honest review originally reviewed for the Halloween Anthology – Lovers Unmasked September 2013

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    Each book by BECK is getting better and better This novella is fun and sexy ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review

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    45 stars Ian and Stacy had been together for a year before Stacy panicked and ended the relationship when it started to get too serious She loves him but she's worried that her past as a stripper will have a negative effect on his career as a detective Ian knows all her deepest secrets though and they don't bother him in the slightest He is determined to win her back so when a stalker starts sending her threatening letters it gives him the perfect excuse to insert himself back into her lifeAlthough Wicked Games does work as a stand alone I think you'll get much enjoyment out of it if you've read Lover Undercover first I loved Stacy and Ian's side romance in LU and that is where you see them meet for the first time and fall in love This was my favourite story in the anthology I absolutely loved catching up with these two and also seeing how Kylie and Trevor are doing a year down the line Ian gets uite a treat in the private room of the strip club where the Halloween party is being held this is definitely a steamy series but can he protect Stacy from her stalker and convince her to take a chance on love?

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    Rating 35 stars Disclaimer The MCs of this novella were secondary characters in Lover Undercover a previous book from the McCade Brothers series Although this novella can be read as a stand alone I would highly recommend reading that book first because that’s where their storyromance begins Wicked Games was not exactly what I expected It was different in than just length from the other 2 Samanthe Beck book’s I've read so farUnlike the other lighterfunnier books by this author I've read this novella was angstier and serious since Stacy and Ian had a history and a bad breakup behind them There were still hot and playful scenes yey but I had to wait until the very end to get to the feel good partI missed what I’d come to name “Samanthe Beck’s funnyprovocative first meeting” but at the same time I’m glad WG was about characters I already new because a the short length of the novella didn't prevent me from connecting with the MCs since it was sort of a continuation of a story that had already started in the previous book b I was invested in them from the very beginning c I’d been dying for StacyIan to get their own HEAA plus for this novella was a very exciting suspenseful seuence towards the end that had my heart pumping I did not see coming who “Your Worst Nightmare” turned out to beA non spoilery excerpt I enjoyed Trevor dressed for a Halloween costume party with his work clothes – dark suit and tie – plus a pair of thick black rimmed glasses and Ian had something to say about it“Seriously man what the fuck are you supposed to be?”“I’m Clark Kent I went classic and heroic”“You went lazy and uncreative You’re a step down from ghost”In a nutshell Not as funny and angstier than other books in the series but still plenty hot with the plus of a suspenseful adrenaline filled seuence towards the end My reviews of other booksnovellas in this series Lover Undercover McCade Brothers #1Falling for the Marine McCade Brothers #2

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    Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviewsby KimFirst of all Wicked Games is a standalone but it contains some spoilers relating to the first book Lover Undercover For that reason I strongly recommend you read Lover Undercover firstStacy Roberts is finally able to tell all the naysayers in her small hometown of Two Trout Tennessee that she has finally made something of herself She is the star of a new hit tv show and everyone is in love with her Everyone includes her hot Detective boyfriend Ian Ford and his familyWhen Ian asks Stacy to take their relationship to another level she starts to think that Ian is only with her for the short term She breaks up with him but only leaves them both miserable When Stacy receives threats from “Your Worst Nightmare” Ian returns to her life to keep her safeStacy wants to return to her wild and carefree life before Ian She’s planning on using the Deuces’ Gentlemen’s Club Halloween party to hook up with a random stranger Stacy’s little angel costume is totally at odds with who she is and what she’s planning on doing Stacy’s hook up with “The Cat Burglar” aka Ian is hotter and amazing than she even thought possible But when “Your Worst Nightmare” shows up Stacy’s and Ian’s hook up could be their lastI LOVE Stacy and Ian like crazy The banter between them is wonderful Not only are they both fun characters but the sex between them is crazy hot Stacy is insecure but strong in her own right She has a mouth on her Surprisingly even with the possibility of death she doesn’t back down Ian is perfect for her because he uses his psychology degree to figure her out and understand what she needs when she needs it whether she says anything or notI’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series Hopefully all the main characters from this book and Lover Undercover will make appearancesSource Publisher

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Wicked Games McCade Brothers #15 [PDF / EPUB] Wicked Games McCade Brothers #15 A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint When a battle of wills becomes a game of lust one wrong move could be fatalActress Stacy Roberts is ready to ride her rising star straight to Ho A sexy category romance McCade Brothers PDF Ì from Entangled's Brazen imprint When a battle of wills becomes a game of lust one wrong move could be fatalActress Stacy Roberts is ready to ride her rising star straight to Hollywood’s A list All she needs is the famous Hollywood Hedonism party check one very naughty angel costume check and a few drinks to get her sexy swagger back Wicked Games Epub / check check Tonight she is not aching for her hot hard bodied ex Or worrying about the threatening letters signed by Your Worst NightmareFor Detective Ian Ford nightmare doesn’t begin to cover it Whatever demons prompted Stacy to cut and run have him tied up in knots Worse his ex is dressed to kill any man with a pulse and Ian is seeing red If Games McCade Brothers PDF ↠ Stacy wants trouble she’ll find it Only Ian’s going to make damned sure that the only trouble she gets is with himThere are no rules They either both win or they both lose But this time there’s an extra player—one who’s determined to make sure this is the very last game Stacy plays.

  • ebook
  • 134 pages
  • Wicked Games McCade Brothers #15
  • Samanthe Beck
  • English
  • 12 October 2015
  • 9781622665426

About the Author: Samanthe Beck

Wine lover sleep fanatic McCade Brothers PDF Ì and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy contemporary romance novels Samanthe Beck lives in Malibu California with her long suffering but extremely adorable husband and their turbo son Throw in a furry ninja named Kitty and Bebe the trash talking Chihuahua and you get the whole chaotic pictureWhen not dreaming up fun fan your cheeks sexy ways to get her Wicked Games Epub / characters.