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Keep Me Hero #15 [PDF / EPUB] Keep Me Hero #15 “I will disappoint you I will hurt you If I could be different I would But I don’t think I can” Keep Me is a follow up novella for Hero readers who want a glimpse of life after breakfast It is o “I will disappoint you I will hurt you If I could be different I would But I don’t think I can” Keep Me is a follow up novella for Hero readers Keep Me PDF/EPUB or who want a glimpse of life after breakfast It is optional and not essential to the original plot It is only intended to be read after Hero and is not a standaloneNovella length words.

  • Paperback
  • 90 pages
  • Keep Me Hero #15
  • Leighton Del Mia
  • English
  • 15 December 2016
  • 9780615972558

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    It's live 45 STARS Note This is an optional novella to be read after HeroI’m naturally wary of novellas as their short length usually doesn’t provide enough of a story or details to make me feel engaged with the characters or plot but I have to say here the author did a wonderful job of answering some lingering uestions I had after finishing Hero While the first book explored Cataline and Calvin’s relationship dynamic when she was in captivity this short novella is about the ups and downs of their lives after reconnecting with each other in the end of Hero What I liked most about this short story is the author doesn’t shy away from the problems Cataline and Calvin face They may be together but that doesn’t take away the bad memories Cataline has from her time in captivity or Calvin’s primal and dark urges that threaten to break her Their disagreements their insecurity and of course their fierce protectiveness of one another is all detailed here and I love that the author stayed true to these character’s personalities Despite giving up his role as “hero” of the city Calvin will always have his dark proclivities and tastes that set him apart from any average male lead and Cataline will be the heroine who has a willful stubborn mind And that’s ok Though Hero is a standalone for some reason I wasn’t uite ready to let go of their story but with this novella and ending I’m in that place where I can turn the page and close the Cataline and Calvin chapter ♥ ♥ ♥Oh and this uote while taken out of context gave my stomach flutters If you've read Hero you'll get the meaning and it's every bookworm's dream Wherever we go you'll get your library ♥ ♥ ♥SERIES READING ORDER SEE MY REVIEW ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    45 Stars I've seen the worst of you and now I get to know the best I think you might be the best of me IF YOU HAVE NOT READ HERO YET PLEASE DO NOT KEEP READING SPOILERS AHEAD I didn't want this story to end This novella is the perfect extension of Calvin and Cataline's story After the hell and struggle that these two underwent in Hero I felt that the story needed a little focus just on them and their attempt at being together despite their past This story had everything that I LOVE in a book the passion intrigue the emotion I loved seeing them let their walls down for one another and come into their own as a couple Oh and it was HOT AS HELL Calvin is still Calvinand he is one kinky bastard Cataline finally stopped being annoying And in the end to her he really was her HeroThis is one series I will be reading again for sure

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    After Book 1 I didn't feel like the story needed to continue but after this one I feel like it should The CartelGuy Fowleris Cal sterile or not? LOL

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    3 starsI thought that this would wrap up the story like Calvin Cataline getting married having kids or even just dating and stuff but that didn't happen so I'm kind of disappointed More drama stars1 star for Calvin1 star for Cataline1 star for the plot yes the plot It's really interesting1 less star for the ending1 less star for not being enough

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    Well this pretty much takes off 3 years later from where Hero aka calvin left Cataline so she could be able to heal from everything that happen to her during her time with him and during his absence she realizes that she really misses himAnd him being the obsessive yummy alpha he is he just couldnt stay away any longer from herThey try to make a new life together and calvin tries to become of a normal man but he didn't uite succeed i think he mAybe kinda found of a balance since in the first one i think he was a bit harsh to cataline but now he was very understanding but still with his yummy alpha ness ;I really did enjoy this short read i think even than the first since it was balanced So i give 4 yummy sexy hot alpha calvin stars Some sexy Calvin for you tonight i own all parts of you your nothing than a little bird caught in my cageDo it am dying to give you the spanking of your life still want to taste yourself this part off you belongs to me i d kill you before any other man could have it ill keep you in this mansion forever ill lock all the doors And there is alot of that ;

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    You're good Calvin I've seen the worst of you and now I get to know the bestI think you might be the best of me I feel better now that I got answers to some of my lingering uestions after finishing Hero I still think this book can have a perfect seuelview spoiler Guy Fowler can come after Calvin and Cataline after years He is now the new leader of the Cartel and I'm sure he still wants to know how Hero got his super powers Calvin isn't using the formula any so that book can be really interesting don't you think? hide spoiler

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    This novella is a sonnet A love song A tribute and cautionary tale wrapped into one for all lovers who knew their love could break and bind them all at once who choose to walk the tight rope between insanity and absolutionWhat happens after breakfast? Three years after her abduction what happens when Cataline comes face to face with Calvin Parrish again? It’s a giant relief and a delicate dance to determine the future“’Now I can see you better’‘I’m not sure that’s a good thing’I smiled and put my palm to his cheek ‘It is You’re good Calvin I’ve seen the worst of you and now I get to know the best’‘I think you might be the best of me’”Calvin knows he’s no good for Cataline but I think he also knows that he could be her savior has always been her savior in ways than one He will always walk that line between good and evil; he will always be in a battle for his soul What will save him though is that he is rooted utterly and completely in Cataline She is Calvin’s divining rod guiding him from God to mortal from impermeable to porousCataline gives herself entirely to Calvin while at the same time using her submission to fuel her strength Because she is able to see Calvin in his entirety she is able to convert his inherent dissonance into raw power and then channel that power into herself into her own journey towards wholenessThere is still an edge of brutality between Calvin and Cataline that expresses itself most loudly when they come together physically Their union is barely constrained violence tempered by trust that unravels them bothThis is love story that goes above and beyond any currently understood notions of fairy tales or romance This is a battle for souls; this is passion given wings and semi automatic weaponsLeighton Del Mia has carried on Calvin and Cataline’s story in a gorgeous tale of making it up as they go along It reached right into me grabbed hold of my heart and nervous system and is holding them hostage still And I have no intention of paying the ransom They are willingly givenMy personal plea to the author? Please keep writing I cannot wait to read what you give next

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    I was very thankful for this novella being available right after finishing Hero I needed to the story of Calvin and Cataline I wish that she would have just definitely made up her mind to either be with him and trust him or not he insecurities about what he was doing brought the story down just a bit as she knew what she was getting into He tried to change the best that he could but couldn't give up Hero altogether so I don't see why she was so confused when he needed to go out or had the bad feelings Story was left open at the end for we will see where that take use

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    Will we get Calvin and Cataline?Will we get Calvin and Cataline?Closure thank you If this is the end then it is enough All my uestions aren't answered but it us still enough Thank you for staying true to these characters to the final word

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    Nice little extra to Hero It was good closure for those readers who wanted a little something like me It was nice to see that everything didn't magically resolve itself and that the characters still had problems to work out

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