El jesuita: conversaciones con el cardenal Jorge Bergoglio

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    This book is an easy introduction to the new pope with interviews from before he was pope There is a lot of focus on Argentina but the book also touches on his personal history and his thoughts on the Church Provides many beautiful uotes that provide a lot of food for thought

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    Really interesting to hear his thoughts and perspectives on a variety of subjects and how his life experience formed these Definitely worth reading

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    Pope Francis Conversations with Jorge Bergoglio was the only biography available at the time of the papal election However in my opinion it is the closest thing to an autobiography you will read about our new Holy Father Each chapter starts off by providing the reader detailed information about various times or instances in Pope Francis' life Then there is my favorite part a uestion and answer sessionThe book begins by discussing Pope Francis' grandmother and the story of why the family moved from Italy to Argentina We then move on and read about Pope Francis' first job which leads to the development of his view on work and the homeless Next we learn about a time where he was so ill that he almost died I could work my way through every chapter and tell you what they are about but you get the ideaMany people will buy and read this book for the biography alone There is nothing wrong with that In fact that is why I originally wanted to read it It contained a lot of Pope Francis' life story in his own words but there is so much wisdom in this book as well One uote that stood out to me was on pain It said Pain is not a virtue in itself but you can be virtuous in the way you bear it This was very profound to me and there are gems like this scattered throughout the bookIf you have been keeping up with Pope Francis via the news then you will know how humble this great man is It should come as no surprise that his humility was present before he became pope and can be seen in his answers to the interview uestions However one also gets to see Pope Francis' brilliance I can't even begin to fathom how daunting a task it must be to succeed Pope Benedict XVI one of the greatest theologian popes ever but one can see that Pope Francis is no theological slouch eitherIf you want to get a glimpse of the personal life of Pope Francis before he was Pope Francis this 5 star book is for you You will get to see details of his life that otherwise would have been unknown You will also get to see key events in his life that shaped his views and made him the man he is today Most importantly it's in HIS OWN WORDS That's what truly makes this book awesome and my #2 pick for books about Pope Francis

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    I initially came across this book at a neighborhood supermarket shortly after Francis's election I assumed it was a rush job an insubstantial work thrown together to satisfy the desire of the public for information on the new Pope But as I thumbed through it I learned that Francis had been a friend of Jorge Luis Borges my favorite writer so I added it to my 'to read list although I didn't come across it in the library until early this yearThe book was originally written in Spanish and published in 2010 and is a collection of interviews done by Argentine journalists for an Argentine readership It presupposes that the reader is well versed in Argentine history politics and culture It includes an appendix with a 2002 address by Pope Francis then Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio wherein he suggests that the Argentine national poem the gaucho epic Martin Fierro provides values and morals that could serve as useful guides for rebuilding Argentina after years of political and economic chaos Few readers from the United States will have read or even heard of Martin Fierro; I read it twenty years ago and really only remember the gory partsReaders hoping that this book will offer clues as to what Pope Francis will or will not do while in office will be disappointed Apart from all the material on Argentina as well as some background information on Francis's past and personal tastes and interests its chief usefulness to the Catholic reader lies in what it tells about Francis's values the shape and nature of his thought and his decision making process

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    This book is interesting and revealing for the personality of the one who was chosen as the new Pope in 2013 In his own words Jorge Bergoglio appears to be a modern XXI century clergy man characterized by a great open mindedness towards sensitive issues such as abortion pedophile priests celibacy or the role of the Church in this new century Moreover this series of interviews taken when he was still a Cardinal don't omit some personal facts in the life of the interviewee such as his attitude towards the successive dictatorships in Argentina and how he defended as much as he could the Church and its priests from the abuses of the cruel Junta regime

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    This was a good interview It gave me a peek into the character of our latest Pope There was a lot of content that was specific to Argentinian politics but that's probably due to the timing of this interview

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    The book was short while still providing a decent outline of the now Pope's views on various important topics If you are looking for a uick and easy read I would recommend this However I was expecting a open endedfree form format based on the title conversations In this way the book did disappoint a bit Also having recently read a longer bio on the Pope this didn't add much to my knowledge of his views or opinions

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    It's kind of good i liked some parts but still i think he talks too much about Argentina if you're not familiar with what happened i think it's a bit boring and it can be a bit too much about the country instead of talking about his life or pov that is what i was looking for Nevertheless it was a good read

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    I really wanted this to be a good book but it was only ok Although I enjoyed the periods of the book where the author add narration the interview portions felt stiff and dry It is nevertheless an interesting book in case you want to learn about Pope Francis's past

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    Conversational and intimate I felt like I was part of the conversationI rate this highly 4 stars Well written intimately informative dialogue demonstrating the thinking and faith journey and lived experiences of the now Pope Francis

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El jesuita: conversaciones con el cardenal Jorge Bergoglio [PDF / EPUB] El jesuita: conversaciones con el cardenal Jorge Bergoglio “I believe in the kindness of others and that I must love them without fear”—Jorge Bergoglio Pope Francis Jorge Bergoglio is the first Latin American pope the first Jesuit pope and the first to “I conversaciones con el cardenal Kindle - believe in the kindness conversaciones con PDF/EPUB Á of others and that I must love them without fear”—Jorge Bergoglio Pope Francis Jorge Bergoglio is the El jesuita: eBook ☆ first Latin American pope the first Jesuit pope and the first to take the name Francis after Saint Francis of Assisi the jesuita: conversaciones con eBook ´ thirteenth century friar known for his charity and kindness Here in a series of extensive interviews conducted over two years he reveals jesuita: conversaciones con el cardenal PDF/EPUB ² the very image of a humble priest and inspired teacher This is a portrait of a man interested in substance than style In spontaneous intimate terms he talks about his childhood and family life his first job the discovery of his calling and his early days in the seminary He was a teacher of psychology and literature who befriended writers such as Jorge Luis Borges He cites Homer and Cervantes with ease and names Babette’s Feast as a favorite film and Marc Chagall as a favorite painter He also takes on uncomfortable subjects the declining number of priests and nuns; celibacy; the scandals that have rocked the Church; and his experience with the military dictatorship of Argentina Through his own words this book reveals a man who is thoughtful and witty learned and introspective—one whose actions and words reflect his deeply rooted humility Also included in this volume are Pope Francis’s own writings and reflections—full of wisdom and inspiration.