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    35 Stars Brynn has escaped from her abusive ex boyfriend Evan and is now living in a new town She lives a very uite life and tries to stay unnoticed She is afraid of Evan finding herKian one of the locals noticed her the very first day she entered the local bar He was immediately drawn to her but didn't make a move on her Instead he just watched herIt might sounds a little creepy but it was a good thing because one night Evan finds Brynn and attacks her Kian sees the whole scene and rescues her After that incident Kian tries to take care of Brynn and convinces her to take self defense classes in the gym where he is the trainerThat's when the friendship between Kian and Brynn starts They are attracted to each other from the beginning But they remain friends because he doesn't want the be a rebound guy for Brynn And Brynn is afraid that she will ruin Kian like she ruined her ex boyfriend Evan Brynn blames herself for making Evan an abusive personOf course it is totalThey can't deny their attraction for long and eventually give in At this point I want to say that Sibylla can write amazing erotic scenes The sex scenes between Kian and Brynn were expectedly off the chartsKian was very sweet and protective Sometimes he seemed like a little stalker But he was just really protective over Brynn He has also a particular desireHe introduces Brynn into bondage I liked reading about it but I was glad the bondage didn't overplayBrynn was a likeable heroine but somehow I couldn't connect with her as I could with Kian She annoyed me a little towards the end with the whole I'm not good enough for you stuffI think Kian has the right to decide that for himself And I'm very glad that he never gave up on her It wasn't a fluffy and light read But I wouldn't declare it as a dark read either It was something in between for meI think I'm going to give it 35 4 Stars It's sure a good and enjoyable read but I didn't love it as much as In the Firelight I can't put my finger on it but something in Brynns character was just missing for me ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    I loved Kian he’s an Alpha with a motorbike That’ll do me Brynn has fled from an abusive boyfriend and ends up in a small town trying to keep herself to herself Her only pleasure is hanging out at the local club to dance Little does she know she is being watched over by the protective Kian who is intrigued by the beautiful blondeThe book starts with Kian rescuing Brynn and a friendship is formed thereafter where he teaches her self defense Brynn is reluctant at first but soon they become lovers and we are introduced to the art of Kinbaku where we get some steamy scenes full of sexual tension and hotnessI really enjoyed this book the third I have read from Author Sibylla Matilde I enjoy her writing style and her male characters are always my cup of teaThe only reason I didn’t give higher than a 4 star is because I personally like a bit anticipation and a ‘will they won’t they?’ scenario in my books but this is a personal preference and not a reflection of standard of the bookARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for a review

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    3 35 stars Because of Kian crossed between the ‘like’ and ‘okay’ zone for meWhile I did like the plot and characters some of the elements felt a bit cliché and predictableThe story focuses on heroine Brynne and her breaking away from an abusive relationship while rediscovering herself and finding love in the processShe meets our dream worthy and scorching hot male after he rescues her from a violent encounter with her ex and their fates are forever entwinedKian proves to be everything Brynne could need a lover protector fighter and most importantly a friend He is what sold the story and is the heart of it all for meI could write on how sweet caring considerate and steamy Kian was in and out of bed but I think you’re better off just reading this for yourselfSo over all it was a good and decent read but nothing I haven’t exactly read before On the bright side though I did appreciate how the author starts Kian and Brynne off slowly from friendship even though it's obvious that they feel for each other than just that right off the bat to romance because it made the characters’ bond realistic and pack of a punch But other than that it was just an alright and likable read in my book Sorry An ARC was provided to me via author in exchange for an honest review Thank you

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    ARC kindly gifted by author in exchange of honest review32535 Kian Stars When I first read Sibylla Matilde’s first book Little Conversations I was hooked with her writing and I knew I had to read of her works I loved her second book In the Firelight and so when I saw she had a new book titled Because of Kian I knew I had to add this book on my TBR So when Ms Matilde offered me a gifted copy I was so happy to dive right into reading this book The story starts off with Brynn Ashton who ran away from her abusive ex boyfriend Evan She’s living in a new town and has very few friends One night after exiting a bar her Evan attacks her but luckily for her Kian was there to save her He happened to witness this horrific ordeal and was ready to save and protect Brynn from her attacker Safely sound Kian offers to teach Brynn a private self defense class in which she happily accepts Brynn right off the bat is deeply attracted to Kian She feels safe with him As for Kian he was attracted to Brynn from the first time he laid eyes on her He was drawn to her innocence and beauty As they slowly get to know each other their relationship moved from friendship to something Their sexual chemistry was HOT but Brynn had to put a halt on their fast pace romance With her insecurities fears and ex still lurking around Kian and her relationship had to face the ultimate test How far will Brynn push away her chance at happiness and love?Because of Kian was definitely different than her previous books This book explores the emotional state of the heroine Brynn and how that has affected her life when it comes to opening up heart and love Kian the hero in the book was driving force of the storyline He made the story in my opinion and without him the storyline would have fell flat Kian was the protector the lover the best friend and the hero of the book As much as I loved Kian I wished I knew of him and his past I wanted to know what made him interested in Kinbaku As for Brynn I couldn’t connect to her as much as I wanted to Yes I was sadden by her emotional well being but her thought process bothered me There was an element of depth and connection that was missing in the storyline that I felt was a crucial Don’t get me wrong I love Kian and Brynn as couple I knew that they were perfectly matched for each other but Brynn’s decisions were at times frustrating There were times I wanted to shake her and tell her Kian is not like your ex boyfriend He’s different and you already know that so open up to him and let him in If you already trust him with your body then trust him with your heart Overall I enjoyed Because of Kian Ms Matilde knows how to write a hot steamy scene for sure Because of Kian had the sexual chemistry down in their storyline but a hot scene can’t be the only thing the book Personally I needed details of Kian and Brynn’s past and I wanted to know of Brynn’s relationship with Evan These missing details and the fast storyline was the missing element from making this book from good to great Sibylla Matilde

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    WHAT WHAT I got my complimentary copy Hell yeah it's on 4 Totally Tied up StarsThe book was a total package book for me I thought the characters had great chemistry The angst was just the right amount of angst and the sex was totally hot What could you ask for I'm a fan of this author so it's not a surprise to me that I liked this book but if you haven't read her you your missing out

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    Fantastic story and I adore Kian everything perfect in a man

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    3 35 stars Going to make this a uick oneAfter ditching her abusive boyfriend Brynn has arrived in a new town She rarely leaves her house except to go to work to see her therapist and occasionally attends a certain bar She doesn't want to date because she doesn't trust anyone She also has a masochistic need but this was taken too far by her ex One night while leaving the bar her ex has found and confronted her physically Thankfully a Good Samaritan has stopped the altercation and scared him away Kian has been watching the beautiful Brynn for a while He wants to get to know the mysterious girl better He too has a deviant sexual need that not many women would willingly participate in This is a story of finding love trust and your other half Although written well this lacked originality for me It was not a bad story but I think I have read too many of theses types of books with the same plot This was not very memorable for me This was a pretty uick read and did have it's fair share of love steam drama and suspense If you want to read a story of a broken girl being fixed by an alpha male who's extremely sweet I would recommend

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    uick reviewCover Nice Rating NC 17 Steaminess HOT Thumbs Up 45Overall I was hookedCharacters Well Done Plot Overcoming weakness to be strongPage Turner Yes Series Cont? NA Recommend YesBook Boyfriend KianSUMMARY 50 words or lessThe one thing I love about this author is that she shows us vulnerable characters Not every woman is strong Some woman possess an inner strength they haven’t tapped into And sometimes the love of a good man brings it out For a full review and yummy pic see my blog post at

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    'It’s truly amazing how physical and emotional abuse can skew your perceptions of the entire world About yourself’ – BrynneGitte We were so excited to meet Kian weren’t we Jennyjust because and we weren’t disappointed He was like a gentle giant with a fierce and kinky edge who drove the storyline as the likeable interesting and solid character“He told me I was breathtaking He told me I was brave He told me I was his” – BrynnHe was a protector he had a vulnerable side and he was sweet and passionate “Always so protective of women and childrenYou can’t save us all Kian” – Brynn This story had so much promise Sibylla Matilde really is a great Author her writing is flawless and smooth We meet Kian rescuing Brynn in ways than one and they embark on a journey of bared hearts passion and revelations as they find themselves embroiled in Brynn’s escape from a scorned violent man ‘I’d seen her practically crushed and I wanted nothing than to protect her’ – Kian Because of Kian started off great and I was really invested however for me it lost momentum which it never really picked up again until right at the end I also found it missing depth to the characters and their respective backgrounds which for me had a conseuential impact on the crux of the story Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy it but I didn’t love it It felt uite rushed and there were some inconsistencies too I only point this out because this story could have been amazing because Kian stands out as such a brilliant uniue male character; but something was missing and thinking about it well for me it comes down to the character development and backstory I struggled with a connection to our heroine because of this and would have loved about what made Kianwell Kian “I’m not sure what it isbut it’s almost like the tighter you hold me the secure I feel” – Brynn Without doubt though I definitely got the strong passionate connection between Kian and Brynn; though through my inability to connect with Brynn I felt frustrated at times with her behaviour‘He uite simply held my soul in his hands’ – Brynn‘I knew I wasn’t good for her but I also knew I had to try to be’ – KianIt’s a tough one isn’t it Jenny? It could have been a fab read for us rather than just okay but it just fell short didn’t it?Jenny It is a tough one Gitte because I was initially pulled right into the story and knew Kian as a character was going to be something special He immediately had a presence and I completely agree because it was Kian who drove this story for me There was so much to this man and I was completely smitten with him Fiercely protective understanding passionate and loving scarred by his past and a man who possessed an absolute heart of gold Yep it was because of Kian that I kept turning the pages ‘My paradise My heaven My Brynne’ – Kian Like you Gitte I did enjoy Because of Kian but it didn’t engross me nor evoke the feelings I had anticipated I would have loved for the characters to have been explored a little because the lead up to the crux of the story did feel a little rushed It felt as though we weren’t afforded the luxury of settling in to the story before it was all racing along leaving me wantingBrynn was such a damaged character who felt as though she was some sort of monster and who blamed herself for her circumstances when in actuality she was very much the survivor You couldn’t help but feel sorry for her and the inner turmoil she was feeling though I didn’t connect with Brynne as I did Kian ‘I had a deviant masochistic side that brought out the monster in men’ – Brynne Would Kian’s patience love passion and understanding be enough to heal the wounds and provide the tools needed to heal? Could he be Brynne’s saviour? The premise of the story was great the character of Kian was gripping but like you Gitte I would have loved a little depth to Brynne and Kian because as much as I felt the passion in their relationship to me it also felt as if something was missingJG Sibylla Matilde is one author we will keep checking out time and again as we loved her work in In the Firelight and she really does have a uniue way of telling her stories and creating amazing characters “I don’t know what I’m scared of Kian Maybe I’ve just tried to stay in the shadows for so long that I’m afraid of being exposed” – Brynn Whilst we were initially captivated with Because of Kian it just didn’t have the same pull for us that her previous work had That’s not to say we didn’t enjoy this read because we did we simply felt something was missing “You’re not fucked upYou’re uniue I’ll give you that” – Kian There is no doubt we’ve found a book boyfriend in Kian This man stole our hearts This story of pain healing and survival and finding that person who can free your soul We know a lot of readers will find this story of two damaged characters who together seek to possess the strength to make them whole one they will definitely want to pick up ‘ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review’

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    One of my favorite books of all timeMy mind is blown awayMy brain has pretty much exploded and floated away in the afterglow of reading about Kian and BrynnWhy? Why did I wait so long to read this?? Why after seeing this book over and over did I not begin it right away?My heart mourns for the time I didn't have with Kian Dramatic? Maybe but very trueKian Oh Kian He's sexy and strong and sweet and caring He knows what he wants and doesn't let anything stop him from feeling He's protective and kind and just reading his name makes you feel safe He's real A real man A loyal intelligent beautiful man Brynn If you've never met a heroine whose vulnerabilities become her strengths whose experiences become her steady path forward If you've never met a heroine who determinedly welcomes change with strength and beauty then you must meet Brynn You mustShe's been through Hell and come out on top She's let herself feel and fear although shakily and waver while keeping herself carefully in the forefront It's fascinating to watch her grow from a woman unsure about the course of her life into this complex yet deeply felt human being It's because of this that I don't want to strangle her for getting Kian to herselfThis story You cannot miss this beautiful story any longer It's emotional and deep insightful with a light humor that rounds it out perfectly and says so much about these characters It is a story about finding yourself in a way you never dreamed was possible Finding your other half and letting the pieces fall where they may Because that kind of love is so healingThe writing oh my god the writing is impeccable Descriptions vivid and well versed pulling you in until you cannot help but feel every word The plot reels you in makes you bite your nails and sigh These two characters together are so strong complex and sexy as hell Dear Lord I thought I would burst at many many points in this story Believe me If you love the steam and a uniue practice you will love Kian and BrynnI could go on and on I WANT to go on and onPlease Please read this book For the sake of every romantic cell in your body Read about Kian and Brynn You will fall as hard as I haveThe decision was not made lightly but Kian is my #1 He has surpassed all of my favorites and I've made a comfy spot in my heart and mind for him I applaud the author for such beautiful work and I excuse myself to pick up the pieces of my brain as they unfortunately fall back to earth Thank you for this experience10 stars There is no other rating for it

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Because of Kian Bitterroot #1[PDF / EPUB] Because of Kian Bitterroot #1 I know I’m twisted Growing up in a perfectly well adjusted home I don’t really have an excuse But no matter I realize how messed up I am And therapy can only do so muchI pushed my boyfriend to vio I know I’m twisted Growing Kian Bitterroot MOBI ☆ up in a perfectly well adjusted home I don’t really have an excuse But no matter I realize how messed up I am And therapy can only do Because of Kindle - so muchI pushed my boyfriend to violence a violence he couldn't control Sickly I almost liked it So I pushed him Before long the pain outweighed the pleasure and the loss I sustained shattered of Kian Bitterroot ePUB ´ me So I ran I’m now a bit shell shocked harboring a lot of guilt My boyfriend is now my ex and wants revenge He wants me to pay for turning him into the monster he’s become And I still have a deviant yearning that I don’t understand My own monster inside my own demon to battle I can’t get close to anyone I can’t give in and scratch that itch I can’t wreck someone else And now there is Kian my rescuer on a dark painful night He sees through my pretense He tries to pull me from my frightened isolation to keep me from becoming a victim He forces me to face my warped desires and shows me that pain doesn’t really have to truly hurtHe wants to show me a way to serenity But I am afraid Will I ruin a good man Mature Content Abuse Sexual Situations Adult Situations Strong Language.

About the Author: Sibylla Matilde

Jared Leto Shhh pimps them Kian Bitterroot MOBI ☆ out to all her friends through Spotify She also delights in Met Opera HD broadcasts at her local movie theater hopes listening Met to someday see Diana Damrau Because of Kindle - reprise her role as Mozart’s ueen of the Night in Die Zauberflöte Sibylla lives with her husband and hero who saved her from her own calamitous young adult self He makes her laugh daily of Kian Bitterroot ePUB ´ even when things are tough He's proved to her that love really can heal a shattered soul In years they have never had a fight although argue regularly with their two teenage kids who have unfortunately inherited their father’s uick wit unfortunate as it is a uick wit that Sibylla herself definitely does not possess – there is a reason she is a writer not a stand up comedian They live a uiet life with their two weird little rescued Chiweenies Wait teenagers little yap dogs OK maybe not so uiet.