Out of the Box The Highs and Lows of a Champion Smuggler

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    This book reads like an action movie and what makes this book even amazing is the fact it's all TRUE Reggie certainly isn't one who lived a ho hum type of lifestyleThis book is broken down into four different parts I think this style was used because of how the story opens up you're basically plonked into the middle of it where Reggie is getting his mates to smuggle drugs with him And then in the second part it tells you the unbelievable tale of when he posts himself back in a wooden box from the UK to Australia this happens way before the first part of the storyIt's like a step back in time What he manages to accomplish is just bloody amazing it truly is and it shows how far we've come when it comes to transport screeningetcStill things get through the cracks obviously but I wonder if another person could pull this stunt off without being detected? His girlfriend Annie seems to come from a broken home and is blindly lead by love yes the old saying that love is blind She follows Reggie across the world on many crazy adventures to all different parts of the world How can they survive while being on the run? Deal drugs of course And mostly when things start to feel too 'comfortable' the jig is up and they'll have to move once again The one thing about Reg is overall personality oozing confidence balls charm thrill seeker and a way with wordsetc even felt a bit like a con manBecause of these traits it has allowed him to get through life living in the fast lane He is lucky that he was able to lead Annie along without too much uestioningI mean she does but at least in this book it doesn't show her putting down her foot and refusing If this had of been the case then I think they may of gotten caught uicker minus all the different passportsThis book is really worth picking up I loved it

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    35Reg Spiers is the barking mad Australian athlete who famously smuggled himself from England to Australia by planein a box I've had a couple of attempts at this review so I will just write how I feel – which is the McSorlays have done a fairly good job writing about chosen excerpts from Spiers action packed life although I would have preferred the tale told in chronological orderbut given the choice of buying this book paying to hear Reg speak live I would uite definitely choose the latter I have seen an interview with Spiers this book tries very hard but it doesn't capture Spier's persuasive charm magnetic personality How can a convicted drug dealer be so likeable? after enduring the rigours of various prisons around the globe how come he looks around 20 years younger than he is? Sigh Sometimes life just isn't fairAlso the only photos are of the two authors Odd

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    If this book was a novel I'm afraid you would think it was way over the top What a life Reg Spiers has lead Oh my word it is remarkable Everything in the newspapers was about Reg mailing himself back from London to Perth but this book details his other shenanigansAdmittedly what he got up to was criminal and drug smuggling is abhorrent but the story nonetheless is fascinating The book is set out as of a novel with he author interpreting what was said and emotions felt at the time I do not really like this style of factual storytelling but can see why they chose to go down that route It is a riveting page turner and you do actually care for both Annie and Reg as you follow them on their crazy crazy journey35 stars

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    Despite the introduction by Lynn Davis one of the UK's greatest athletes I was sure it was all a joke No way could all those incredible adventures of Reg Spiers be true Boy was I wrong This is an exceptional book brilliantly written wonderfully entertaining and one that will live in the memory for a long long time Julie and Marcus McSorley have managed to capture and distill the essence of the Aussie spirit that flows through the veins of Reg Spiers Here we meet a man with a heart as big as the Australian outback with a rebellious streak that the outlaw Ned Kelly would admire In fact I would go as far to say that at some point in the afterlife would they share several tinnies of Castlemaine XXXX with arms around each other's shoulders and catch up on old timesDo yourself a mighty favour and lose yourself in this tale Cheer for the villain support the underdog and imagine you are walking side by side with Reg Spiers as part of his inner circle It will do your spirit good

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    Out of the Box follows the misadventures of Reg Spiers an unforgettable character who never gives up and never learns either The craziest part is Reg isn’t a character He’s a real live personReg doesn’t always make the right decisions He often puts his friends and loved ones in danger; but his charisma charm and indomitable spirit make it impossible not to root for himThis book spans decades of the man’s life taking place in Australia England India Sri Lanka and other countries I was impressed how the Julie McSorley and her son Marcus so skillfully recreated Reg Spier’s escapadesOut of the Box will take you on a wild ride You’ll experience the global drug trade firsthand whilst encountering exotic locations bizarre situations and unsavory characters from the underworld But no matter how bleak the circumstances Reg’s hope and positive attitude never allow you to give up on him This book is an adventure you won’t soon forget

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    I received a first reads copy for an honest review Reg lived an interesting life as well as his friends throughout the book The book wasn't something I'd normally read but I found it to be compelling The main character of the book is a man named Reg who's known as the man in the box It was interesting and I'm definitely going to share the book with family

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    I received this book as a giveaway from GoodReads It was a very interesting read and the author developed the players in a very engaging way Felt real sympathy for the title character and all the trials that he had to suffer

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    Fascinating story very engaging and well written There were a few gaping holes in the story that I would've loved filled in to cure my curiosity Such an incredible true story A few distracting typos throughout annoyed me a bit

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    Excellent book I knew nothing of this story before I found the book at the shop took me by surprise by being so good as an Aussie it's great reading about another Aussie tearing up the globe in true Australian style Highly recommend

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    I won a free copy from the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway Program and think that it interesting I would recommend it to everyone

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Out of the Box The Highs and Lows of a Champion Smuggler [PDF / EPUB] Out of the Box The Highs and Lows of a Champion Smuggler Reg Spiers arrived in England in 1964 as a world class athlete He returned to Australia in a box but that was only the start of his adventuresCrazily impulsive romantic and free spirited Reg became a Reg the Box The Highs ePUB Ñ Spiers arrived the Box eBook ↠ in England in as a world class athlete He returned to Australia in a box but that was only Out of Kindle - the start of his adventuresCrazily impulsive romantic and free spirited Reg became a national hero for smuggling himself miles home as air freight of the Box eBook ✓ But as his fame and sporting career faded Reg decided to smuggle something very different Soon he was on the run with his girlfriend of the Box The Highs PDF \ playing a cat and mouse game with police on three continents A wild road trip across India and Africa—idyllic beaches and prison hellholes shady friends and shadier cops gun toting militias and drug running gangsters —led to a court room in Sri Lanka and the fight of his life Could Reg beat the death sentence he’d just been given or was this box too big to climb out of.