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How to Dunk if Youre Under 6 Feet Tall [PDF / EPUB] How to Dunk if Youre Under 6 Feet Tall Vertical jump is the measure of how high a person can jump straight up in the air and is often a measure of how good of a basketball player someone is Conventional wisdom states that dunking a basketb Vertical jump is Dunk if PDF ✓ the measure of how high a person can jump straight up in the air and is often a measure of how good of a basketball player someone is Conventional wisdom states that dunking a basketball is reserved for players who are over six feet tall Only players over six feet were tall enough and had enough vertical jump to actually reach the hoop As we have progressed and learned about the human body however we have discovered that this is not the case Shorter basketball players have been limiting themselves for How to Kindle - years just because they did not have the tools to improve their vertical jump If you want to learn how to dunk jump higher increase vertical jump this to Dunk if Youre Under PDF \ is the definitive “how to dunk for shorter people” book No longer is dunking just a feat achieved by the tallest members of the team Now all who want to learn how to jump high can with How to Dunk If You’re Under Feet Tall James Wilson has coached basketball for than thirty years He knows that not all players are the same and he also to Dunk if Kindle Ð states that every player who puts in the time and effort can learn to improve his vertical leap in as little as four weeks This means that in four weeks you can have the ability to dunk a basketball even if you have never come close before This vertical jump program includes what exercises you need to do to improve your strength and jumping power You will learn not only how but also why the program works so well and how to include it in your training Unlike many other programs promising to teach you to Dunk if Youre Under PDF \ how to jump higher this is not a weightlifting regimen It does include the optimal workout for the highest jumping You will learn what muscle groups to focus on how to train and even which shoes will make you jump higher Even if you already know how to dunk with one hand you can learn to dunk with two You will also learn the finer points of dunking including how to measure how much height you need to gain and also how to do it without scrapping your entire workout It’s not a gimmick it’s science After reading this book you will learn • The fastest way to jump higher • How to jump higher without lifting weights • How even shorter people can dunk • The best exercises for increasing your vertical jump • Which basketball shoes bring you down and which make you jump higher • The most effective vertical jump program • And so much Grab your copy now and follow our uniue Vertical Jump Program that will take your basketball skills to the next level Check Out What Others Are Saying I stumbled across this book by James Wilson while searching for tools and techniues that could help me to be able to dunk Being ’” I was always struggling on this goal of mine Well what can I say; this book actually is right to the point Although it is only pages long I haven’t seen any other source that had such an in depth explanation of what vertical jump is and what are the core muscles involved I could also find some interesting tips on which shoes can make me jump higher; not only that a specific diet suggestions were provided to be able to improve my form fast Found some useful info on how to dunk too Most importantly the workout program is presented in such a way that I know which exercises are the most important for my vertical leap Very well illustrated and related videos added so much value Thank you Dalibor USA Let me start by saying James Wilson is clearly passionate about basketball as this is a very well written book.

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    This is an awesome practical guide on how to increase your vertical jump and come closer to dunking As a basketball junkie and avid player I’m always looking for a way to improve This book comes with a helpful explanation of the biomechanics behind your vertical jump and a useful workout plan on how to jump higher All the exercises are clearly explained with pictures and the author lays out a step by step plan to jumping higher This is an easy to use resource for any basketball player or general athlete looking to increase their vertical jump

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    Basic workout plan about 20 years outdatedThe info is good detailing mainly a 4 week program without variations It REPORTS that nutrition is as important as working out but gives NO detail on such Also covers nothing of recovery with involves than just rest Worse it gives static stretching that has been publicly discouraged by pro trainers for the last 20 years

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    Just OkayI thought after reading this short “how to” that I’d be inspired to get after my vertical Too many vapid videos without enough substance I would have preferred success stories and their workout regimens

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    Informative This book gives a break down of what you need to do to jump higher It talks I title about diet and gives you resources on he subject of how to eat Young athletes looking to up their game can benefit by readers no this book

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