Polishing God's Monuments Pillars of Hope for Punishing

Polishing God's Monuments Pillars of Hope for Punishing Times [PDF / EPUB] Polishing God's Monuments Pillars of Hope for Punishing Times Polishing God's Monuments is the true story of a young woman and her devoted husband who face it all and then some as a baffling mind boggling illness hijacks their youth and shatters their dreams Polishing God's Monuments is the true story Monuments Pillars Kindle Ò of a young woman and her devoted husband who face it all and then Polishing God's PDF/EPUB or some as a baffling mind boggling illness hijacks their youth and shatters their dreams.

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    I read this book several years ago and I can say that it challenged my thinking on suffering in a way no other book has The writing is rich and so heartfelt that often I felt physical pain as I read of the crushing experience of a parent who watches their child suffer At times I had to put it down and allow myself to regroup before I read on Then I was challenged in a different way as I read of the daughters debilitating illness and her steadfast faithfulness in the face of such pain and seeming hopelessness As someone who has a measure of suffering due to chronic pain myself this book meant so much to me The picture of polishing your Stones of Remberance is one I go back to often Remembering God’s sovereign faithfulness is indeed a handhold that will take you through the darkest valleyThis is a book that throbs with both pain and peace as you learn to trust a faithful God even when there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight Highly recommend to those who suffer and those who suffer with them

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    I really appreciated how he organized the book First a bit of background as to how all the problems developed Then in each part a look at God what faith is the problems with false views of God and finally the future hope we all have in Christ Without the study of God Juli and Paul's story would be inspirational but would offer no hope for others Truly the story isn't so much about Paul and Juli as it is about God And that is as it should beWho should read this book? Those who are in the worst suffering imaginable Those who are suffering with them because they are helpless to relieve their suffering Those who are further removed and don't really know what is going on so they can understand better the residual effects on others So that means that the only ones who can't be helped by this book are the ones who don't want what this book has to offer

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    The disease the author's daughter hadhas isn't medically proven and is at times rather mental than physical but one cannot deny the growth God gave them through this ordeal Every other chapter is incredible as the author describes all God has taught them The other chapters are the strangeness of their daughter's illness which again seems mental than physical although the author would certainly deny this

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    I found the young couple's health struggles to be very interesting and their testimony throughout it encouraging The alternating chapters of spiritual lessons were also good For me it did mean that it wasn't a good book to read in large chunks though because while I could keep reading the testimony parts straight through the spiritual instruction was too much if read in long sittings

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    My wife and I just finished reading this book My wife who struggles with chronic pain was interested in the story and I so interested in the answers that Pastor Jim conveyed throughout the book Life is a mystery even to those whose hearts and lives are committed to Jesus Christ and have honest pain and uestions

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    It always scares me while I'm reading books like thisWould my faith hold up under such dire circumstances? Is God going to force me to apply what I'm learning by throwing me into the furnace? What if God chooses to strip me of my idols in this extreme way? Do I really trust in God for all things?So far a sobering but encouraging look at God's faithfulness to His childrenI am so thankful for this book What an encouraging soul stirring treatment of the theology of sufferingAt first blush this book reads biographical than theological But Pastor Jim doesn't just narrate the events of his daughter Juli's life He narrates what God did through them He shares the scriptures that helped Juli and her husband Paul to endure He shares the scriptures that helped him to endureDespite the fact that I'm not suffering as intensely as Juli perhaps because I'm not suffering as she is I still come away from this book with a strengthened trust in Christ You see the God of Jim Andrews and his daughter Juli is my God too I don't have to be afraid that God will smite me with this kind of suffering If He wills it He will also give me strength to endure If He doesn't then nothing of the sort can happen to me This book magnifies the doctrine of preservation of the saints and exemplifies 1 Corinthians 1013 No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man God is faithful and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape that you may be able to endure itWhat a beautiful promise Amen Come Lord Jesus

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    MY REVIEWIt is with a book like this that I don't know how to sum up in a few short paragraphs the huge impact it made on my own heart In these moments I just want to open my front door stand on my porch and yell for the whole world to hear You must read this book Polishing God's Monuments is part testimony part biography and part teaching but completely encouraging and convicting for any believer While it will grip the heart of anyone suffering through a trial it specifically resonates to those who day after day plod along in the same trial or variations of the same kind of trial for months and years on end While the idea of polishing God's monuments was not new to me although the title was the book was still refreshing with Jim's elouent writing personal experience and sound Scriptural exegesis I walked away with an energized faith in the sovereignty of God and His faithfulness to me despite my great lack of faithfulness to Him I was also so encouraged and challenged in my own relationship with Christ by the example of Andrews and his family Even their week moments and failures were a source of hope and balm to my soulI highly recommend this book to anyone including older teenagers and would also strongly suggest it for counseling homework It is a great chapter by chapter read but I suspect many like myself will find it to be so riveting that you are glued to you seat for great portions of timeIf you have only a small amount of time to read this is a book I would say needs to take position at the top of your pile GO GET IT AND READ IT said in my best front porch yelling voice

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    In this book a pastor discusses the suffering experienced by his daughter and her husband He alternates chapters between letters to his congregation explaining his daughter's circumstances and theological reflections on suffering The title of the book refers to a practice advocated by Andrews which largely consists of remembering God's goodness and faithfulness in one's lifeThe book was easy and enjoyable to read I was expecting a 5 star book after the first 50 pages but ended up giving it 4 I can't pinpoint exactly what decreased in uality after my initial impression but this is still a valuable book If you read it you'll be amazed at the suffering endured by this young woman and the way that God sustains her and her husband And this narrative is what distinguishes this book from other works on suffering the context gives credibility to the discourses And the discourses on suffering are worthwhile I recommend it

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    Simply too profound a book to summarize I cried the whole time tears falling both because of the pain of the human circumstances that is recorded and joy because of the truth of God's sufficiency and sovereignty that is celebrated This uestion of how we should understand and relate to God in times of suffering is one of the most piercing issues I face personally as well as pastorally and I imagine it will be at the top of the list for many of you This book is possibly the most satisfying answer I have ever read and it is the kind of answer that only a sufferer can give We will all face this issue and as forerunners this is the kind of answer we must have ready to speak to our own hearts and to speak to the hearts of others This is a must must must read

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    Amazing excruciating testimony of a pastor's daughter's 20 year battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other illnesses The writing is solid but not stellar but then that's not really the point of the book Edification and encouragement in a biblical view of affliction seem to be the goalThis book is valuable as encouragement to persevere through trials but not on my must read list of books I feel compelled to share with everyone I know The devotion and unflagging support of Juli's husband and family are awesome and I don't use that word lightlyMost of the book is narrative with some sermonic chapters interspersed

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