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  • Hardcover
  • 502 pages
  • Restoring the Original Bible
  • Ernest L. Martin
  • English
  • 11 July 2015
  • 9780945657835

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    Although freuently repetitive this work is an excellent resource for those who wish to know from an ultraconservative perspective how the Bible was canonized Most scholars take the position that the canonization of the scriptures happened sometime between the second and fourth centuries CE with the final writings of the Old Testament taking place as late as the second century BCE and of the New Testament in the second century or late first century CE Martin takes the position that was the norm before biblical criticism of the nineteenth century called this into uestion and became the standard view among academics Having previously read Paul R Finch's Beyond Acts I see now where Finch drew most of his claims adding to them the legends regarding the spread of Christianity in the Britain in the first centuryMartin's real point is to encourage Bible translators to restore the original Bible that is to put the Bible in its original order as it exists in various older versions of the manuscripts Here Martin does an excellent job of showing how and why the Jews placed the Old Testament in the order that they originally did with the Torah our traditional first five books coming first then the Prophets which include also Joshua Judges and Kings and then the Writings which include Psalms Proverbs Job Song of Solomon Ruth Lamentations Ecclesiastes Esther Daniel Ezra Nehemiah and the Chronicles Some of the latter seem oddly positioned in this original version when we think of Daniel for example being a prophet or the Chronicles being largely history but Martin shows how and why the canonizers settled on this order using various methods some having to do with how each section of the Old Testament reflects temple worship and priestly responsibilities some having to do with numerology in the original Jewish canon several works are combined making for just twenty two books which combined with the New Testament makes forty nine books or seven times seven The versions coming down to us today largely use the Septuagint whose order was different Although Martin's comments with regard to the priestly tie ins the five books written specifically for women the books written for kings and so on are really interesting one can certainly see some reasons for the Septuagint order as wellThe New Testament order is also altered from the original manuscripts according to Martin This happened through the work of Jerome insofar as he reordered the New Testament when he created his Latin Vulgate Indeed the original order actually makes a good deal sense other than that Jerome's version does put several works that seem uite last toward the back giving the New Testament of a chronological feel in some ways though those were not the likely reasons for Jerome's reordering The original order places the seven general epistles directly after Acts The reason for this is that they are generally basic in instruction and importantly they are written by and to Jews Throughout canonization as Martin brings out one's connection to the Jewish priestly line was often the reason items were placed in the order that they were; also this would put the New Testament in the order that the Gospel was preached to the Jew first that is Then come Paul's epistles Here too Jerome made a change placing Hebrews at the very end rather than just before the pastoral epistles In each case Jerome was likely pushing an agenda of Roman authority ensuring that it came directly after Acts rather than works that were written to a Jewish churchWhat's very interesting in a lot of this discussion however is the degree to which some things that we think we don't know were actually fairly uncontroversial at earlier dates We don't know for example who wrote Hebrews and yet Martin shows how Paul was known as the author to most writers for several centuries after Paul's death The uotes Martin offers for this and other points with regard to the Bible's canonization and order seem like extremely convincing testimonials Augustine for example telling us that it was the apostles themselves that set out the canon of the New TestamentIn other words I wasn't as moved by Martin's discussions about the order of the books as I was by his discussions of how the books operate in that order and by how those books came to be canonized if we take a conservative view As Finch goes into a lot of the same story with the New Testament I won't revisit that here; however one detail that has always mystified me that Martin has a good hypothesis on has to do with how Easter came to be chosen as a day to worship on rather than Passover Certainly there are reasons related to wanting to avoid Jewish associations at a time when the Jews had revolted against Rome and were thus looked down upon and persecuted in response and to the fact that Easter had certain connections to pagan traditions but those points haven't seemed uite enough for me in terms of how some would celebrate a Eucharist on Easter versus Passover Martin in chapter 26 takes the position that after Hadrian's banning of the Jews from Judea but before Jewish authorities convened a council about seven years later the Jewish calendar was in disarray owing to the fact that there was no temple authority to delineate when the year was to start or if there would be a leap month as happens on the Jewish calendar seven out of every nineteen years As such the Jewish holy days began slip from their normal seasons such that Passover even fell in January and in the absence of an agreed on calendar for Christians and Jews believers were left to fend for themselves in terms of figuring out whether to let further slipping occur and whether the sacred year's start should be adjusted It was at this juncture Martin claims that some Christians took on the Easter practice given that there was no agreed on calendar to follow Roman Christians stuck with the Easter tradition even after the Jewish calendar dilemma was resolved with a calculated calendar that now allowed Passover to occasionally precede the vernal euinox whereas Easter always follows it this was the occasion a year in which this happened for Polycarp's visit to Anicetus in Rome to try to resolve this differing views

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    Another excellent book by Martin though sometimes to the point of unnecessary redundancy that argues for a reordering of the books of the Bible both Old and New Testaments according to how the books were originally ordered

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    A great history book

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