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    A deeply creepy tale set in the isolated location of a Scottish mansion as five academics are conducting a perilous experiment that could potentially have horrifying conseuencesI really liked this atmospheric Seventh Doctor taleThe ambiguous mystery takes a while to get going but as the TARDIS trio including Ace and Hex start to learn exactly what is happing on this island I found myself so engrossed in the storyThe cliffhanger at the end of Part Three was perfectSuch an interesting Timey Wimey idea for a story

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    It’s been a long time since I’ve been really creeped out by big finish audio but I’m listening to Night Thoughts by Edward Young for the first time and boy this audio really hits it on the nail on how to be creepySuch a good thriller and really leaves you hanging in your seat

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    A creepy tale with a very very contrived and unbelievable plot and a villain with little motive than 'He really just wants to do evil stuff' It does pull off the creepy and manage to be entertaining at times but it just doesn't work More of a 2 12 than a three really

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    Are you a Seventh Doctor person? I'm a Seventh Doctor person And by that I mean that I love Ghost Light I love a lot of the Seventh Doctor's run but I really really love Ghost LightThis audio was written for meIt is drenched in Hammer esue atmosphere has a really interesting conceit and sharp dialogue that works It is also uite shockingly gruesome at pointsThe play set on a remote Scottish island where the government had once done experiments in chemical warfare works in a similar way to how a lot of the classic Hinchliffe serials did There is just enough science in the gothic horror to give you a tether but it doesn't get in the wayI notice on Goodreads a lot of comments about the villain being underdeveloped and this baffles me After the last four or five plays in Big Finish's Main Range this villain is refreshingly anchored They don't dwell on it a lot but if you pay attention motivations become clearFor me I'd be than happy to have the entire range of Seventh Doctor be just like this They finally seem to have got a handle on himJust a horrific delight

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    The blurb given on GR is not for this story which is a Big Finish 7th Dr Ace and Hex audio playThis story is really creepy although the timey wimey explanation as to why the device wouldn't affect the time line for long feels a bit gappy Good use of atmosphere and suspense and the ending with the rabbit is chilling

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    A solid effort which does an excellent job of building atmosphere only to puncture it with some unfortunate hokey moments The main cast are in good form helping present the material to its best advantage

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    My favorite Who is creepy Who This story delivered

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    The TARDIS crew lands on an island for a chilling adventure that kept me excited and engagedEdward Young has written what I feel captures the best of a horror mystery themed Doctor Who episodes The actors sound design and script were all top notchIf you enjoyed the Seventh Doctor TV episodes Ghost Light and The Curse of Fenric you may want to give this a listen I really enjoyed it

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    A terriffic and chilling story perfect for nightly sessions in OctoberAlmost up there with Master in terms of tight storytelling spookiness and performancesI'm glad to say that I didn't really expect it to get as dark as it did and there was a moment when I was fooled into believing that maybe I didn't know the Doctor uite as well as I thought I did

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    25Why do Big Finish waste time with these kinds of stories? A lot of backstory a lot of people explaining things to eachother in service of absolutely nothing entertaining or interesting It’s a lot of plot with no point I also don’t like this TARDIS team particularly

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Doctor Who Night Thoughts Big Finish Audio Drama #79 [PDF / EPUB] Doctor Who Night Thoughts Big Finish Audio Drama #79 A remote Scottish mansion Five bickering academics are haunted by ghosts from their past Reluctantly they offer shelter to the Doctor and his companions Ace and Hex Hex already troubled by a vivid nig A remote Night Thoughts PDF ☆ Scottish mansion Five bickering academics are haunted by ghosts from their Doctor Who PDF/EPUB or past Reluctantly they offer shelter to the Doctor and his companions Ace and Hex Who Night Thoughts Epub â Hex already troubled by a vivid nightmare is further disturbed by the night time Who Night Thoughts Big Finish Kindle - appearance of a whistling hooded apparitionAce tries to befriend a young housemaid Sue Sue knows secrets She knows why the academics have assembled here and she knows why they are all so afraid But Sue's lips are sealed she prefers to communicate through her disturbing toy Happy the RabbitAnd then the killing begins Gruesome deaths lead the Doctor and his friends to discover the grisly truth Who Night Thoughts Big Finish Kindle - behind the academics' plans and as the ghosts of the past become ghosts of the present to recognise that sometimes death can be preferable to life CDs minutes.