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Valhalla Rising [PDF / EPUB] Valhalla Rising Marine explorer Dirk Pitt must rely on the nautical lore of Jules Verne to stop a ruthless oil baron with his sights set on political power in this #1 New York Times bestselling seriesIn the middle of Marine explorer Dirk Pitt must rely on the nautical lore of Jules Verne to stop a ruthless oil baron with his sights set on political power in this New York Times bestselling seriesIn the middle of its maiden voyage a luxury cruise ship using revolutionary new engines suddenly catches fire and sinks Its alarms stay silent; its sprinkler system remains inactive Nearby NUMA special projects director Dirk Pitt notices smoke and races to the rescue He's too late to save the engineer behind the ship's new technology but helps the man's daughter Kelly Egan escape with her father's work in a leather briefcaseWhile Ms Egan strives to uncover the hidden value in her father's inventions Pitt is hired on by maritime insurers to investigate the wreckage Neither are prepared for the mechanical marvels they'll soon be forced to confront The machines could only be the stuff of legend described in the tales of Viking explorers or the accounts of Jules Verne And they may be Pitt and Egan's only hope when an oil tycoon with a plan of his own appears on the sceneBefore journey's end Pitt will take on a power mad millionaire tread upon territory previously known only to Verne's illustrious Captain Nemo and make shocking discoveries about his own past.

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    This book started out all right on a three star level There was a lot of action which kept me interested Pitt saved the day and then he did it again And again And again It was just too much and it grew unlikely with every time Further the story is packed with gorgeous frightened women who stare up at Pitt in wide eyed admiration and enjoy cleaning up after him in his a ma zing museum of a home Truly disgusting And last but not least every motorized vehicle and there are many of those is described in painful technical detail The book is soaked in testosteron with an outburst of ridiculous sentimentality in the last chapter I have been rolling my eyes so many times it was hard to read on

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    My first Cussler book and it will be my last Before anyone sends me a nasty gram about this review remember I'm not taking away your right to enjoy this book it's just that I didn't Dirk Pitt is just a little too much don't you think? I mean your ancient rare plane isn't showing up for your air show? Call Dirk Pitt Need to know the exact year that some submarine crashed? He's your guy I won't give it away but I was glad that the ending of the book presented Pitt with a situation where he was a little bit unsure how to react It was way too little and too late

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    Oh dear where to start?Perhaps the fact that the highlight of the stupendous mega cruise ship was the stupendous fantastic indoor shopping mall whose loss Cussler keeps bemoaning? Would that be petty?There's clearly a market for this stupidity as this was Dirk Pitt TM No 16 and I see in the workroom that the library has just gotten the latestI rarely give up on a book but after a certain number of miraculous events it is clear that Clive Cussler just doesn't care if the book is coherent; he just rolls from action seuence to action seuence with stunning beauties swooning over the devil may care protagonist in their wakeI enjoy puzzling out plots but if after writing the hero into an almost impossibly tight spot the author can't be bothered to come up with something plausible to get him out what's the point?Something plausible than say the author yes the author showing up in a fantastic literally yacht to pluck brave Dirk and the rest of the abandoned crew of his submersible out of the water and whisk them hundreds of miles away to the bad guys' lair where the rotters have taken the hijacked good guys' ship in order to sink it pause here the baddies want to sink the heroes' ship but instead of doing so immediately after they hijack it in the middle of the Pacific they sail it to their top secret island hideaway where they carefully hide it for a week or so before preparing to sink it with all hands on board because because NO Bad reader Thinking bad Action GOODOh look A plane full of disabled kids on a sightseeing trip around NYC in an antiue plane Let's have a guy in red Fokker triplane try to shoot them down only to have them saved miraculously by our dashing hero and then have the villain escape wait for it miraculouslyThat's when I finally gave up and moved on so you'll have to read it yourself to discover the next exciting adventure of dashing Dirk Pitt TM

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    I enjoyed this book a lot for being a thriller and an action adventure but its use of Vikings in the plot proved to be a bit of 'all talk and no substance' The very first chapter is about Vikings settling and discovering North America but not an event that has a happy endingThe rest of the story focuses on new technologies regarding water propulsion on huge luxury cruisers some scientists new ultimate engine oil and the corruption and power behind many of America's top homeland oil companiesYou don't encounter anything to do with the first piece on vikings until the characters realise that the murdered scientist had an obsession with american rune stones Even when they do make the viking discovery of the century it is kind of overshadowed with a blast from a Jules Verne storyLook at the story critically the vikings are only used to provide a convenient historic secret hiding place for the Verne aspect to the mystery and drama and all this still accumilates in the last few chapters at the end of the book after the main storyline regarding oil rich and power mad CEO's trying to be even clever and lethal for power and money It would have still been a good book without the Viking influence as the Verne aspect adds a touch of bizarre interest to itFor once I am sad to say for any viking fans don't let the longship on the cover fool you into a rip roaring viking adventure as you won't come across the image until the very end when it doesn't bare much impact or power on the entire story

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    This is one of the best organized of the clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt series that reaches across centuries to create a fiction that is incredibly beleiveable The book pulls on history old fiction old mysteries science science ficition and adventure to create an unforgetable novel that leaves you asking how much of this could be true In an Alfred Hitchcockish manner Mr Cussler weaves himself his automobiles his beloved sea craft and his penchant to be an adventurer into his novel as he assists Dirk Pitt to get free from being stranded to get back on course to save the United States nay the World from a complicated plot to corner the Oil MarketThe villian a Mr Zale has incredible resources including limitless money his own death suad a fleet of deadly ships and a good number of Government Officials Senators and Congressmen in his ArmadaFor Pitt to stop him and salvage the great inventions that will assist humanity which Zale is destroying Pitt must use all the Navy and Scientific resources he can gather including those discovered in the fiction and secrets of Jules Verne as well in the history andor myths of the Vikings in America You'll fly through the pages of this book and won't put it down until every little mystery is resolved

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    This was my second Clive Cussler book to read Cussler is a master of the historical novel He tied the Vikings and Captain Nemo to a modern day power play of a truly evil corporate leader This was layered with many twists and turns and never relaxed its grip on you until THE END Even the ending was laced with intrigue and had a surprise at the end for the MC Cussler is very knowledgeable about the sea and all things marine His own personal experience working with NUMA and his maritime trips around the world is very evident in his realism and detail that he crafts his books with This is a great read This will not be my last Cussler book

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    Dirk Pitt manhe's ruggedly handsome mild mannered smart clever witty selfless and so many other things He saves the day about FIVE TIMES in this book alone He lives in a hangar by himself and collects antiue airplanes and carscool He's dashing and charming all of these other things Oh and he's got women all over his balls too All I really figured out in this novel was how awesome and good at everything Dirk Pitt was I listened to this book on audio tape and it was a pretty awesome experience because the reader can't remember his name was hilarious The reader had ten different voices for all of the charactersSo in conclusion this book was of an entertaining read than a substantial one Also I DON'T THINK YOU'RE ALL THAT GREAT PITT YOUR PANTY DROPPING SMILE AND MANNER HAVE NO EFFECT ON ME

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    I really don't understand how everyone drools over Cussler so much Dirk Pitt is an asshole and the entire thing just seems like one big Cussler Love fest He's far too into himself for my tastes I mean Writing yourself into your own novels? Come on Try a James Rollins book Much better action research into the technical and historical aspects and interesting characters

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    Rather enjoyed this one although Mr Cussler turns up again in a cameo There are some rather good adventurous happenenings in this book followed by some rather eye popping clunks and wobbles where science fiction is rather over egged Fun and funny probably for the wrong reasons

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    Not my favourite Dirk Pitt novel but it moves from 4 stars to 5 because of the ending I love those two characters can't wait to read The only way these novels could improve in my books is increasing the amount of content with congresswoman Loren smith

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