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Ramakatha and Other Essays [PDF / EPUB] Ramakatha and Other Essays Collection of english articles or english translation of articlestalks in Hindi of Father Dr Camille Bulcke SJ edited by Dr Dineshwar Prasad Fr Bulcke a Jesuit missionary born in Belgium spent than fi Collection of english articles or english translation of articlestalks in Hindi of Father Dr Camille Bulcke SJ edited by Dr Dineshwar Prasad Fr Bulcke a Jesuit missionary born in Belgium spent than five decades of his life in India dedicating his life to the study of the Rama story primarily Tulsidasa's Ramacharita Manas Fr Bulcke studied Hindi Sanskrit and Indian classical literature in sanskrit and hindi His seminal work Ramakatha Ramakatha and PDF/EPUB ² utpatti aur vikas originally in hindi is an insightful research work on the Rama storyThe present work is a collection of Fr Bulcke's english articlestalks some of them translations by Fr Bulcke from his original hindi based on the Rama story Many of the articles draw from the research and writings in his Ramakatha utpatti aur vikasThe present collection of articles covers such Rama story topics as identity of Valmiki the history and evolution of the Ramayana genesis of the Balakanda evolution and origin of Sita's character other related incidents and characters in the Ramayana such as the agni pariksha Hanuman Trijata etc Also included are articles on Tulsidas Hinduism from Fr Bulcke's view point avataravada and incarnation etcThis work makes the key writings of Fr Bulcke accessible to a non hindi speaking public until such time that his Ramakatha utpatti aur vikas is translated into EnglishDr Prasad is former Professor and HOD of Hindi and Dean Faculty of Humanities Ranchi University.

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    This book is a must have for anyone interested in the Ramayana Certainly a must have for the Ramayana researcher Fr Dr Camille Bulcke's seminal work Ramakatha Utpatti aur Vikas is written in hindi and is the 'go to' work for Ramayana research For those who are not familiar with hindi the current work 'Ramakatha and Other Essays' is the alternative though a distant secondThe present work is a collection of articles and talks in english some of them translated from hindi by Fr Dr Bulcke by Fr Dr Bulcke The collection is edited by Dr Dineshwar PrasadThe articles are the result of a lifelong study uest and research that Fr Bulcke undertook on the Ramayana and other Indian scriptures As is to be expected the approach and analysis to the subject matter is very scientific Fr Bulcke has referred to various sources other research articles written by both Indians and westerners commentaries through two millenia To this body of research Fr Bulcke applies his reasoning and insight to draw conclusions The matter is presented in an easy to read format that only assumes a general familiarity of the Ramayana and nothing else Therefore this makes for universal readingThat said the articles themselves are insightful and revealing Broadly the articles can be categorised into a those related to the Rama story proper and b other topics such as hinduism avataravada and incarnation etc For me the first category of articles was a clear 40 and the others 30 or lessThe articles based on the Rama story analyse such aspects as the evolution of the Valmiki Ramayana as it is known today There are three known recensions of the Valmiki Ramayana the North Western the Bengal and the Southern ones with the Southern recension being the most popularwidely accepted Though all three have nearly the same number of verses 20000 odd only about one third of the verses are common to all three There is no difference in the story line or the major events; the differences being in the order of verses minor differences in minor events difference in the number of times the table of contents appears etc A detailed comparison of the three recensions is given in the book The author also traces the evolution of the Ramayana itself It is now widely believed that the Uttara kanda was a later addition to the Ramayana Fr Bulcke gives sufficient evidence to demonstrate that even the Bala kanda was a later addition though it was added much before the Uttara kanda was The author also argues that some of the super natural elements such as those relating to the birth of Sita golden deer Hanuman's various flights and others were later additionsSome of the other topics covered include tracing the origin of Valmiki an analysis of the birth appearance of Sita analysis of the characters of Hanuman and Trigata The conclusion of the author seems to be that Rama was indeed a historical person and the primary events described were historical that got embellished with other events and details over generations of bards until it passed through the hands of Valmiki He argues that the original Ramayana composed by Valmiki would be different from what it is today being added to modified and embellished by successive bards until it was written down resulting in the three major recensions that we have todayAlso dealt with are passing references to other versions of the Ramayana such as those in the Padma charita Dasharata charita Ramakien Thailand Kakawin Ramayana Indonesia Hikayat Seri Rama Malaysia Yama Zadtaw Burma as well as Indian scriptures such as Padma Purana Ramopakhyana in the Mahabharata Harivamsa Raghuvamsa Bhagavata Purana Adbhuta Ramayana Adhyatma Ramayana and Tulsidasa's grand masterpiece the Ramacharita ManasInformative analytical and thought kindling I am now keen to read the hindi Ramakatha utpatti aur vikas by Fr Bulcke

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