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    I've read all of Irene Spencer's books and was eagerly awaiting this one to hear the what happened afterThis book was redemptive and bittersweet Irene finally gets to be the favorite and only wife She reveals a part of her story that she said friends feared would alienate some readers Without giving away this part of the story I found my heart breaking for Irene as she is once again let down and left to meet others' needs before her own Irene's stories are real What you see is what you get She's a wonderful storyteller and her books this latest included will stay in your heart Irene's previous books were filled with much humor even as she was relating very difficult circumstances This book doesn't have as much humor; I suspect because it was written during her beloved Hector's illness and subseuent death Don't write it off though Irene's serious tone lends itself to a deeper look into her spiritual growth and relationship with God as she moves from Mormonism and polygamy This book completes the circle and fills the reader in on what happened after the events of the last books while focusing of Irene's personal and spiritual growth You won't be disappointed in this one

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    I absolutely loved this book I laughed I cried I couldn't put it down shattered dreams and shattered dreams resorts are two of my favorite books very well written one amazing author Not only is she an amazing author but she is an even amazing grandma I love you grandma

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    Emotional rollercoaster ride out of polygamy and into monogamyEmotional rollercoaster ride out of polygamy and into monogamyI feel badly for these women who are in polygamy living with polygamy and growing up in polygamy My heart breaks for their sorrows but I applaud the strength they had to get out I understand the why's and the wherefores to leave their religion as they practiced it however I am a woman in the Mormon Faith which is the LDS Church which banned polygamy back in the 1890s and I would never practice polygamy in this life because it doesn't work for anyone All of my educated Church friends would not practice polygamy because we feel that the Lord delights in monogamy as stated in the Book of Mormon We believe in the bible in the divinity of Christ and in the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ We are strong women married to humble family loving men and in having one wife to love and cherish My heart goes out to all who suffer under cruel and inhumane treatment at the hands of those who think they are gods and can do anything except take care of what they are responsible for doing Protecting and providing for their one wife and children Blessing be upon Irene for your kind and loving heart and your love for the family and children no matter whose they are you will be called blessed by all your defendants

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    Short follow up companion piece to Spencer's 2007 book Shattered DreamsThis book follows the author as she is left widowed by her polygamous first husband Verlan LeBaron remarries for a second time and finally marries her third and only monogamous husband Essentially her life was redemptive in that she was able to attain her dream of safety security and love I've got issues with her referring to the 'Mormon' God and separating him out from the Christian God as they are the same entity Her experience within the Mormon culture was one of extremes and not at all normal

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    What a book Fantastically written and very informative and gut wrenching

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    A satisfying endWhen I finished Shattered Dreams I felt a little cheated I wanted to know about Irene’s life AFTER polygamy and Verlan’s death This book was a satisfying end as I finally got to see what happened to Irene and how she met the love of her life her husband Hector who she shared with no other wives I wish less of the book had been about her mother and her childhood as I knew much of it already I was shocked to find out that she married Lane for a time I was even shocked when I realized that Verlan’s sixth wife Susan had very nearly become Lane’s second wife herself Irene not only had a family “forest” but some of those branches are pretty twisted 😂 I’m glad Irene eventually found happiness She seemed to be a truly kind and caring woman Her children grandchildren and great grandchildren were all blessed to have her in their lives

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    I greatly enjoyed Irene’s earlier two books and fully expected to like this oneHowever clearly the book wasn’t edited well or at all The book is overly repetitive both within the book itself and to her earlier books She’s all over the place you can’t tell what year she’s talking about and doesn’t give any references to help you figure it outSadly this book just seems to be a way to make money without offering any real substance I applaud Irene trying to support herself; a book talking about her current life would have been niceThere are multiple typos and the formatting is awful often just one word on a page or line I suspect it was automatically converted to kindle format and no one bothered to check how well it worked

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    This is an interesting memoir written by an immensely likeable narrator A major flaw is the obvious lack of editing It is nonetheless still a good readIt is an eye opening story and it is shocking to think that people are treated in this abominable way The author tells a bleak story but her humour manages to keep the book from becoming too sad to read I am glad that the author survived her ordeal and managed to take control of her future She is inspiring and worthy of admirationI recommend this and particularly her first book as being enjoyable to read but also important in that they show the truth of the evil that is committed upon the innocent in the name of religion

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    The writing was slightly disjointed especially in the first section but her stories are amazing and it was so sweet to see the restoration she has been blessed with after all the pain detailed in her previous books

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    Excellent readThis bOok is nothing short ofamazingWhat a strong living women Irene is I couldn't put this book down

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Shattered Dreams Restored [PDF / EPUB] Shattered Dreams Restored SHATTERED DREAMS Thank you for making my first book Shattered Dreams a New York Times best seller In it I told the story of my plural marriage to Fundamentalist Mormon Verlan LeBaron As the second of SHATTERED DREAMS Thank you for making my first book Shattered Dreams a New York Times best seller In it I told the story of my plural marriage to Fundamentalist Mormon Verlan LeBaron As the second of ten wives I bore him thirteen children so that he could become a god of a future planet and guarantee my eternal life But instead of salvation I felt the damnation of alienation poverty abuse and a broken heart I watched as twenty eight family members and friends who Shattered Dreams MOBI :ß dared to oppose my brother in law “Evil Ervil” were murdered in cold blood The book ended when Verlan was killed in a tragic car collision—and I was left alone with seven children to raise RESTORED In this book I’ll honestly answer the many uestions people have asked after reading my memoirs I’ll fill in many of the details from my early life And I’ll bring you up to date with the many ways my life has changed Where there was abuse I have been wonderfully healed Where there was hunger I have been richly fed Where there was a desperate longing for love I have been blessed with unconditional love And where there were shattered dreams they have been restored.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 231 pages
  • Shattered Dreams Restored
  • Irene Spencer
  • English
  • 23 March 2016

About the Author: Irene Spencer

Irene Spencer came from five generations of polygamy As the second of ten wives she was the mother of of her husband's children Her captivating story provides an intimate look at the daily struggles Irene faced as a plural wife.