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What Is Goth? [PDF / EPUB] What Is Goth? What Is Goth is a humorous self deprecating look at Goth culture from the inside out Imagine The Preppy Handbook colliding with Charles Addams Then add a lot melancholy and a lot spooky What Is Goth d What Is Goth is a humorous self deprecating look at Goth culture from the inside out Imagine The Preppy Handbook colliding with Charles Addams Then add a What Is PDF or lot melancholy and a lot spooky What Is Goth dispels the false stereotypes and reinforces the true ones surrounding Goths and Goth culture To the mundane Voltaire writes Goths are weird black clad freaks who are obsessed with death; they are sad all of the time Take a closer look at the Goth scene however and you will find a rich tapestry of ideas and practices and a menagerie of colorful characters Oh dear I said 'colorful' Yes Goths are pale wear black clothing love black makeup on men and women mope listen to real downer music and perfect the art of living in a perpetual state of ennui and melancholy But there's so much to being Goth Goths come from all walks of life Many are teenagers who live with their parents; others are doctors lawyers musicians and so on Most Goths are highly literate and creative but all real Goths have to dress the part In other words Abandon all hope ye who enter a Goth club in khakis Eerily illustrated What Is Goth is the perfect book for any Goth Goth wannabe or mundane who is hopelessly confused by all the gloom.

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    Fun little book and insider's view of what it means to be goth I really appreciated how the author approached it with good humor and acceptance of anyone who wants to read it I also really enjoyed his essay on how he became a musician a writer an artist in the scene Lots of in jokes and insights from someone obviously neck deep in the goth club culture Totally worth a read

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    Voltaire I wish I could personally thank you for taking the piss on a subculture I'm loathe to be considered part of by the majorityThis book is hilariousand sadly oh so much of it is true Check it out

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    i really want this book i think some people in my class need to read this too

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    Loved this funny dark little gem I have met Voltaire a couple of times before I read the book and it was like I could hear him speaking the words while I was reading

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    this was funny lol

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    I originally read this book well over a decade ago and had a solid giggle over it all

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    Read my full review here

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    Voltaire’s exploration about the Goth culture is humorous informative and features than a few helpful tips He also manages to find the humor that lies in the dark heart of this oft misunderstood lifestyle Voltaire doesn’t feel that being a Goth reuires being melancholic or acting like life is one big downer That makes anybody into a victim and that sort of despairing attitude can’t be pleasant He writes about his experience as a Goth and how to recognize the various subcultures The book even contains a couple of poem generators that can be turned into party games Enjoy with your friendsSet out in white ink on black paper What is Goth? is a neat slim little book perfect for keeping in your coffin shaped handbag as a handy explanation for all those people being freaked out at airport security

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    This little gem is surprisingly hard to find in the UK; I believe it's still 'on order' and due in to my bookshop any day now and have been believing that ever since I placed the order three years agoFinally got the book through a different seller and loved it I have a strange and minor passion for pocket sized hardbacks and a riff on goths as loving and as irreverent as this with its lovely balance between hilarious and informative was always going to charm me I await A Voltaire's fourteen volume scholarly history of goth culture to which this is of course the mere preamble with bated husky breath that smells just a little bit like black lipstick

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    25 starsI really liked the design of the book but the text wasn't very interesting A few parts were catching and funny especially the part asking if Marilyn Manson was goth or not and the ending sentence Goth is whatever you want it to be But the rest was slightly boring for me; the white text on black background looked great to see but difficult to read and this didn't help much in enjoying what was writtenAnyway I still like the universe Voltaire created through music visuals videos comics and books and I want to discover of his creations

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