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Gambit The Prodigy Chronicles #1 [PDF / EPUB] Gambit The Prodigy Chronicles #1 In Earth’s battle ridden future humans have evolved Those with extraordinary skills rise to power and fame Those without live in povertySixteen year old Willow Kent believed she was normal But when In Earth’s battle ridden future humans Prodigy Chronicles PDF/EPUB è have evolved Those with extraordinary skills rise to power and fame Those without live in povertySixteen year old Willow Kent believed she was normal But when a genetically advanced military officer shows up in her village and uestions her identity long buried secrets begin to emerge With remarkable skills and a shocking Gambit The eBook ´ genetic code the Core and its enemies will do anything to obtain Willow suddenly finds the freedom she craves slipping through her fingers Greed corruption and genetic tampering threaten every aspect of her existence as she’s thrust unwilling into the sophisticated culture of the elite Core city To ensure peace she must leave the past behind marry a man The Prodigy Chronicles Kindle Ï she’s never met and submit to the authority of a relentless officer with a hidden agenda of his ownHer life has become a dangerous game How much will she sacrifice in order to win.

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    I would like to thank REUTS Publications CL Denault for my copy of the ARCOH MY GOD WHAT DID I JUST READ??? I CAN'T EVEN THINK I NEED THE SEUEL RIGHT THIS SECONDRecently I was finding myself in a huge reading slump but the last few books I've read have been really good like 5 star good This book however just knocked it clean out the park for me I can't even think straight and watching the percentage hitting high on my kindle was like someone filling my boots with rocks in throwing me in a lake I didn't want it to endWillow loves her life working in her parents Tavern with her siblings and great friends living in Outlying Lands far from the Core The only thing is Willow isn't an ordinary 16 year old so when a commander from the core comes calling to the town her family try everything to keep her away from him fearing that he will find out what Willow is really about and where she really belongs With a future world that has been damaged by war nothing can prepare Willow for the trip she is about to take Will she adjust to this new high tech world that awaits her or will it break her knowing everyone has an agenda for her?Denault has brought two completely different worlds and mashed them up into some super tasty ice cream sundae the story turns into a futuristic dystopian world and I was completely gripped from the get go I still don't know how to even write a proper review on it as I have so much running through my mind I'm book drunk and not just your tipsy oh I really liked this book drunk I mean completely inebriated rolling about my bed trying to figure out how I will handle my life until Denault hits us with book 2Not only was the plot building strong our characters are out of this world like literally there is no one I don't like They come alive throughout the book and all have their own little tweaks and trades I feel like this is a really strong point when authors can do this as it makes a story much likeable when you love the characters It's hard to make a reader connect with each and everyone which I feel Denault has a knack for and should keep using it to her advantage along with the way she manages to create and build worlds I feel like this could be bigOur main leading lady Willow is a tough cookie her worlds been turned upside down yet she keeps that fight in her which I love She can be a tad child like at times but she's 16 it is to be expected I see people writing how they have a problem with a 16 23 year old kissing as she's underage the book is set here in the UK the legal age here is 16 so it's pretty common for people at these ages to be intimate with each other 7 years isn't a big age difference to be perfectly honestI loved Reece and Aspen I think they are great Who doesn't love two swoon worthy male characters? Reece is the definition of a demigod with the attributes to match Aspen is your cheeky cocky type that girls just can't keep away from Both are strong presences in the book and I hope to see a lot of them in the second I'm really interested in the Ritters I haven't really come across anything like them before in a book and it seems there is a lot to them which we may see further on in the series I couldn't recommend this book enough and already some of my Goodreads friends have started to read it due to my multiple updates on my journey through the story Please check out my blog wwwamandaminnockxtumblrcomPromise you won't leave me With a deep sigh he gathered me in his arms and hugged me to his chest He kissed the top of my head before resting his chin there I'll never leave you Willow

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    OgreBrat I think I'm a bit obsessed with this bookIt's sooo goodI loved the main character and the world buildingThe supporting characters are amazingtoo I love Asp and Reeceof courseWho doesn't love Reece?AlsoRitters sound really interestingAnd I can't wait to find out about view spoilerWillow's motherSeems like she has a soft side despite being an iron lady most of the time hide spoiler

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    Do you ever read a book that made you want to unread them right after you finished reading it? No not because it wasn't a pleasant experience but because you want to read it again for the very first time? Gambit made that impact to me I wanted to unread the book because I want to savor each moment I finished this book all too fast thanks to its fast paced plot Now I want to start and meet each and every character again I want to go back and meet Reece Asp and Willow all over again I sucked in a lungful of air and kept from heaving up the contents of my stomach This was terrible Our lives were in danger and the girl with the strongest skill of all couldn't handle it Some weapon I was turning out to be I was pleasantly surprised after reading Gambit I'am honestly putting off writing review in this wonderful book because I'm so scared I won't be able to do this book justice with my review But I have to try I need to atleast tryWillow Kent has lived a uiet life with her family in the outlying lands where their main goal is to keep their family from starving That is until a core officer shows up in their tavern door that her life was turned upside down Turns out Willow is a missing heiress of the Roanoke family a powerful family from the Core where DNA will dictate your stand in the societyGambit was so well written that I just can't get enough of it This is exactly how I want my Dystopian read to be Great intriguing world building A rather complex one at that The core city was set up in futuristic Europe specifically in London as the Big Ben is still up and working the only thing that's left of our world makes you left wanting for fast paced plot swoon worthy Romance and the characters oh man they are one of the best part of this book I'm not here to keep you from experiencing pain If I held back all your struggles you'd never grow Willow Kent Her growth throughout the duration of the book is commendable Not just with her skills but with her way of thinking as well She has a great skill pretty superior being a second phaser that she is but we didn't see much of her strength here since she didn't have much of a training hopefully on the seuel we'll get much of it She made mistakes a whole lot of it in fact but that's fine That's what makes her realistic in my eyesThen there's Reece The cold blooded Core Commander whose mission is to bring Willow back to the Core Reece is the kind of character I think readers will either hate or love there's no inbetween I have no idea in all honesty at first that he's going to be Willow's love interest not that I'm complaining really I'am one of those people who loved Reece despite his hard and rough personality He's not one of those people or men that Willow can sway and bend to her liking he's a commanding officer one that is used to being followed and respected OgreBrat he retorted I thought we were past your low tavern behavior Their age differences fascinates me and it just add to the appeal of their relationship Reece despite his obvious cold demeanor is still a complete mystery for me There were a lot of issues going on around him that wasn't answered like his problem with the guardian and his upbringing At some point I can compare him to Aaron Warner in his own twisted dark and swoony way he does care people might see it differently but that's just the way he thinks he's built for it atleast he has consistencyThe side characters were awesome too Aspen Tem Hart Morry Fenn Rush The Ritters which I developed a fond fascination after the last encounter and even Thess I'am hoping we'll get to see of him in the seuel I would just give anything to hear any news at all for the seuel Plus that wonderful cover is totally relatable with the story I can't help but think that everything about this book is just perfect for meI THINK I HAVE JUST READ ONE OF MY BEST READ IN 2015 I'm not even exaggerating I'm sure this isn't the last time I'm going to read this book Beware that this is the first installment in the series so expect a lot of world building a whole lot of plot development but not much of resolutions given at hand This book obviously set up the stage for much awaited seuel how many times did I mention the seuel now? A LOT Because I just want to read it badlyOverall I would love to recommend this book to everyone who loves their Dystopian read with romance sexual tensions going on swooning great secondary characters beautiful writing and DNA alterationsuperpowers I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review thank you

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    Mind completely blown with this book Thank you to whoever it was that commented on one of my videos recommending this book to me This is totally a hidden treasure that I'm so sad to say isn't known at all Let me just tell you how awesome this book isOkay where to begin and then again make sure there aren't any spoilers AAAH okayseriously pull yourself togetherThis book is about Willow a girl who knew she didn't really belong with the family she has always known But little does she know when it comes to her heritage and what it means to everyone else Willow grew up way outside the the city poor where she worked with her family in their inn She loves where she's at even though one day she seeks to be free of everything and everyone I love Willow she is strong beautiful and not at all weak She isn't naive but smart and keeps you on your toes She's everything I like in my female charactersWhen word comes that the marriage between two powerful houses are not to happen due to the lady of one house being a fraud What's important to know about that is magic is important and the houses and the joining of blood to make stronger magic is even important So then the hunt begins for the traitor that stole the real heiress and switched them with this false girl and the actual heiressWhen Commander Reece shows up looking for the traitor he finds Willow and forces her to return with him to the Core which is the elite city a place she's never been and only the wealthy live I LOVE commander Reece he is everything I like in my male characterswell except his hair dude CUT IT OFFbut that is of a personal preference Anyway he has depth a past brooding strong yet gentle and kind he keeps you on your toes and I loved that because I never knew what to expect from himThe world building was crazy cool I liked the concept that the further you were away from the elite city Core the old fashioned in speech dress and culture you got There is no technology or such out where Willow was raised and the closer you got to the Core the tech y savy life became Now with all that you've got magic Magic only a few have and some people would literally KILL for When a group of rebels try to steal the blood of the those that have ti becomes a dangerous game of cat and mouseOverall I LOVED LOVED this book that I had to own a copy of it I was also able to reach out to the author for a signed copy giveaway on that below I could NOT put this book down it was so complicated and adventurous I just didn't sleep one night and plowed through it Now only to wait for book two GAH And I so hope people find out about this book and give it a chance because I loved it I can't wait to see what this author has up she sleevesSexual Content mildLanguage mildDrugsAlcohol mildViolence moderate

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    Book #1 in The Prodigy Chronicles๏  Highlights ๏ DystopianFantastical ElementsFuturistic TechySuper HumansA Doomed Yet Feels So Right Romance๏  My Thoughts ๏ In anticipation of Book #2 in  The Prodigy Chronicles coming out in March titled  MIMIC I reread this to refresh my memory of the story because all I really remembered was how much I loved it  Seriously though I first read this book three years ago  I've been waiting impatiently I might add for this series to have a follow up for a long while In my original review of  Gambit I said a couple of things like This is dystopianparanormal ishromancesplash of historicalfuturistic kind of read yeah it has all that and lots of well written action too Amazing You would think with so much going on that it might be hard to follow but it's not Plus This book blew me away I really just loved it The world in this book is phenomenal it has me hooked It literally has a little of everything; from half invisible guardians to crazy ex girlfriends and everything in between AndI only thing I want to add is thisA fantastical ride that left me reeling  Willow headstrong and completely out of her element is the perfect match for Reece an arrogant asshole with a tender side and together they are perfectly imperfect Last but not least please don't make us wait another three years for the next book?? ๏  MY RATING ๏ ☆5☆STARS GRADEA ๏ Breakdown of Ratings ๏ Plot⇝ 55Main Characters⇝ 55Secondary Characters⇝ 55The Feels⇝ 55Pacing⇝ 455Addictiveness⇝ 55Theme or Tone⇝ 55Flow Writing Style⇝ 55Backdrop World Building⇝ 55Originality⇝ 55Ending⇝ 55 Cliffhanger⇝ Yes๏ ๏ ๏Book Cover⇝ Love itSetting⇝ McKaireth and London CoreSource⇝ I own Kindle eBook๏ ๏ ๏

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    It was indeed a tricky thing to be a womanI received this book on a read to review basis from NetGalley Thank you to the author CL Denault and the publisher REUTS Publications LLC for the opportunityThis felt like A Game of Thrones meets Red ueen meets A Throne of Glass In short this was epicThe story initially grabbed my attention as I was launched straight into the heart of the action The reader learns who is who and what is what through showing not telling as Denault artfully navigates us around the world I had presumed this was a uaint and rural fantastical land which it in part is and then part of the world inhabited by the powerful elite is discovered and this turns into of a science fiction tale The two parts of the world are at odds with each other and yet this grating works to create momentum for a rebellion and intrigue within the plotThe story converges on a multitude of genres as the plot advances Romance satire mystery this novel conuers it all It also held the appeal of having a feisty female protagonist who can kick ass as good as the boys knows her own mind isn't subtle about her dislike of being guarded used or treated as a china doll and uses others' misogynistic treatment of her for her own gains She is the type of protagonist I can really get behindThere was a never a time where I could guess the character's intent or the plot's progression but was meekly carried along on this stellar story with impeccable telling I can not wait to see where the story goes

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    Disclaimer I was one of the acuiring editors for this book but my review is based on my personal reasons for advocating its publication Consider it a glimpse into the mind of an acuisitions editor I was not compensated in any way for my opinionsGambit lays the foundation for a traditional coming of age tale following Willow Kent’s journey — metaphorically and physically — as she grows from a young woman into the woman she’s destined to become However it’s definitely the beginning of a much larger tale so don’t expect to see that journey encapsulated in this initial book It’s a trilogy and this is only the first thirdWhat you should expect is to be introduced to a world that is at once fresh and yet familiar at the same time Set in a future where our current society has crumbled and humans have evolved Willow starts her life in what feels like a medieval throw back a village in the remnants of what used to be Scotland Infused with all the charm of Pixar’s Brave we’re shown a snapshot of Willow’s life as a tavern keeper’s daughterBut that life is soon swept away when an officer from the highly technological Core arrives He’s looking for a missing heiress a child stolen from one of the prominent Core families and hidden away in the Outlying Lands That child is Willow Suddenly faced with an identity she knew nothing about Willow is forced to sacrifice everything she knows in order to protect the ones she loves and is thrust into the terrifying fast paced intricate world of high society at the Core’s very center where your DNA defines your worthDenault’s prose is captivating painting her world with a mastery that instantly had me swooning Yes editors swoon over words Why are you surprised? And speaking of swooning the romance While the hot and cold relationship between Commander Reece and Willow may bother some it reminded me of the type seen in the classic narratives of Jane Austen and the Bronte Sisters It evoked a subtler highly charged and passionate style of romance that is rare in modern literature The kind where things like differences in social station and perspectives on propriety create tension and subtext that goes beyond physical attraction Does Willow have a tendency to fall for gorgeous men feeling pulled in several directions at once? Yes But you know what? She’s sixteen That’s what sixteen year old girls doIn fact that’s one of the things I loved most that the protagonist Willow is actually allowed to be a teenager She’s sixteen and catapulted into a world she has no idea how to navigate She throws tantrums and makes mistakes and it’s okay because she’s sixteen Unlike other young adult books that often have characters acting with a maturity well beyond their supposed years I appreciated that Willow’s struggle felt genuine to her ageI’ve loved Gambit from the second I stumbled on it on Figmentcom under its then title ofProdigy and I still think about it months after I’ve finished reading It’s engraved in that special part of my brain reserved for all time favorite titles and I expect the characters and world will haunt me for years to come in the best possible way For me that’s the ultimate goal finding a book that gives me a book hangover so intense I never truly recover Gambit fit that bill for meOne part Pixar’s Brave one part X Men one part Pride and Prejudice and one part My Fair LadyGambit is a magical debut from a brilliant new author And all I can say is “Seuel now please”

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    OgreBrat A fascinating mix of High Fantasy Dystopian and Science Fiction Highly recommended Okay let me just say that this review is going to be very fangirl ish so I'm really sorry if I sound like a 5 year old but this book did things to my little heart and I well let's just say I don't know how else I'm supposed to express my feelings if not that way xD Enjoy The story follows a sixteen year old girl named Willow who lives in McKaireth I hope I remembered it right haha a poor village in future England I think? Earth's been ravaged by wars and countries like we know them don't exist any Willow works as a waitress in her family's tavern and supports them in every way she can When a high ranking Officer I will get to him later oh yeaaahhh smirks from the Core basically the government of their country shows up in the tavern her life is about to change forever because Willow is not the person she thinks she isIn this dystopian world humans develop remarkable abilities once they reach the age of sixteen which is called The Surge Willow doesn't get spared and develops a telekinetic ability that gets stronger the angrier and emotional she is Now I know this doesn't sound any different from other Dystopian novels we have read before But it is Oh yes it isWillow is to go with the Core Officer who's assigned to protect her And protecting her is what he does I can't tell you why she's expected to go with him bc that would be a spoiler sorry But be assured my summary isn't even half of it ;Willow my precious badass daughter is probably the coolest toughest smartest and most sarcastic female lead I have ever read about I was able to connect with her so so well which is a rare thing within in this genre Her friendship with Gem a girl who works at the Core was so sweet and innocent I seriously need female friendships in my books The sidecharacters were PERFECT I loved them all ASPEN And then there's Reece Oh boy where should I start? Reece was just YUMM giggles like the fangirl I am He was so fucking hot I'm not kidding OLiterally me while reading Imagine the most gorgeous male with long blond hair put Aedion from Throne of Glass and the Greek hero Achilles to the blend and VoilàI literally loved EVERYTHING about him and Reece and Willow togetherOHHHHH ALL THE FEEEELSTheir scenes were so friggin' adorable I had to put the book down several times bc my heart couldn't handle it xD Btw his power is some sort of forcefield incredibly good looks and enhanced physical abilities and reflexesThe world building could've been better in my opinion but the characters and just the general plotline totally made up for it There also were these biologically altered creatures the size of a little kid called Ritters whom I would've loved to learn about Perhaps in the next book ??? Praying for the release date and title to be published soon

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    The book covers on Netgalley are always really small on my phone so I never noticed how amazing this cover was until I got a copy I love how the mix of dagger and butterfly fit the story perfectly I never would have noticed this book if I hadnt seen it in the most reuested section I havent read a dystopian type book in a while and I forgot how much I love them This was a well written story with solid world building and a lot of compelling characters Many of the secondary characters were facsinating and the pacing was on point My only issue was the romantic interest but Ill get to that in a secondAfter the pre prodigy wars the core has now complete control of the technology and the best resources Not even hair bands are shared with the outlying villages The people from the core are genetically enhanced humans with great skills or abilities Villagers who happen to develop a skill are shipped to clinics for breeding I was hooked from the first page when we meet a young bar wench with a hidden dagger and a dangerous secret The main character Willows flaws and complexity made her very realistic She was an interesting character and her love for her family was really touching I also enjoyed her attitude and temper especially when she would tell off the commander ReeceThe commander comes to her village threatens her family and tears her away from the only life shes ever known to bring her to the core He expects complete obedience and isnt above using violence to get his way That on its own wouldnt make me lower this book to a 4 Star because some characters are written to be hated The author intended for Reece to be seen as a brute but my issue is Willow being attracted to him even after his abusive manhandling She knows the way he treats her isnt right but she still likes him and is willing to over look what he's done Reece is 7 years older than Willow and was in a position of power over her I didnt like the way he took advantage of thatHe was so controlling and violent that no redeeming uality would make me like him Im not an emotional reader but I got angry at Reece often She didnt like him for most of the book so I was spared from the romantic interest until the last part of the story They had a very love hate relationship which I know some people enjoy I really loved Tem and I wish that Willow would have ended up with him Throughout the last half of the book I kept saying please dont end up with Reece Anyone but Reece I also thought Asp was a great character Not to mention those Ritters half feline and half 9 year old soldier They were creepy but ended up growing on me because they purr and they're super loyal I appreciated how we got enough details to feel immersed in the world but not too much where it would slow down the story It was exciting and I wasnt bored at once Every scene if not immediatly important to the plot was still fun to read about I was so into the story that reading about all the yummy food made me hungry I hope I get a chance to review the seuel when it comes out Im still waiting on a publication date and its killing me I need books by this author I would recommend this book if your into dystopian and love hate relationships What I enjoyed the most was the wonderfully crafted world and the fast paced story line

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    I'm so glad that I gave this book a shot as it really paid off A great debut for fans of Dystopia and Romance Admittedly the romance aspect does outweigh the Dysopian but that didn't bother me What did bother me was the romantic interest However he did end up growing on me and I'm anticipating that some revelations in the future will help me to get behind the romantic interest I loved Willow and thought that she was a strong and mostly intelligent heroine The whole concept of abilities and genetic coding was pretty cool I hope that the next book expands on this but for the first book it featured enough on it to whet my appetite Overall my paltry review doesn't do this book justice but I shall blame that on my currently flu riddled brain If not for this awesome book I think it likely that I would have gone crazy from being stuck in bed all day I can't wait for the next oneBuy Borrow or Bin Verdict BuyNote I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review

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