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Marrying the Royal Marine [PDF / EPUB] Marrying the Royal Marine Illegitimate Polly Brandon has never felt like than an ugly duckling So she's amazed when Hugh Philippe Junot pays her such close attention as they sail for PortugalUnder ordinary circumstances she kn Illegitimate Polly Brandon has never felt like than an ugly duckling So she's amazed when Hugh Philippe Junot pays her such close attention as they sail for PortugalUnder ordinary circumstances she knows this distinguished lieutenant colonel of marines would never have looked at her but having his protection for the journey is comforting and something that she's afraid to give a name to Should she trust what she sees in Hugh's eyes has she turned Marrying the ePUB Ñ from an ugly duckling into a beautiful desirable swan.

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    DNF when I was 67 % done My time is too precious to waste on a boring book I'm really disappointed Marrying the Royal Marine started off very promising I really liked it The story kept me interested up to about 30 % and then it started to seriously bore me The heroine is pale uptight andboring While we're on it Hugh didn't shine either Frankly throughout the story I couldn't find any chemistry between Hugh and Polly Gosh how many times did Hugh kiss Polly on her head huh? There was not one single passionate kiss to be found Honestly they behaved like brother and sister I love mesmerizing dialogue however what I got here was a narrative ad nauseam I think that's exactly what sealed the deal for me A boring narrative and not enough dialogue And of course the lack of passion between Hh I mean I'm reading a historical romance Dear Ms Kelly when it's labeled romance then I truly expect a developing romancerelationship between two human beings Well onwardsI hope the next one will be better

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    Hugh Philippe Junot is restless At 37 and a Lt Colonel in the Royal Marines in 1812 he's dedicated much of his young life to King and Country Lamenting the grey creeping into his hair at the temples and his single state he's resigned himself to never having a family of his own much to his dismay In an attempt to settle his restlessness and serve his country he convinces his superior officer to let him travel to the Portuguese front on a fact finding missionOn her way to live and work with her sister Laura at a military hospital in Oporto Polly Brandon happens to be on the Navy vessel Hugh is taking to the Peninsula Though he finds her charming and is instantly attracted to her he is certain he is far too old for a mere girl of 19 They end up thrown together however when a particularly vicious case of seasickness leaves Polly completely at his mercy A mutual friendship and attraction forms Hugh is drawn to her poise and strength and Polly to his kindness and command and both are sad to part once they reach Oporto though neither admits it to the otherWhen an impulsive decision to join Polly on an errand upriver lands the two of them smack in the middle of a French ambush they find themselves relying on each other for the strength to survive their ordealThe book's strength is in its characterization Both hero and heroine are a well balanced mix of strengths and weaknesses Kelly shows us how badly Hugh wants Polly as his wife and the mother of his children but feels too old for her at the same time You can feel his anguish as he forces himself to leave her in Oporto without declaring himself and his weakness as he flouts decorum and writes her a letter from Lisbon Polly is attracted to Hugh's aura of dignity and authority but is sure he sees nothing in her the 19 year old bespectacled illegitimate daughter of a nobleman She throws herself into helping the women hurt by pillaging French soldiers in an attempt to show herself that she is worthy that she has something to offer the world than a man like Hugh can appreciateThis strong base of attraction makes their romance than just a matter of desperation induced by pretending to be a married couple to survive their captivity Their reliance on each other feels natural in the face of their unexpressed feelings They're able to cry on each other's shoulders and Kelly is the master of letting a man cry and remain a strong hero without it feeling forced or convenient There were some moments where they coaxed each other through some extremely tense moments of abject fear and their regard for each other just made me weepy Hugh was a veritable well of strength and comfort and Polly was an admirable blend of courage and humility Despite their age difference they make one of my favorite couples in terms of compatibilityIt's a character focused book but the high action plot is spellbinding as well The French captors are given full personalities and this richness lends the captivity seuence an ambiguity that ratchets up the suspense I had a hard time putting it down as a result staying up until 4am when my eyes just refused to stay openI'd suggest this for fans of road romance vulnerable heroes and high emotion reads

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    Polly Brandon the youngest of three sisters is eighteen going on nineteen and has always felt herself to be the ugly duckling of the family At the beginning of the story she has obtained passage on a British ship bound for Portugal intending to work alongside her sister Laura and her husband who is chief surgeon at a military hospital in OportoRecently promoted Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Philippe d’Anvers Junot – a Scot despite his French sounding name – is wondering whether taking that promotion had been such a good idea after all as it has left him landlocked He is he admits dissatisfied both professionally and personally; in the case of the former he misses life at sea and in the case of the latter he is lonely and thinks that perhaps at thirty seven he may have left it too late to find himself a wife and start a familyTravelling to Portugal on a fact finding mission he is at somewhat of a loose end until he realises that the ship’s other passenger Polly has not been seen for two days He discovers her in the grips of a terrible bout of sea sickness and not being part of the crew and having no other urgent duties takes responsibility for her care – cleaning her up moving her to his cabin and generally looking after her until they arrive at OportoDuring this time Hugh realises that Polly – whom he nicknames Brandon is no milk and water miss She is independent of mind and spirit with a great deal of backbone and he finds himself falling for her hard and fast But he is almost twenty years her senior and convinced he is too old for her determines to leave her in Oporto and journey onward to Lisbon believing that once out of sight he will be able to put her out of his mindFor her part Polly is embarrassed by the Colonel’s care of her knowing he’s seen her at her worst and believing it impossible that such a handsome distinguished and commanding man could ever be interested in an a woman like her; plain and poor as she is and illegitimate to boot But when they arrive at the convent turned hospital Laura sees immediately that Hugh is than a little interested in Polly and warns him off Hugh does not take exception to her warning – she says nothing that he hasn’t already told himselfHugh takes his leave and Polly begins her work at the hospital working alongside Sister Maria who has asked her to teach English to the women and their children who have taken refuge at the convent The women have been raped and brutalised by soldiers of the French army and many of them still have nightmares about their experiences One of the things Sister Maria does is to help soothe them at night so they can sleep and she also asks for Polly’s help in this Polly finds it difficult and draining – but knows she is doing good and ends up writing pages and pages about her experiences and her own emotions in a long letter to Hugh which she never intends to sendHugh misses Polly than he could ever have imagined he would miss anyone and admits to himself that he has finally found the woman he could spend the rest of his life with – while also telling himself he can’t have her because she’s too young for him and has her life to liveWhen his ship returns to Oporto he fully intends to sail back to England without seeing Polly again not wanting to put himself through the pain of seeing her and having to leave her again Fate however decrees otherwise and very soon the pair of them are thrust into an unwelcome and dangerous situation from which it seems unlikely they will escape with their livesCarla Kelly is one of those writers who can always be depended upon to come up with a well written and entertaining story but this book really is something special The Napoleonic Wars are often referenced in historical romances set in and around this period but are little than a backdrop whereas here the reader is plunged into the midst of the uncertainty and horrors of war as experienced in this particular corner of Europe There are a few upsetting scenes especially when Hugh Polly and Sister Maria are captured by a small group of French dragoons and their lives are hanging in the balance Hugh and Polly claim to be married – hoping to prevent Polly’s violation at the hands of the soldiers – a fiction they maintain throughout their journey which it becomes clear isn’t all that much of a fiction after all The feelings which have already sprouted between them take root and grow their affectionate gestures and verbal endearments a natural conseuence of the attraction that already exists between them It’s a beautifully written and heart felt romance in which the connection between the protagonists is deep and real and not just something which happens as the result of their terrible situation Hugh and Polly come across as real ordinary people who find themselves having to deal with extraordinary circumstances Hugh is a wonderful hero – strong and honourable while being caring protective and possessed of a wry sense of humour And Polly is resilient and courageous even though she is scared to death and isn’t afraid to admit it Together they help each other through weeks spent as the captives of a group of French dragoons as they travel across Portugal to join up with their captor’s regiment The journey is hazardous they are often starving and always uncomfortable yet through it all they remain Hugh and Polly two people doing what they must to survive who never lose their humanity amidst the terrible inhumanity of war Ms Kelly’s grasp of the history of the period is masterly and she cleverly weaves a number of interesting historical facts into her story as well as engineering a meeting between her hero and heroine and the unconventional James Rothchild one of the family of Jewish bankers who were doing their bit to undermine Napoleon through their financial and banking interestsI am in awe of the author’s ability to have written such an emotionally intense and satisfying story in under three hundred pages I freely admit to having teared up on at least two occasions while I was reading and to finding my heart in my throat during times of peril Ms Kelly doesn’t sugar coat the horror desperation and degradation of war and I was truly impressed at the manner in which she humanised the opposing forces showing them as men doing their jobs rather than demonising themMarrying the Royal Marine is a truly wonderful book from start to finish The romance is just beautiful with Hugh and Polly showing each other over and over how much they care for each other in ways both big and small They are partners in every sense of the word – looking out for each other saving each other and even managing to laugh together despite the gravity of the situation into which they are thrust I know there are some readers who don’t care for such large age gaps but honestly that doesn’t matter here Polly isn’t some brattish teenaged air head; she’s mature for her years and has a sensible head on her shoulders and she and Hugh make a couple I can envisage as being happy together long after the last page has been turned

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    In some historical romances the Napoleonic Wars seem to exist primarily as an excuse for dashing aristocrats to play spy Kelly's series of which this is the third is a very different kettle of fish Her heroes and heroines are ordinary people living extraordinary lives of bravery and honor in wartime This story is about Polly and Hugh who meet and fall in love while traveling to serve the war effort in Portugal Both feel there's no chance of a relationship between them he's twice her age and married to his job she's illegitimate and heavily protected by her family But danger brings them together in a way they never expectedI'm not that big on adventure stories but this one works so well; the trials the characters endure create an enduring relationship between them Kelly's engaging voice keeps the story from getting too heavy despite some very painful and scary momentsI would say this is the best of the series You don't have to have read the others to enjoy it though I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't want to

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    45 stars for this absorbing May December romance she turns 19 to his 37 set during the Napoleonic Wars mainly in Spain I have read all the books in the Channel Fleet series This is the last and the best but I enjoyed book 1 Marrying The Captain too Be advised this book has some mild sex scenes unlike most romances by this clean author Warning Marrying the Royal Marine has some dark but historically accurate portrayals of the kind of villainy and madness that descends in war time But it's also got such a tender brave and protective hero in the endearingly vain Royal Marine Hugh Colonel Junot He is charmed by Polly from the first as he tends her seasick soul on the ship but the rather lonely yet uite dashing colonel fears she'll think him much too old Polly Brandon he calls her Brandon may be small and bespectacled but she's strong stubborn and fiercely protective of him There is a period of separation when they each miss the other but then he comes back into her life About time too It went on a bit too long They complement each other nicely Hugh is wealthy castled even and of good repute but Polly is illegitimate and poor Hugh is old and seasoned; Polly is like a chick newly sprung from the nest This is her first excursion from home But she's no airhead; she saves Hugh's life at least once But he first saved hersso on they go constantly watching each other's back Employing action dialogue and some mental musings the talented Carla Kelly SHOWS how they gradually bond in captivity while enduring constant fear and near starvation I enjoyed the lovemaking scenes too but I don't read Kelly for sexual sizzle That's just not her strength However she outdid herself in this book Hugh and Polly had to pretend they were married to stay alive and together in French captivity Eventually not wanting to die without experiencing love death seemed imminent Polly gives Hugh the green light There are a few sexy scenes but they are sweet and not very explicit Love scenes begin at about 75% into the story Loved the playful love scenes towards the end after they escape the French In one fun scene Polly puts a new twist on an old children's finger song as she sits beside Hugh on the ship'There was an old bee' 'Brandon you scamp' he exclaimed even as he made no effort to stop her pointing finger which was of a caress than a circle and targeted south of his stomach 'No one's ever done the bee like that before No don't stop''Who lived in a barn' she began to undo the buttons of his trousers touching him where she knew it would do the most good 'He carried a bagpipe' she began but he stood up then'under his arm' he continued as he kept the cloak around both of them and started for the gangway Interesting side story about how the Spanish warriors called guerrilleros demonstrated guerilla warfare tactics to our Royal Marine who then conveyed the battle strategy to the British Also an interesting historical character makes an appearance James from a prominent banking family that secretly worked to depose Napoleon Who knew? James Rothschild Nicely doneI was moved by the believable but certainly not predictable acts of redemption and cross fire friendship that developed between our lovers and a certain French soldierRecommended My only gripe is that Hugh treats Polly in an avuncular manner kissing her forehead etc for too long But he is nearly 20 years older than her and plus Polly's sister had warned him off

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    Very well done Peninsular War story Not really a Regency although set in that time of course Instead of just having the hero home from the war this story takes place mainly in Portugal and gives a clear picture of the trials that the Portuguese and Spanish people had to deal with during those war years The love story was very believable I loved the older hero who while being an honorable Royal Marine was a dandy and knew it who was too old for the heroine and knew it and also knew that he could marry much better than an illegitimate girl and ignored all that and fell in love with the heroine anyway The heroine was young but charming and strong She was never TSTL and let the hero protect her while doing her best to take care of him They both acted true to the s of the times and even the extent of their physical love scenes all had a realistic rationaleThis was a story of people who lived in 1812 not the story of modern people dropped into the early 19th century as so many Regencies are these days

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    The last of the trilogy of three illegitimate daughters and sisters finding love in a time of war Carla Kelly ends this series of books with a total bang that brought tears to me eyes Kelly writes some moving scenes through this series and shows the readers different aspects of war from the families soldiers leave behind to those whom heal and save their lives and last the innocence lost through war but the bright light of hope that is never lost through the darkness The youngest Polly Brandon is on a voyage to meet with her oldest sister Laura across the sea in order to do all she can in this war Always knowing she plain cast off from her father because of this Polly is very direct toward people and her kindness and light shown through even when she becomes very seasick and is in care of a kind Royal Marine whom she strikes up a deep friendship with and later falls deeply in love with it’s through this friendship and love Polly is able to help others in need around her from the young women victims of war and french soldiers and their children and it’s this strength that will help her through when she is captured by the french and must use her wits for herself and her beloved Royal Marine Hugh Philippe Junot in order for them to stay alive and find their love for one another Polly and her sisters are some of the strongest leads I’ve ever read about and through their trials they go through they don’t buckle down or cry but grow stronger and keep fighting and for me Polly showed and found her own strength while she helped the young rape victims and the children in a war torn land CK really shined and torn at my heart as she told not only a romance but how war hurts the innocence in war there is never any winners Polly does what she can and as she falls in love with Hugh and how he helped her she grows from this Polly doesn’t think Hugh would look at her twice being the handsome kind man he is plus feeling plain and him being her nurse through her first sea voyage Hugh makes Polly feel like the beautiful person she truly is and it’s her inner strength that really draws Hugh to her that he can’t forget about Hugh is a doll there’s not much to say about how much I love him He cares deeply and will risk just as much He nurses Polly through her seasickness watches over her can’t get her out of his head and will risk everything to be with her in the end even his life Hugh may be complex but he’s very simple in his duty of wanting to help Hugh is tried of sitting behind a desk and after the death of a marine he wants to go out there on the field and get the marines take on what could be done better Even as he goes on his duty and leaves Polly with her sister he can’t forget about her and knows even through she’s young and feels like an old man he adores and loves her and when he meets up with her again and finds out she maybe in danger doesn’t even think twice of going with her to protect her And when their capture Hugh just shines brighter and he uses his mind in order to keep Polly safe says she’s his wife so she doesn’t get raped and even when he is shown as witness to a woman’s deathsuicide Hugh isn’t all macho and cries tears of grief for the senseless lost This made Hugh of a man I love in my hearts and hearts because he cared even for his foe’s families Hugh and Polly go through hell but this only bound them together through their love This felt like a adventure romance toward the end with both Polly and Hugh as they fight their way out of french capture but CK doesn’t just show the French as the bad guys but one French Colonel as a family man doing just his duty This brought home that war tears up a lot of families on both sides and it’s through love and hope that keeps up going and heals the woundsOverall CK is one of my all time favorite authors for a reason and many authors can’t fit an amazing story in short format but CK can and Marrying a Royal Marine showed this and She fit in two amazing characters with a wide range story that at times tears at your heart while healing it with a beautiful romance

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    45 starsMy first book by Carla Kelly and she can write Very well done and a lot history than the average HR out there There were a few things that made it a somber read than I realized going into it 1 The Napoleonic Wars is the backdrop to this story and what goes on is heart wrenching It made me very sad to read about even though I realize this is part of history and really did happen view spoiler The issue of the rape and the women and children living with the after effects hide spoiler

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    This is a sweet May Dec romance if a bit slow and ponderous in the first half After the initial meeting on a naval frigate to Portugal where he takes care of a badly sea sick h the hH are separated and the h works alongside a nun for young raped girls and their children I lost interest here and wasn’t sure how the romance will creep back as especially the h’s sister warns off the much older H He’s 37 and she’s apparently 1819But then it takes fireThe hH get abducted by a group of French soldiers and adventure beginsAlthough there’s been an attraction from the beginning between the plain bespectacled h and the fastidious to a fault Lt Colonel of the Marines it’s the H who falls in love first In adversity their connection burns bright and true I like how the h’s not coy at all despite her green years and the H is adorable if a bit avuncular and overindulgent Him calling her Brandon rather than Polly is one of the best part of the bookSergeant Cadotte the nun Maria James Rothschild make for great secondary characters The scene where the h holds and comforts a dying French soldier exemplifies how compassion for others even enemies is what makes us truly human

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    45 stars rounded upPolly and her sisters have had a difficult youth She is the youngest and used to her sister's protecting her I didn't realize this was the 3rd book in a series but it works fine as a stand a lone At 18 almost 19 Polly is finally spreading her wings and on her way to Portugal in the midst of the war with Napoleon Also on the ship is Colonel Hugh Phillip Junot the Scotsman Hugh is 38 20 years older than Polly and at first sight he thinks she's a schoolroom miss and compares unfavourably to the big busted ladies he normally gravitates to He is especially turned off by her glasses Yet as soon as she's aboard she is surrounded by the other ship officers like bees to a flower She's no great beauty but she's prettyHugh himself isn't gorgeous but cuts a fine figure with sensual lips He's a lonely man who longs for a familyCircumstances conspire to make him the only man available to help her when she becomes perilously dehydrated from sea sickness Kinda silly eh? A marine falling for a woman who suffers sea sicknessThey find that they admire each other's character but are sure that nothing could ever come from an attraction to each other Polly's sister whom she is going to stay with in Portugal is sure that he is too old for her and in the wrong profession so warns him off But fate steps in again and Hugh is the only man to keep her safe in the midst of war This one's a real nail biter The madness of war and the sualid dark ugliness of it There's no descriptions of gore but sometimes your own imagination is worse CK doesn't romanticise war The contrast between the sweetly enchanting love that pulls Hugh and Polly together in the midst of chaos and the darkest side of human nature is entrancingIt's a surprisingly sexy readSafety is good except for one uibbleview spoiler Hugh and Polly separate for months thinking never to meet again They've not even told each other of their feelings and suspect that the other doesn't feel the same At first he turns down his officers when they suggest going to a brothel together But he does give in once He can't stop thinking of Polly but he still beds a whore Ick But it didn't bug me overly much It wasn't like it was a fun romp hide spoiler

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