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Horror Filipino Fiction for Young Adults [PDF / EPUB] Horror Filipino Fiction for Young Adults Perhaps the first of its kind released in the Philippines Horror Filipino Fiction for Young Adults was conceived solely with the Filipino young adult reader in mind with stories that explore the conce Perhaps the Fiction for PDF Å first of its kind released in the Philippines Horror Filipino Fiction for Young Adults was conceived solely with the Filipino young adult reader in mind with stories that explore the concerns and fears of today’s youth through the lens of horror written by new and experienced authors Horror Filipino Fiction for Young Adults is the first of a series of anthologies covering science fiction fantasy and other genres presented by award Horror Filipino MOBI :ß winning editors Dean Francis Alfar and Kenneth YuCONTRIBUTORSGabriela LeeKally Hiromi R ArsuaVince TorresElyss G PunsalanRenelaine Bontol PfisterAlexander OsiasAndrew DrilonEliza VictoriaJoseph Anthony MontecilloFidelis TanCharles TanKate OsiasEK GonzalesIsabel Yap.

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    Is it just me or do some of the stories fall under middle grade rather than young adult?My favorites in no particular orderHonesty HourEat MeMommy AgnesLola's HouseMistyBubbling underDan's DreamsFrozen Delight Just so you know one of the stories written in this book was written by my CW 10 professor How cool is that?

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    Overall I had been fascinated with the idea of this anthology “Horror Filipino Fiction for Young Adults” which involved an original interpretation of horror The stories did not focus on ghosts demons spirits haunted houses evil magic or manananggals; the stories did the opposite – instead on focusing on these various entities this anthology highlighted the horror of being a human being our fears failures lies and deepest desires It emphasized how the living could be haunted by their own existence And the living these who we call “human beings” could also be the same beings doing the haunting Out of the fourteen 14 short stories in this anthology I had two favorites First “Education by Ate Flora” by Renelaine Bontol Pfister which I suppose was also influenced by the fact that I enjoy stories about manananggals Second “Frozen Delight” by EK Gonzales; this short story was creepy It reminded me of the movie “Get Out”; plus I found the concept of the story to be very original in the way the ideas were executed Most stories had really good twists; some had nice concepts or scary endings Although not every story was perfect I still enjoyed reading this collection It had been uite a uniue experience since it offered various definitions of horror Lastly I would just like to commend the cover of this book

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    it was an okay read; like other reviews here i agree that it read middle grade than young adult i enjoyed the wide range of themes though i guess i was hoping for something a little intense faves were mommy agnes gago's got your back dan's dreams lola's house and misty def going to look into filipino horror these individual authors' works tho

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    It's the first time I've encountered a young adult horror short story collection It's literary but accessible It tackles horrors relevant to the contemporary Filipino young adult both the traditional folklore stories we are familiar with and the horrors of being a teenager

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    The range of well written narratives included in this anthology provides an interesting peek into concepts that can disturb a reader differently but are nonetheless horrific

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    Special thanks to Ma'am Gabby for giving me a copy of this for Christmas and for being an all around great supportive smart supermegafoxyawesomehot personSpecial mentions Gago's Got Your Back by Andrew Drilon Lola's House by Fidelis Tan A Yellow Brick Road Valentine by Charles Tan and Misty by Isabel YapNot super excellent but pretty good sample of Philippine YA all the same Maybe I'm just a few years older than the target audience but some of the stories seemed middle grade than YA and some were just kind of meh story wise well written but not particularly original and style wise execution needed a little oomph But those that went for it went for it I could gush about Gago's Got Your Back forever and I think I'm turning into an Isabel Yap fangirl but those are words for another time Anyway I'm definitely excited for what's next in the series and I'm very very happy that finally finally Philippine YA is expanding into other genres mostly because it'll make it easier for future CW majors who want to focus on YA for their thesis because hi struggle much but also because I personally think YA is such an important genre and I'm really glad its sort of being inducted into our literary traditionOKAY WOW I AM THE FIRST RATING AND REVIEW OF THIS BOOK DON'T LOOK AT ME TURN AWAY FROM MY RUN ON SENTENCES AND RANTY REVIEWS

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    From the fourteen stories only four made me feel like I was reading a book of horror stories And from those three only one made me feel horrifiedHonesty Hour had a lot of potential but I wasn't satisfied with the execution and the dialogueEat Me was the one that I found most horrific but a little too disgusting and not for the imaginative person with a weak stomachMommy Agnes and Lola's House were creepy The scene where Mommy Agnes tried entering the house made me nervous for the two children and the scene where the protagonist saw the Other Children in the lola's house would have scared me if I was still a childFrozen Delight had a creepy factor in it and the narrative was interestingMisty didn't have the typical supernatural premise found in the other stories but it still had an element in it that made it feel like a horror storyThe other stories felt like fantasy or fantasy adventure stories with supernatural elements rather than horror stories

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    Among the short stories included in this collection about 70% effectively delivered the sense of dread the strand of fear and at some point even a subtle surprise The stronger pieces for me include Honesty Hour Eat Me Mommy Agnes The Running Girl The New Teacher Education by Ate Flora Lola's House Dan's Dreams and Frozen Delight their common feature being able to draw the reader in the situation The okay ones were Gago's Got Your Back Itching to Get Home A Yellow Brick Road Valentine Misty and Lucia the Nightmare HunterThe 30% I was neutral since it took some time for me to process what I've read and I ended up having uestions That being said this is a fairly strong collection of horror fiction

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    Compilation of short stories always leave me wanting Personally I have a thing for scary reads so I guess this appeals to me I think Filipino YA is untested waters and it would be awesome to have books of it My favorites from this collection are Eat Me Education by Ate Flora which according to my husband scared the hell out of him Dan's Dreams and Frozen Delight

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    This is one anthology where I enjoyed reading almost all the stories I hope there would be books like these We definitely need YA books penned by Filipinos

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