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A Mix of Murders [PDF / EPUB] A Mix of Murders A Mix of Murders forms Grahame Farrell's exciting debut within the true crime genre and treats the reader to fifteen in depth accounts of 20th Century murders Researched meticulously and possessing a A Mix of Murders forms Grahame Farrell's exciting debut within the true crime genre and treats the reader to fifteen in depth accounts of th Century murders Researched meticulously and possessing a clear elouent style this book explores cases such as that of William Bisset an older well to do gentleman who was given to exhibiting his A Mix PDF \ wealth somewhat brashly His murder appeared simply to be a fatal mugging yet ever growing factual contradictions threw the prime suspect's guilt into ever greater doubt to the point of strengthening his defenceIn the intricate case of Paul Vickers we learn of a driven and accomplished medic with aspirations to high political status and a predilection for vulnerable women Married unhappily to a once promising but handicapped mathematician the doctor took numerous lovers meeting his demise in the form of the attractive and worldly Pamela Collison She informed the police of complicity with Vickers and thus we discover a near perfect murder weapon along with counsels’ imaginative and polarising arguments during Vickers’s trial Was Vickers the ‘new Dr Crippen’ as Collison asserted Farrell delivers the uneasy sense that facts and outcome were never wholly matched; read it and form your own viewIn notable contrast we find that Michael ueripel’s conviction hinged on a single and rather unusual piece of evidence and that his murder trial was one of the very shortest in legal history – just how short is surprising – and it is through such accounts that the broad spectrum this book presents becomes apparent Scrutinising hitherto unexplored cases Farrell gives accounts of murder driven by poverty disaffection social pressures and vaunting ambition Comparing and contrasting those all too human forces that motivate people to kill this volume forms a fine addition to the library of any fan of true crime A review from truecrimereadercomA Mix of Murders is an e book released for Kindle in May that features British murder cases from the twentieth century from the early years of the century to the sAuthor and librarian Grahame Farrell covers a really interesting mix as the title suggests of crimes The latest crime in the book is a chapter on Kenneth Erskine known as “The Stockwell Strangler” who murdered elderly people in South London in the s This is a particularly disturbing chapter as Erskine was simply so brutal and dangerous His victims so vulnerableAnother intriguing case is the murder of Elizabeth Currell in the uaint and respectable commuter village of Potter’s Bar South Hertfordshire Mrs Currell was on her regular evening stroll on the local golf course when she was brutally attacked and murderedI enjoyed this book because the murder cases are ones that are lesser known and have a touch of “Midsomer Murder” to them The book is Farrell’s true crime debut and it’s definitely worth a read A review from capitalpunishmentukcomFascinating studies of human behaviour Each story is well written and detailed and progresses logically through the crime arrest trial to the final outcome It was a book I enjoyed reading Chapter ListingThe Departure of Winifred MitchellA Killing for ChristmasThe Outlaw of Bulford CampThe Clue of the Crumbs in the SuitcaseThe Man who Slept in CupboardsThe Long Arm of the BBC.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 209 pages
  • A Mix of Murders
  • Grahame Farrell
  • English
  • 08 September 2014

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    Super readCouldn't put it downwill read the authors other 4 booksInteresting and like how it jumps from Victorian to the 1980s

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    Intriguing true crimeI enjoy true crime stories particularly about centuries agoI would recommend it to all crime readersI look forward to the next book by this Author

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