A Not So Innocent Seduction Kavanaghs of Silver Glen #1

A Not So Innocent Seduction Kavanaghs of Silver Glen #1 [PDF / EPUB] A Not So Innocent Seduction Kavanaghs of Silver Glen #1 Taming the Untamable Secrets have never appealed to Liam Kavanagh Not since his father disappeared leaving Liam responsible for the Kavanagh family and their empire with little room for anything else Taming the Untamable So Innocent ePUB ¹ Secrets have never appealed to Liam Kavanagh Not since his father disappeared leaving Liam responsible for the Kavanagh family and their empire with little room for anything else But when the mysterious Zoe Chamberlain breezes into his A Not PDF/EPUB ² life stirring up all kinds of pent up frustrations Liam knows there's to her vagabond lifestyle than she's letting on He can see the secrets in her eyes—and he wants her anyway Will she be than his orderly life can handle Not So Innocent eBook ✓ Or will Liam's strong embrace finally allow this free spirit to put down roots and love again.

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    Terrific start to the series Liam is the oldest of the Kavanagh family and the one that took responsibility for the family and the business when their father disappeared Now he tends to be a too serious workaholic Zoe takes a break from her travels when her van breaks down just outside town She's not sure that staying is a good idea but something about Liam and Silver Glen calls to her weary soulI really liked both Liam and Zoe Liam gave up on his own dreams in order to help his family after his father's disappearance Because he saw what his father put the family through he doesn't like people who keep secrets He noticed Zoe as soon as she arrived at his hotel because of her beauty and also because she didn't look like their usual guest He's very attracted to her but he can see that she has a lot of secrets Zoe has been on the road for many months never staying in one place for very long When her van breaks down she takes it as a sign that she should take the opportunity to stay for awhile She is still recovering from a bad case of pneumonia that has left her physically and mentally exhausted Liam is nothing like any man she's been attracted to before She enjoys being with him but she also feels his distrustLiam and Zoe are such different types that it was interesting seeing them interact Liam is serious focused on making sure everything is just right at the hotel and watching out for his family Zoe is basically a happy person who loves playing her music for people I liked the way that she is constantly surprising him and pulling him out of his occasional stuffiness The chemistry between them sizzles but her secrets are putting a strain on what could develop between them I liked the way that she started opening up to Liam and telling him some things about herself When her past catches up with her Liam is there to support her but he does it in a way that ends up hurting her It takes losing her for Liam to finally confront his issues and take a chance in going after her

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    When Zoe Chamberlain's van breaks down in Silver Glen North Carolina she decides the uaint town is as good a place as any to stay She's a girl on the run from a ruthless controlling father who just wants to sing and stay under the radar Unfortunately for her she meets Liam Kavanagh the owner of the swanky hotel where Zoe stays Liam is handsome charming and full of sex appeal But he hates secrets and lies due to his own sordid past Liam wants to trust Zoe and believe in the love sprouting between them but he worries he might be blinded by her beauty and charm Trust is the only thing that can keep their relationship together but the hardest part for them both to admitI liked this story I thought it held the perfect balance between story and romantic scenes I enjoyed the budding romance between the two main characters and liked their interactions and teasing with one another I would have liked to seen of the scenery the town that was build around a silver mine sounded splendid and this had an almost old fashioned Wild West feel to it I also wanted to learn about Liam's dad and the mystery that surrounded his disappearance That was alluded to in the story but never really fleshed out or explained I thought the ending took a uick shift away from the parts of the story I enjoyed moving the characters out of Silver Glen into other parts of the country I just didn't care for that and thought it took away from the story But otherwise an enjoyable read

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    The heroine was a secretly rich flower child who travels around in a vintage volkswagon van named Bessie and the hero was a boringly responsible hotel owner manager who was kind of a jerk but in an understandable because of his past way I LOVED IT But it's impossible to discuss why without major spoilers A complete and spoiler filled review can be found at my blog here

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    I been trying to finish this book for several days now but every time I start reading my mind drifts and I get frustrated This book dragged on and by a third way in I just though in the towel So I made the decision not to finish it? My problem is that there is just too much back and forth with the attraction between them and for me there are just too many secrets

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    Maynard scores yet another hit with this pleasing start to The Kavanaghs of Silver Glen series Humorous bedroom dialogue will bring a smile to the reader's face and is a sweet bonus to an already engaging story RT Book Reviews 4 stars Miniseries The Kavanaghs of Silver Glen

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    ComplicatedComplicated is how I would describe the relationship between Liam Zoe They both had baggage they carried around with them Trust issues on both sides got in the way but eventually they sorted it out and lived Happily ever after

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    A great start to a new seriesI really liked Zoe and Liam and the chemistry between them

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    A Not So Innocent Seduction was a great Harleuin Desire novel by Janice Maynard I am completely in love with the Kavanagh family and I can't wait to read Dylan's story

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    3I really should stop reading this stuff

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    The first in the series about the Kavanaugh men of Silver Glen I enjoyed this cute story The romance between Zoe Liam was an interesting one with advances retreats galore They both danced around each other until they could no longer stand it but Zoe had an air of secrecy about her Liam found it hard to trust her When their desires finally do run over it's extremely interesting to see Liam's reaction his decision to be all in even before he knows Zoe's feelings on the matter Determined describes Liam he'll do whatever he needs toto keep Zoe with him Definitely recommend

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