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The Winter Fisherman Lodge [PDF / EPUB] The Winter Fisherman Lodge Gengoroh Tagame is one of the most famous manga artists in the world He is already mentioned in the same breath as Tom of Finland Art magazine 032c wrote Tom of Finland's work looks like something out Gengoroh Tagame is one of the most famous manga artists in the world He is already mentioned in the same breath as Tom of Finland Art magazine c wrote Tom of Finland's work looks like something out of Disney beside his illustrations Fans all The Winter ePUB Ñ over the world worship the masculine eroticism of his elaborate drawings Following Endless Game and Gunji Bruno Gmuender publishes his third volume in English in the Gay Manga series Gay Manga series Fisherman's Lodge together with the short stories Confession and End Line.

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    Love is Telling your partner they don't need to wear a bag over their head any

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    Gruffly romantic absolutely lovely and believable GFY Two very adorable charactersETA and warningsJust so you're aware going in this is not mm or slash this is drawn and written by a gay man for gay men and doesn't heed conventions geared towards largely female mm audiences

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    Well Ponderment and wonderoffsNot really my pair of cowboy boots but it's actually rather sweet Certainly not an easy read view but then nor is the newspaper

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    Ohhh Daddy Daddy If ever there were such a thing as warm and cuddly sadomasochism Japanese bara manga master Gengoroh PRIDE; MY BROTHER'S HUSBAND Tagame must exemplify it in THE WINTER FISHERMAN LODGE 2014 The authorartist takes the generational tension between master and slave to new heights in the atmospheric winter setting of an off season fishing lodge A grizzled daddy caretaker makes do with a naive son when he says he was expecting a woman instead he SAYS Much 'tough love' ensues but relatively little sadism and masochism of the kind we know Tagame is capable of and earned his reputation portraying There's no mistaking the fact that it's porn though even if it is gentler than most Tagame for that matter gentler than the usual exploitation themes common to the genre in places like Japan the US and Mexico Superior gei comi artwork and the emotional plotwork make this a desirable new entry in the Tagame in English series I believe WINTER FISHERMAN'S LODGE can still be bought in book form but patient browsing on the Internet will turn up a free scanlation NOTE Japanese comics are read by scanning clockwise not left to right top to bottom as in the USA

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    That wassweet Not fan of muscle bears but then not a fan of twinks in yaoi either It's like bara mangakas wishes to compensate with too masculine men because of yaoi feminine portrayal of men

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    Accidental daddy bear cares for his over grown cub during hibernation season

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    A story between the most disgusting old men I've ever read and young poor guy with a very sad life that I feel so sorry for him The sex scenes were painful to read no caring love and forget about the lube

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    This is from an alleged master of gay erotica well for me it was about as erotic as seeing a bunch of hyenas devoring a carcass In fact when I saw this again to write my review I lost my appetite as the memories came back so it's actually worse looking than thisThe first story was cliche and idiotic and I really didn't like the abusive and BDSM undertones of this Not to mention that I don't expect much from mangas like these but that story was predictable just like it was disturbing in fact the way it was disturbing was the most predictable part Also I wonder if this story isn't slightly homophobicThe story afterwards was maybe better but considered that in it a cop gets reverse raped by a Yakuza boy it is one of those borderline cases and said boy apparently developed a taste for men when his stepfather raped him from age 10 to 15 years I do wonder whether certain stereotypes regarding gay men were incorporated into thisAfter these two stories the one with the coach spanking the player was pretty vanilla I just hope this book is not typical for the bara genre

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    The master at work Three stories two worked better for me than the other but all were interesting and interesting than any of the other similar work I've read recently Tagame gets right to the point manages to tell an interesting story and gets emotional involvement from his stories than most

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    Glorious Wonderful wonderful illustrations realistic characters and a slow and believable development of a relationshipThe 'twist' what was going to happen to the younger man at the end was unexpected and yet perfectly obvious once you thought about itA lovely story full of hope

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