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The Meat Market Jonathan Harkon Adventures #1 [PDF / EPUB] The Meat Market Jonathan Harkon Adventures #1 For mature readers only This pulp cyberpunk technothriller has profanity violence sexual situations and an atheist protagonist There are some disturbing scenes that may upset the sensitive reader For For mature Market Jonathan Epub Û readers only This pulp cyberpunk technothriller has profanity violence sexual situations and an atheist protagonist There are some disturbing scenes that may upset the sensitive reader For Jonathan Harkon living life in exile is never easy Forced into hiding his true identity and leaving the only home and family he's ever known Jonathan finds himself halfway across the solar system smuggling condoms for the religiously oppressed citizens of an outer system colony named Sanctity It isn't long before his cover as a bouncer for a local bikini bar is uestioned and The Meat Epub / he is Meat Market Jonathan Harkon Adventures eBook ☆ uickly embroiled in Sanctity's hardcore underground sex slave trade With few friends by his side and only his ship the HMS Mary Rose to rely upon Jonathan will need every ounce of the strength and skill that his heavily enhanced genetically engineered body can manage if he means to survive and expose the terrible truth behind Sanctity's Meat Market Set in the not too distant future The Meat Market is the first short novel in author James Chalk's Jonathan Harkon Adventure series.

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    How does this book have an average of almost 5 stars? Are there really so few people who expect that an author should actually know how to write? Don't writers have people proofread and edit their work any? Even a self published book should be proofreadWhat am I talking about? Here are some examplesHe doesn't know how to use a comma this is the sickest fucking thing I have ever heard That's just one of MANY examples of where a comma didn't belong There are many like it and many others where a comma was needed but wasn't usedHe doesn't understand adjectives most sexy pout? It's sexiest not most sexy; the sexiest poutDiscretely is not even a word It should be discreetly Discrete means something else entirely Shouldn't a professional writer know the difference between discrete and discreet?And then there's the spelling Champaign is a city not an alcoholic beverage Champagne is the bubbly stuff people drink And the word is commonplace not common place They mean something else entirely too Heal is what we do when we recover from being injured or sick HEEL is a part of the foot Heal is NOT part of the foot This isn't just a typo either since it's misspelled that way three times And does the author really mean she smiled weekly? or does he mean she smiled weakly? Is the main character's name Jonny or Johnny? Make up your mind An unknown person is a John Doe not a John Dough Mr Chalk do you really not know this?How about having the subject and the verb agree? Neither of her feet were bleeding? Neither signifies one foot so then it should be neither of her feet was bleedingAnd really this is one of my favorites The protagonist knows he's someone's prisoner but he doesn't know WHOSE prisoner why he's a prisoner or where he's being held prisoner But what the author writes is that the protagonist doesn't know the who's where's or why's Seriously? Even without considering that where's isn't in a any way a word and whys even if were spelled right is used in a completely ridiculous and incorrect manner; how does the author not know that who's is a contraction for 'who is not whose which indicates possession You wouldn't say I didn't know who is prisoner I was right? That makes zero sense You'd say I didn't know whose prisoner I wasThese are some of the most blatant examples Maybe I'm in the minority but I don't think a poorly written book by a person who doesn't know grammar or spelling deserves a 5 star rating Anyone can come up with an interesting plot What sets apart professional writers from the rest of us who may occasionally write for fun or for academic reasons is an actual talent for writing; and competent skilled use of the language in which they're writing When we do write for academic reasons it seems our teachers expect of us than the readers who rated this book expected of James Chalk Am I alone in this?

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    This somehow ended up 38th on the goodreads best science fiction list I'm sure it was gamed somehow because this is a comically bad book I don't mind pulp in general but this had no plot two action seuences make up about 80% of the book bizarre caricatures for characters when the protagonist reaches the damsel to rescue her her response is to start making out with him instead of escaping? and is riddled with spelling and grammatical errorsHere's a choice uote It was a good defensible hiding place but I didn't like that we were trapped inside As a matter of fact I didn't like it a lotThe last sentence sums up how I feel about this book pretty well too

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    Great action packed sci fi story that was uite an easy read in spite of the hard erotic scenes in it James Chalk has masterfully managed to create really realistic picture of what future might be His humor and skillful use of words spiced up the story just from the right places moving the story smoothly forward The protagonist Jonathan Harkon was created perfectly and some scenes in the story reminded me of Dune in a good way which is one of my all time favorites the fight scenes were awesome and even with some disturbing sexual contents in the story I found myself lost in it The story is not for the prude ones though But if you love sci fi erotic and action this is just the right book for you

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    Advances in technology along with the depths of human depravity and prevalence of corruption makes it likely for human society to be moved into a similar scenario within the next couple of decades Combined with an exceptionally well written story and believable characters those factors make The Meat Market feel just around the cornerThe point of view is intimate and brings the reader right into Jonathon's heart and mind and makes the story important to the reader There's a good mix of action and down time that flows naturally and the dialog and character interactions are well done The imagery is rich and still trusts the reader's imagination to fill in the detailsOverall this is an excellent read and I'll definitely buy others in the series Highly recommended

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    John Harkon is like an Ethan Hunt of the future While introducing us to a brilliant character James Chalk takes us into a well built sci fi setting which seems all too possible The book also nudges us to think about the present clearly something close to the author’s heart You know there are books that you can read a bit at a time and there are books that you blast through This definitely falls in the second category Great read

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    This book is set in the future Earth has finally reached the end of it's resources and people now live on space stations colonies' and other planets James Chalk has imagined a rich and believable description of life on several of these settlementsJonathan Harkon is a product of all that is right with this future society but not so good as to be unrealistic in fact he can be downright crude and vicious when necessary Jonathan is the exiled son of Harkon's Royal family and is living as a small time smuggler on a religion based colonyJonathan finds himself working at a strip club where there is a mysterious backroom that is heavily guarded and where employees are forbidden to goWhat he discovers there is depravity for a new generation This novel is well written although graphically violent at times and will keep the reader interested until the endI look forward to reading about the adventures of Jonathan Harkon 4 Stars

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    “The Meat Market Jonathan Harkon Adventures” by James Chalk is an inventive futuristic thriller taking place in a time of space colonisation Our hero Jonathan Harkon works as security officer on Sanctity a planet colony that has a very restrictive and religiously shaped character His work of employ is a Bikini club from where his adventures take him to uncover an outrageous secret about the planet and the clubThe setting is a clever and educated projection of contemporary issues on Earth which distinguish this work from other works in the genre that are pure fantasy than a thoroughly thought out scenario There are famous and highly appropriate uotes introducing each chapter showing the mind of a deep and capable writerThe thriller part of the novel is fast paced full of well written action and suspense excellently plotted and very enjoyable to follow The novel pleasantly surprised me when I figured out what the mystery around the character Brenda was and I just loved the endingA brilliant morally sound and thought provoking take on the future that makes a welcome change from mindless fantasy and science fiction fare Much appreciated

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    I really enjoyed this book Once I started reading I had a lot of trouble putting it down I loved the way the sci fi was mixed with the erotic There were certainly a few twists in there I didn't see coming It has great scenes with great descriptions I also got pretty attached to the main character The ending has me very interested in what comes next for him and the girls

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    I'm a science fiction ho and this fed right into my loves Humans have spread out through the universe after destroying our planet ecologically This was a new storyline for me and frightening I've read about cloning but to juxtapose this use for clones with a super religious colony was genius It hit all the right notes with me and I want to read adventures of Jonathan Harkon his ship Mary Rose and of course his cat If you read sci fi you'll enjoy this one

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    Hard gritty erotic funny with a twist of realism which made it both entertaining and intriguing at the same time To imagine a solar system with such diverse characters and with some similar traits to humans and indeed any other planetary beings was what caught my attention Harkon is witty but also hard cynical and tells it as is He is a great character who will easily go on and on in a series of booksNot for the fainthearted or prude A great entertaining read

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