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The Tightening Spiral [PDF / EPUB] The Tightening Spiral The Tightening Spiral is Tara Fox Hall’s exciting second collection of short fiction Dark tales of suspense and terror Whether your taste in horror runs toward zombies demons serial killers or ghost The Tightening Spiral is Tara Fox Hall’s exciting second collection of short fiction Dark tales of suspense and terror Whether your taste in horror runs toward zombies demons serial killers or ghosts you will find stories to love throughout this collection.

  • Paperback
  • 202 pages
  • The Tightening Spiral
  • Tara Fox Hall
  • English
  • 18 August 2016
  • 9780615903927

About the Author: Tara Fox Hall

Tara Fox Hall’s writing credits include nonfiction horror suspense erotica and contemporary and historical paranormal romance She also coauthored the essay “The Allure of the Serial Killer” published in Serial Killers Philosophy for Everyone Being and Killing Wiley Blackwell Her first full length action adventure novel Lash published in April Her vampire series begins in.

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    This well written easy to digest read of very short mostly two pages short stories will definitely find its audience I don't think that I am that audience though I didn't find the stories to be very scary though scary may not have been the author's intention It was nice to see a female lead in every story to see female villains and anti heroes I felt that sometimes perhaps due to the nature of the genre the stories were predictable and therefore not shocking This was not always the case for there were times when I was caught off guard to my pleasure But I did and do wish that I was caught off guard often However since the stories were often so short I didn't feel overly disappointed when I predicted an ending because I hadn't invested much time in that particular story An unfortunate criticism there is on average one typo every eight pages Considering there are over 200 pages that's a lot of typos If you're looking for bite sized PG rated horror of which you can knock out four stories in the half hour before falling asleep this book may be for you I think that this is a good introduction to the author like a portfolio I'm sure many readers will through this collection of short stories become interested in reading from Tara Fox Hall

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    I received a copy from a First Reads giveaway As a fan and writer of dark fiction and short stories I expected this would be my kind of book Most of these 30 stories are fairly short for short stories—only a couple pages Each section involves a theme so there’s a little bit of everything depending on one’s tastesSpiritual Journey“Convert”A woman wins the lottery uits her job travels to a bed and breakfast where some Satanists are involved “The Prison”Prisoners try to find out who’s in charge It doesn’t end well “Ordeal”A zombie story with the affliction known as MindlessnessThe Psychology of Morality“A Pound of Flesh”A murder involving flesh in a box “In The Night”A mother and daughter hunt hitchhikers for sport “Say Goodbye”A mother tries to keep her son away from her ex husband “The Bribe”A grandmother reminds her granddaughter to be kind when she tells her story about her encounter with a murderer“Choosethevictimcom”I wish this was longer since the concept of a killer using social media to choose victims proved promising “The Lie”Running for mayor involves foul play and the usual dirtiness of politics Into the Supernatural Realm“Cat’s Cry”A ghost story with cats “Black Smoke”A chilling story of a woman who returns to her old home for closure about the black smoke she encountered in the basement“Let Me In”After finding her lover is cheating on her a woman lets a demon inside“Toys”A ghost story with a girl who finds abandoned toys in the woods “The Tunnel”A haunted tunnel but I didn’t enjoy the POV switch from first person and then to two other characters“The Second Floor”A ghost on the second floor of the school has to have her visitors or else she’ll get worse I liked the conceptBites“Chosen One”A cricket’s story“Cold Enough”A man looks for a freezer big enough to fit a person Interesting concept but didn’t like the POV switch“These Long Years of Silence”A mother and daughter reconnect after years of silence“Jack”A half a page Halloween story with severed heads“Hold Your Breath”Ex boyfriends hunt their ex girlfriends for sport“1812”A half page vampire scene“Penny Fiction”Three lines with some nice imagery“Strangers”After a traffic accident a couple take refuge in a secluded house and the rest turns into a mess “Making Hay”A tale of meanness set in a barn“Hungry”A statue feasts on a dog and his owner“Typical”An empty office and a surpriseTattered Futures“Face Recognition”Breaking into a lab goes wrong“The Memory of Trees”A post apocalyptic infection but with trees“The Network”Social media uprising pisses off politicians “End of Days”Biological warfare leads to humans over the age of 21 to become infected and transformed into monsters Although I’m not a fan of post apocalyptic horror I found this entertainingWith the exception of the last couple longer stories “The Memory of Trees” and “End of Days” which I enjoyed I would’ve preferred a variety of lengths Some ideas sounded fun and intrigued me and I wanted them to be developed but some seemed as if they were written in an afterthought before moving on to something else The writing could use some polish and there are typos Tara Fox Hall creates a variety plate in The Tightening Spiral but it turns out to be nothing than samplers save for a couple stories with enough meat to sink your teeth into

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    A fascinating collection of really well written and interesting tales Ms Hall delights us once again with her wealth of ideas A smorgasbord for the gourmet reader There were several stories here that I would have liked to be longer even to be novels but that is the job of the short story – to make you want They are all so good that it is practically impossible to pick a favourite but if I had to it would be ‘Convert’ which reminded me of Stephen King’s ‘Children of the Corn’ If you have not read Tara Fox Hall you are missing some real treats This little book would be a very good way of getting to know her Buy it I’m sure you won’t be disappointed

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    I received the book for free through Goodreads First ReadsI really enjoyed the short stories in this book I didn't find them to be much in the way of horror just a little twisted I was slightly disappointed with the way a couple of the stories ended but that was probably only because they were so short and I felt there should have been to them Excellent book to pick up when you only have a few minutes to read a story as each is only a few pages long at most

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    I love short stories especially when they come in batches I think this is the largest batch I’ve ever readlisten to by the same author On that note I had several issues with some of these stories I felt some were too short Some I had to relisten to in an attempt to figure out what was going on I don’t like having to do that or I was left with uestions which is bad in my opinion for a short story or there were uestionable parts that didn’t make sense to me The majority I felt didn’t have enough detail or action to really pull me in So the story began it ended and I simply moved on to the next one I don’t think they weren’t developed enough to allow a connection to be made between reader and character So I was left feeling no real emotion for the story which is sad in of itself when obviously the author wants the reader to feel something Only a few of the stories did I actually like or deem entertaining Those included “Grandma’s House Cat’s Cry The Tunnel The Second Floor” the story about the cricket and “The Memory of Trees” The rest of the stories I would have given a 1 or 2 That’s not good given there were around thirty different stories I wasn’t a fan of the narrator Right off she reminded me of a primary school teacher I could easily imagine her sitting on a little chair surrounded by a group of kids reading them a story I’m not sure if it was the writing style per the amateurish sounding dialogue that went with some of the stories or the narrator herself but for some of the stories she came off as sounding very robotic while reading while other times she sounded natural If she tried character voices that would be great tooI received a free audiobook copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Lots of variety that gives you a good sample of the authors work I could recommend this solely on the story end of days about a attack on the US that turns adults into mutants The rest of the stories are icing on the cake Well narrated with interesting concepts I would also suggest picking up her other audiobook Latham’s landing I received a free review audiobook and voluntarily left this review

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