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Web Application Development with R Using Shiny [PDF / EPUB] Web Application Development with R Using Shiny Popular PDF Epub, Web Application Development with R Using Shiny author Chris Beeley There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others isbn 9781783284474 110 pages and has a t Popular Development with R Using PDF or PDF Epub, Web Application Development with Development with Kindle Ó R Using Shiny author Chris Beeley There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others isbn pages and has a text language like English.

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    Full disclosure I was given a free review copy of this book by the publisher This review refers to the ebook versionShiny is elegant and simple way to share interactive R analyses on the web It is essentially a domain specific language for producing HTML from R in the UI file plus a set of simple server wrapper functions for the business logic of your analysis This simplicity will appeal to amateur and professional data scientistsstatisticians who are interested in getting their work out there with minimum fuss and for whom web development is not their primary focusIf you are an R user planning to use Shiny at all then you want to be getting this book It really gets across the simplicity of the framework; it is well laid out and covers a range of main features from controlling analyses with html buttons and sliders to advanced graphics options and animation Referring to this book is far less hassle than trawling through help files and forumsThere are a few problems with the book however First the examples are all rather lightweight I would have liked the book to build up to one big complex showstopper app that really showed off the power of the Shiny platform Second I was unsure of the audience that the book was aimed at It states at the beginning that “You need no previous experience with R Shiny HTML or CSS to begin using this book” and the first chapter is a very cursory introduction to installing and using R Frankly you would not want to be learning R itself from this book so a lot of this very basic introductory material seems superfluous Later on the book casually drops in references to Javascript Juery and custom html tags with barely a mention I would guess that most people interested in this book are already familiar with R so I would have much preferred a gentle introduction to web development than one on basic R syntax and data structures Lastly the book is very light on details for using the shiny server for hosting on your own servers – it basically just says “Go and look at the documentation” That said this book is a solid introduction to Shiny and would be an important addition to any data scientist’s library There is plenty of room though for a future cookbook style guide to fill in some of the gaps

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    Here is a uick book review for those who are interested in developing Shiny web appsThe book begins with a short but essential introduction to some key R functions for handling data and graphics Chapter 2 is a walk through of key Shiny components nicely demonstrated by an example of Google Analytics API integration It then discusses how Shiny can be further extended with the use of HTML CSS JavaScript and juery I find chapter 4 most useful as it goes deep into the practical aspects of handling reactivity and taking full control of inputs and outputs The book ends with some tips on code sharing and browser compatibilityI find this book really useful as I am trying to implement new functionality and ideas into my CrimeMap It illustrates very well what you can do with Shiny using lots of practical examples

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    This is a really book on web development with R using Shiny Even for an experienced Shiny developer there's a lot of things that you might knowso I had a great time reading it Lots of simple but useful examples

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    Disclaimer I was given a free copy of the book from the publisher to reviewIf you are a data scientist who is not also a web developer and have been using R for data analyses already Shiny Server is a fantastic new package that will enable you to uickly put together great looking web dashboards with all the power of R at your fingertipsI learned about Shiny late in 2012 and started using it regularly early last year Without a book to guide me in those early days I basically used the Shiny forum on Google Groups and the Shiny website which has a nice tutorial to followWhat I really wanted during that time was a book like Beeley's introduction here He basically takes you through all the necessary steps in putting together Shiny websites Shiny has a fairly steep learning curve and some advanced concepts like reactive functions which are covered here fairly completelyBasically if you have heard about Shiny and are interested you probably are if you're reading this right? already this book is a no brainer as an introduction right now especially with nothing else on the market as of this review

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    Helpful but not as advanced as I was hoping for

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