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Snug Fit [PDF / EPUB] Snug Fit Friday night 752pm Kate's dress feels too tight the restaurant seems too fancy and her date is running late She has decided that tonight is a bad idea after all until a stranger two seats away begins Friday night pm Kate's dress feels too tight the restaurant seems too fancy and her date is running late She has decided that tonight is a bad idea after all until a stranger two seats away begins talking to herNote Explicit sex scenes Adult material intended for readers aged .

  • ebook
  • 12 pages
  • Snug Fit
  • Anna Bayes
  • English
  • 10 January 2014

About the Author: Anna Bayes

Anna writes contemporary paranormal BDSM and LGBT erotic romances She is herself a bisexual submissive and finds writing the perfect outlet for her wild ideasIn real life Anna is an introverted bookworm looks sweet and kind of innocent but don't let her brown eyes fool you ;.

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    This is a really great erotica short story but as other reviewers have already commented it is far too short It left me panting for much Just when the action was hotting up to somewhere near boiling point I came across the following two words The EndHow sadKate is a woman who knows exactly what she wants and it is not her blind date tardy John or the barman What's his name It is Mike the sexy local vet who she encounters whilst waiting for John to show upShe gets what she wants and very uickly And she is not at all disappointed Nor is MikeOne snippet which distracted me because it puzzled me was It is Mike’s eyes the changing colors of his pupils For the rest of the book I was thinking Do pupils actually change color? Minor point but it tickled me pinkThat's all I'll say Read the book It'll only take you a few minutes as it is only twelve pages long

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    Snug Fit was given to me for exchange of an honest reviewI feel cheated I want I immediately liked Kate’s personality and when she meets the mystery man I knew he was going to be interesting I really enjoyed this short fling but I wish we could learn about the new spicy couple Plus I would have liked to know what her reaction to the mystery man’s last words wereSo My thoughts on Snug Fit are Good book with just the right amount of spice but wished it was a little longer

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    Copy Provided by author for honest reviewGreatshort witty erotic read Everybody knows what that first date with someone feels like not in clothing that you normally wear at a restaurant out of your normal routine just plain uncomfortable but it's always nice when while you wait for your date to show to sit back and have a drink So for Kate getting to enjoy a relaxed witty conversation with Mike andhaving an instant attraction to this handsome man who has a sense of humor and your completely at ease with is a great relief well until your date Shows up Mike graciously leaves once John arrives but not before he makes sure Kate has his number Does poor John know this is his first and last date with Kate? Now for Kate with her date over the mental war over to call Mike wages but not for long this short story just getsplainoutright hot from hereNow this is a short story so I am not giving away any but if your looking for a uick hot read do not pass this one upI especially like that though the author gives you an ending she left an opening to re visit these two which I hope she does

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    At this point in my life I'm not often surprised I've seen too much and done even but to uote Forrest Gump life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you've going to get 'Snug Fit' turned out to be a delicious morsel in the box of life and I'm delighted I bought and unwrapped itThis is the story of a sassy lady named Katie who meets a hunk of goodness while waiting for her blind date to show up The blind date is late and a handsome stranger stirs Katie's juices in his absence What unfolds after this unexpected connection is scandalous and makes for a sexy read I greatly enjoyed this short story and wish I could meet a woman like Katie Yep I give this story two thumbs up and four stars

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    When waiting at a restaurant bar for her date to arrive Kate chats up a friendly gentleman named Mike When Kate's date arrives they part but not for good as Kate is not interested in her date companion I won't give away any of the story but it has everything a decent short erotic story needs I would have preferred to learn a little about Kate other than her self described promiscuousness and a lot about Mike But for just a short hot uickie this is a story that than fits Yes bad pun intended 3 12 stars overallI wish to thank Ms Bayes for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

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    I put my feet on my desk and read this during a coffee break it was the perfect thing to pick up for this It's a short story about one cup of coffee long and it's fun and flirty and sexy While waiting to meet a man she met on the internet Kate gets chatting to a stranger who is much her type There was genuine chemistry between the two and some great banter and the sex carried through that connection in a satisfying romp Copy provided by the writer in exchange for an honest review

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    It's a good story but I felt like there could of been in it To me I couldn't decide if it was meant to be erotic yeah the shower scene says it was but I was expecting when she met with mike and I was a little disappointed But I did enjoy reading it Thanks for letting me read the book

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    I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest reviewI finished this book wishing it was longer I wanted to keep reading The connection between the characters was instantaneous and felt natural It was flirty and fun and the sex was hot I really enjoyed it

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    Received copy of the book in exchange for an honest reviewReal rating 48Snug fit is a short lit erotica contemporary romance by author Anna Bayes I learn that to not bore your readers and to keep their short attention spans in your material you must keep everything short and to the point varies depending on situation everyone but the author just went out of her way and came wham bam thank you ma'am on my mind Can you believe that? This 12 page spread has just given me a few minutes read but yeah it was SUUUUPPPERR and I'm not just saying this but the development is very good and the all scenes are detailed including the sex Uhu2x guys winkwink that the imagination just goes zzooommm What's is the first person point of view making the audience feel even experience as if they are the character in the story Th dialogue is very amusing and witty I especially love these uotes I just want mind boggling sex tonight but I don't think you can beat my vibrator and the Are you secretly texting me while John is in your bathroom? Then can I just compliment the ending? The author is too cruel and I hate it like I love it it's even lip biting than a cliffhanger and I was just 'really? That's it?' In a good way cause it's like you're at the crest of the greatest peak of the whole wide world and you can see the most amazing scenery when you look down and then you realize you have no way of getting out of there safely That's a real cliffhanger everyone Recommended for everyone be prepared to be a little or so depending on experience wet or hard You know what I mean and if you're a little ueasy about the scenes you can just skip them it's not all about sex people and just enjoy the romance The clear way of writing and the good flow of the story is also a plus Love it

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review SMEXY AS ALL GET OUT This book is exactly what it is supposed to be the perfect tease Short Sassy Sexy Pretty much exactly how Ms Bayes described Kate and her dress as she sat and waited for her late date At least she didn't have to wait alone There were a couple of men at the bar to keep her company while she waited Thankfully one of them was Read the book You'll enjoy it I certainly didMy only complaint is it was too short I got to the end what I hoped was a chapter but turned out to the whole thing To be fair this was pretty much perfect I just wanted of it I would certainly enjoy finding out how the fit was down the road5 smiling stars from me for this And of Anna Bayes' books Please

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