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Darlas Story Ashfall #05 [PDF / EPUB] Darlas Story Ashfall #05 Darla Edmunds has faced a lot of challenges in her seventeen years Her dad died in a farming accident when she was fourteen Her mother retreated into hyper religiosity leaving Darla to run the family Darla Edmunds has faced a lot of challenges in her seventeen years Her dad died in a farming accident when she was fourteen Her mother retreated into hyper religiosity leaving Darla to run the family farm almost single handedly But those struggles pale in comparison to the one she faces after the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts plummeting the world and Darla's small corner of Iowa into a cataclysmic natural disaster.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 102 pages
  • Darlas Story Ashfall #05
  • Mike Mullin
  • English
  • 25 January 2014

About the Author: Mike Mullin

Mike Mullin’s first job was scraping the gum off the undersides of desks at his high school From there things went steadily downhill He almost got fired by the owner of a bookstore due to his poor taste in earrings He worked at a place that showed slides of poopy diapers during lunch it did cut down on the cafeteria budget The hazing process at the next company included eating live termites.

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    i realized the other day that i had only read books by female authors since the turn of the new year that day i decided to make a month out of it and continue the streak that was also the day that i learned that this short story existed had in fact existed since OCTOBER which thanks for the heads up mike mullin so a dilemma do i continue the streak or do i make an exception since this story only contains female characters and since darla is one of the most fantastic teenage girl characters in all of literature? you know what i did and i don't feel bad about it at allthis is just a little tease something to tide us over until the publication of Sunrise but it was a very welcome addition to the trilogy this is as you have no doubt guessed by the title darla's story the story of where she was and what she was doing when the supervolcano erupted while she was on her farm with her very religious mother and still mourning the death of her father darla is the most capable girl that has ever been written she can fix a tractor build a water pump repair just about anything and she is level headed and practical all around so while she is not unfazed when the electricity goes out and ash starts falling from the sky blocking out the sun and leaving them isolated and with no idea what is happening in the greater world she is at least able to pause take a moment and then get shit done and she gets so very much shit done and you will hear about it in detail than you believed possible that is one of the great mike mullion trademarks if you needed to you could probably recreate the water pump darla builds if you had the right materials at the ready he has never been one to shy from details both technical and scientific and while it is unusual to have the teenage girl stepping up and taking charge while her mother is or less helpless and deferring to her daughter for both the answers to what is going on?? and the hands on necessities of getting them into survival mode this is darla we're talking about here she is going to be in the leadership role no matter who else is around she is just that badass i loved having this backstory insight and i wish there were stories like this available or that this one had been longer but i suppose i can wait until april to get my hands on the conclusion but i am tapping my foot impatientlyokay back to the ladies

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    Darla is an amazing human

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    SO MUCH ANGSTAnd it's not even angst it's RAGE I fucking hate Ruth like I've not hated a character since god Maybe Levana? But Ruth's not even a VILLAIN okay? She's an idiot My brain seriously paints her as that one aunt who has taken to technology so wholeheartedly that she literally cannot function without it BEYOND no common sense here I honestly have no clue how Ruth has lasted as long as she has because she can't even stop to think things outALL THAT NONSENSE ASIDE This story is fantastic I loved getting to see where Darla came from how she and her mom dealt with the ashfall and just get that peek into her life that we don't see through Alex's eyes in the first book Character backstories are something I LIVE for and I didn't think it was possible for me to love Darla than I did after reading the Ashfall trilogy I was wrong This girl is one of the best characters I've ever had the pleasure of meeting in fiction

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    Darla and Alex were each caught in the aftermath of the Yellowstone supervolcano eruption but Darla had a few advantages She wasn't alone for one; Alex had to ski one hundred forty miles through ash clogged streets in search of his parents while Darla was on the farm with her mother when calamity struck Darla was also better informed about the disaster descending upon the United States Alex heard a few tidbits and theories from his neighbors before leaving to find his parents but Darla received a clear explanation via her radio before all transmissions ended The future has never been on shakier ground but Darla is luckier than most After the earthuakes the same ear splitting noise that Alex endured in the first book assaults the area where Darla lives The roaring cacophony lasts hours through the night and into the next day Darla and her mother huddle in the basement wearing headphones not knowing if the noise will ever end The scenario worsens to doomsday proportions after the sound abates Thick ash rains from the sky completely blocking the sun The first time Darla wanders out to check on her rabbits in the barn she gets lost a few feet from the house a mistake that could have proved fatal in the toxic ashfall if her mother didn't find her right away Realizing the situation might not improve anytime soon Darla stockpiles batteries and candles Recalling what her father taught her before he passed away some time ago in an accident Darla uses the farm's assets to her advantage She even rigs the well to pump manually providing fresh water that few others within 1500 miles of Yellowstone have Darla and her mother are doing okay until Darla accidentally runs over an old woman with the tractor The woman Ruth isn't badly hurt She has family in Omaha Nebraska three hundred miles from where Darla lives in Iowa and wants to go there as soon as possible Darla doesn't recognize Ruth's desperation until too late and tracking down a renegade with a stolen tractor is beyond difficult with miasmic ash pouring from the sky Darla's good luck may be running out especially when another stranger stumbles toward the farmhouse grievously injured What Darla doesn't know is that this moment might determine the direction of the rest of her life however long it lasts Darla's Story doesn't add a lot to the Ashfall series Most of what Darla survives we already went through with Alex in Ashfall but it felt exciting because we didn't know what to expect There are a few novelties in Darla's situation because she lives on a farm The best part of Darla's Story is what's revealed of her relationship with her father how he showed his love by teaching her all sorts of mechanical skills They would save her life than once on the road with Alex the practical legacy of her father's adoration He tried to keep her from becoming a tomboy by giving her a dollhouse and hand carving furniture for it with her but Darla didn't always appreciate the gesture The hours she invests now in taking care of the dollhouse as a way to feel close to her father is the main emotional connection of this book If you're a fan of the Ashfall series pick up a copy of Darla's Story It's only seventy pages and you'll know Darla better for reading it It's worth the time

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    This was an excellent novella that gives you background on Darla who is a very strong and interesting character If you loved the Ashfall trilogy you'll want to read this novella just to have a bit time in that world I have also heard that a 4th book might be added to the trilogy in 2018 so I am very hopeful It's a very dark gritty violent and fascinating post apocalyptic story so if you can't handle violence or gore you might want to pass on this However the depth of the ugliness of the world after a super volcano explodes and coats the world in ash is fascinating and the terribleness of humanity is offset by the beauty of it The two are always at odds with each other but it makes for an interesting if dark and intense read Pages 70

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    Also posted at Sporadic ReadsMike Mullin's Ashfall Series is one of the best dystopian stories out there After picking up the first book I had to read the next Unfortunately the last book Sunrise is set to be released on April 2014 It's a wonderful thing that Mullin gave us this novella whilst waiting for said book Darla is the best person that Alex the male protagonist of the series met In this book we learned about Darla's background and family life We get to have a peek in the mind of Darla whose reaction upon seeing Alex for the first time was justified Now I understand why she reacted the way she did when Alex collapsed in their barn during book 1Darla isn't your typical teen She's got a lot of sass She works hard She knows her way around tools and machinery Her dad taught her well She's the opposite of girlie and she loves her Mom very much even though they don't agree on everything It was so obvious that their relationship is really strongMullin took us to where Darla was when the super volcano erupted Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty Darla was able to maintain a clear mind and had a list of things to do to make sure she and her mother survived whatever it was that was happening at that time All the things that her father taught her paid off She was able to tinker and build stuff that made their lives better if not easierThis made me love Darla even This is a great companion for the Ashfall series and you can read this novella before starting off with Ashfall because it doesn't contain any spoilers about the next books At 099 it's a stealRead from December 03 to 04 2013Review featured at Mike Mullin's Official Website

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    This was the first time I tried reading a book actually a novella in English How to say it was really an exciting experienceIn this novella you will find Darla's life right after the supervolcano until the moment Alex appeared on her door Once again Darla appeared to be a clever girl since she figured out how to go to the barn which was just 10 meter from her house or made a pump to take water from the well or fixed the tractor She was a good hearted girl but a stupid selfish woman then caused her suspection unfriendliness and indifference to AlexIt's just a short story and there's nothing to write here But I have to say that I love Darla since the trilogy I've already said in those reviews in the trilogy that I hate super dumb Alex who brought all dangerous situation to Darla and left her deal with it when he was facing hopelessness one of which even nearly got her life I even love her in this novella 3

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    I'm a big fan of the Ashfall series and had already read this when it first came out but I decided to try the audio and see Well I loved it Sarah Chevalier did a great job with Darla She really captured her spirit and drive I thoroughly enjoyed her performance The story is from Darla's POV from the eruption till when she meets Alex Now there isn't anything new in this that we didn't already know from the first book but I loved seeing it actually from Darla's POV and not just told by her You truly get a sense of how tough and resilient she is and it just makes me love her character If you're new to the Ashfall series I urge you to read it Mike Mullin is a very talented author and the series as a whole is phenomenal If you're unsure then start with Ashfall and then read this you won't be sorry

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    I love Darla Awesome little storyI wished Darla had of run over Ruth a little thoroughly too

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    Darla is a badass Love how clever and sassy she is

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