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Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account Register Start a Wiki The Shadowhunter Chronicles Pages Add new page Main series The Mortal Instruments Secret treasons | articles and images curated Feb are you killing for yourself or killing for your saviour || the early days of valentine's circle See ideas about Aesthetic Saviour The secret history The Secret Treasons eBook The Secret PDFEPUB The Secret Treasons eBook The Secret PDFEPUB secret ebok treasons ebok The Secret free The Secret TreasonsThe Secret Treasons PDFAm I the only person that actually wants this and isn t going to bite the hand that feeds them by asking Cassandra Clare to stop If you people don t want to read it then DON T but don t ruin it for everyone else who s actually looking forward to it The Secret Treasons – TMI Source The Secret Treasons Cassandra Clare announces titles of ‘Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy’ August Comments While on her UK tour for City of Heavenly Fire Cassandra Clare shared that she and some of her author friends will be writing short stories about Simon Lewis from The Mortal Exclusive Cassandra Clare talks Simon short stories ‘The Secret Treasons’ ‘The The Secret Treasons | Fandom Hi can anyone tell me if The Secret Treasons was The Secret Treasons Idris The Secret Treasons A Traies Secretas na traduo livre foi um projeto de uma graphic novel ue planejava contar os acontecimentos do incio do Ciclo de Valentim e todos os seus membros Com uma ambientao dos anos saberamos mais profundamente sobre o ue ocorreu nessa poca com personagens ue so ponto chave em Os Instrumentos Mortais.

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    Am I the only person that actually wants this and isn't going to bite the hand that feeds them by asking Cassandra Clare to stop? If you people don't want to read it then DON'T but don't ruin it for everyone else who's actually looking forward to it

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    I just have one thing to sayFinallyI’m not sure why this book is already getting so much animosity just because it’s another installment to the Shadowhunter Chronicles Yes you read that right They are CHRONICLES As in there can be than one series in the grand categorization of Cassandra’s writing You don’t like it? Then don’t read it Simple as that I for one am anticipating this installment over all the others Sure I’m excited for the other series’ but from the moment I read about The Circle of Raziel I become entranced in its story And because I had read The Mortal Instruments before any other series in the chronicles my love for all the ‘Circle’ characters has only been harvesting with time deep breathFor starters we already know this novel will have a morbid ending We know who dies and who lives but what we don’t know is how they got there and what they went through To be honest I was always a little than aggravated that Cassandra didn’t elaborate what had happened to the angst ridden narcissist and paranoid teenagers that I’ve grown to love Out of all of Clare’s stories I strongly believe that this one is the most tragic It is a pure agonizing tragedy with absolutely no happy endings and a whole lot of conflicting emotions There isn’t any ‘grand finale’ that can tie up the series in all its perfection because there was never an ending to The Secret Treasons The characters either died vanished or were exiled And I think I love that their story concludes on that note None of the characters are perfect and than half of them can justifiably be considered murders That being said this story wraps up all aspects of the perfect tragedy There is so much that I’m ready to draw blood just to know For instance; Who is Valentine’s father and what exactly did he do to his son to make him so merciless? Why was Hodge older than the rest of the cult? How did Michael and Robert become parabatai? Did Michael’s wife know he was bisexual? Were Mayrse and Jocelyn good friends? Who befriended Celine first and how did she come to join the Circle? Why did Valentine select Celine to be Stephen’s new wife? What happened to Amatis after the divorce? Was Amatis ever pregnant? Was there ever signs of Valentine’s humanity when Jocelyn was falling in love with him? How did the Clave not act sooner when they knew about this ‘teenage cult?’ Etc etc etcI would also like to point out that this novel will be different from the other Shadowhunter books because it is a graphic novel and will contain mostly drawings I’m not a huge comic book or anime fan but I love the story behind The Circle of Raziel so much that I’m willing to get through this book That still doesn’t change the fact that I’d rather Cassie just write their story as a single book to compliment the rest of the series kind of like an incredibly long novella but without the other stories Also I heard rumors that there will possibly be TWO graphic novels? GAH I JUST NEED THIS IN MY POSSESION ALREADY

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    Seriously enough is enoughIt's not even funny any I seriously wonder when Clare is going to finally going to stop milking this poor cowOne spinoff Perfectly fine Two Okay Announcing a two spinoffs before the second spinoff is even released annoying and slap on the wrist worth And now another one At this point I can't help but feel sorry for someone who doesn't get a hint Apparently having a box office bomb wasn't enough to clue her in that this series was done

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    why am I so excited about this I literally don't know anything about it

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    WHAT?? I DIDN'T KNOW THIS EXISTED A graphic novel around the days of the Circle Yayyyyyyyyyy

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    Please please please stop talking about how Cassandra Clare is milking the money cow BEFORE the graphic novel even came out If you're tired of all these Shadowhunter Chronicles just don't read them any Don't start bitching about how this series or rather multiple series will never end and Cassandra Clare is just trying to make the most money possible There are some people yes like me who enjoy reading the Shadowhunter Chronicles so please don't be disrespectful At least wait till this graphic novel is published before you criticizeI'm seriously looking forward to reading about the Circle in the early days Valentine who I know is going to be an intriguing character Luke Jocelyn Maryse who comes off as totally badass Stephen Celine Michael and Robert I'm actually really interested in Michael and Robert's parabatai relationship and view spoilerhow Michael was in love with Robert got really curious about that after The Evil We Love hide spoiler

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    I want this so badly Hope it gets news soonEDITI asked Cassandra Clare on tumblr if there was any news on this and she Replied to me I seriously freaked out and told me that since its an art project is going slowly but there should be new soon

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    Ohhhh my godsI am really excited about this

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    I think this is the only new Shadowhunter project ever since she started spewing them like crazy that isn't completely redundant and is something fans have asked for since the very beginning Thank God for small favors

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