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Dance Until Dawn [PDF / EPUB] Dance Until Dawn Do you Believe in Love After LifeAt twenty five West End dancer Ellie Wakefield should be having the time of her life The only problem is ever since waking up in a leaky cellar belonging to three hund Do you Believe in Love After LifeAt twenty five West End dancer Ellie Wakefield should be having the time of her life The only problem is ever since waking up in a leaky cellar belonging to three hundred year old vampire Will Austen she's been very much dead And to make matters worse she's since found that an aversion to blood and a fear of the dark aren't very helpful—especially when you're a fledgling Dance Until ePUB Ñ vampWilliam James Austen has fallen hard He's spent the last year loving Ellie from afar and now he's finally able to be truthful about who and what he is As the most powerful and revered vampire in London he's used to getting what he wantsBut this time Will might just have bitten off than he can chew.

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    Actual rating 370 starsFact I haven't been reading vampire novels or romances for about 6 yearsAnother fact This book might just have reminded me why I used to love such novels so much Dance until dawn starts off with Elinor Ellie a dancer turned into a vampire by the vampire elder of London Will who has been besotted with her uite a while and refuses to let her die So he turns her I’d have given a kidney to live there Of course I realised undead kidneys might not be too useful when all is said and done so there was another money making option out of the windowEllie finds herself suddenly undead thrust into a world she doesn't understand full of intrigues and games of power I found Berni's writing style clear fresh well detailed but at the same time very easy to readThe characters were well characterized and everyone had herhis specific voiceAs you might have already understood I liked Ellie and Will very muchThey were good on their own but together they were even betterAnd oh boythe sass the sass More often than not I was laughing my arse off ‘I understand that this is rather a lot to take in’ he said ‘But I would appreciate it if you would stop referring to me as either psychotic or perverted’ ‘Well I’d appreciate not being kidnapped and shut in this filthy hole’ ‘Touché’ One thing I particularly liked was how each chapter included both Ellie's and Will's PoV I really need to praise the author on how she skillfully managed to actually make the reader feel the difference of centuries between Ellie Will a woman of the 21st century and a man born in the 18thTalking about Will I really loved how he respected Ellie and her choices in everything he did I also appreciated how he wasn't perfect and how as powerful as he is in the end he still needs Ellie and her helpOverall I loved how Ellie's and Will's relationship was based on reciprocity and mutual respect and how Ellie doesn't immediately throw herself at Will because he's oh so sexy I always love it when a writer takes time to build a relationshipthumbs up She is the only creature on this earth who is vindictive enough to instigate revenge two centuries on’ ‘She needs to get a life’ I muttered ‘Or another death’ I greatly appreciated how Berni Stevens didn't present the transformation into a vampire as easy peasy The fact that Ellie's actually struggles with her new situation with the feeding etc made the novel feel very realisticDance until Dawn reminded me of some of the best classic vampire; the sass just made everything better In fact this book was lush decadent but also ironic and funnya perfect mixReview originally posted here

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    This is not the usual type of book I would go for but as I had nothing else to read at hand I bought it and it definitly hasnt dissapointed I was uite shocked at how much I enjoyed reading it It really is an amazing read and would recommend to anyone

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    I throughly enjoyed reading this book and the author held my attention throughout the whole book keeping me captivated in her plot and characters In my opinion this book is for a mature reader due to some sexual references and small trigger warnings however I felt that the writing style was middlegrade and thus I rated the book three stars I would pick up books from the author as the are uniue enjoyable and i can get through them relatively uickly I loved the plot and the speed at which the events unfolded with the book but the romance was not as well planned out or explained in my opinion I often the feeling that the main female character was being surpressed in certain scenes which contradicted the charcter's persoanlity I would have liked to have seen character development within the book To my delight the author's descriptions of the surroundings were amazing The author was able to lift the words off the page and create a mental image in mind of what was occuring adding value to my reading experience Also how the author entergrated new pieces of information was done smoothly and it never once felt like a piece of informative text was stuck in to clarify the movement of the plot

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    I do like a paranormal read especially one that has a romance woven into its pages and this is exactly what you get with Berni Stevens’ Dancing Till DawnWill’s the ultimate alpha vamp from an era long forgotten by modern society and Ellie’s an independent feisty young woman living her life by the rhythms of music and dance Both are from two different worlds until a terrible event flings Ellie into a life she neither believes nor fits in toFrom the moment Ellie opens her eyes and realises something is seriously amiss Berni Stevens gives the story a dark gothic feel that really appealed to me Initially tension comes in the form of Will and Ellie’s chemistry before shifting to focus on some unwelcome visitors and this moves the book on at a nice pace The narrative mainly comes from Ellie but an insight to Will’s thoughts is granted through his scattered journal entries which were an excellent touchIt’s great read with romance and action in eual measures and puts the subject of vampires firmly back into adult fictionReview by Charlotte Foreman on behalf of BestChickLitcom

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    Ellie wakes up in a creepy cellar and there is a creepy guy there yes that is the beginning ; Sort ofWhat I liked here is that Ellie had a really hard time believing she was a vampire I mean who would believe some crazy guy who locked you in the cellar So that was well done and William did seem crazy Even though I knew he really was a vampire and that he had saved her lifeBut the book was a bit I do not want to say slow going It just takes 13 of the book for them to move on to other things First she needs to believe and not want to run away So it's just them in that house for the most of it But then characters shows up and it even gets a bit suspenseful assomething happens I will not say anything English vampires are just so civil even when they kill someone A bit of a Gothic beginning turns romantic and suspenseful

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    I really enjoyed this book I was debating giving it three stars because of a few things that I felt it didn't really address towards the end but I decided I just enjoyed it too much for thatI have to say that this is a one of a kind vampire book Usually ya vamp books abandon traditional vampiric ideas and adopt modern views so that it seems realistic but that was not the case here and that's a good thing We have the whole garlic silver wooden stake daylight and holy items stuff that added a new spin to what I'm used to The romance in this book was very cute if not a bit creepy occasionally and it got a bit sexy at times which I was really not expecting Haha It had that whole sexy and protective bad boy thing going which is always a good thing Overall Read it xxx

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    For anyone who loves a good vampire romance this book is a must For me it felt like a welcome return to the genuine vampire stories like the original black and white Dracula films With its dark brooding atmosphere and excursions to Highgate Cemetery and the darker parts of north London the feeling of menace is brilliantly done As the characters inhabit this shadow world the reader expects something to jump out at them at any moment and they’re not disappointed The hero was delicious – no pun intended – and I loved his wicked sense of humour and mischievousness despite his darker side and controlling tendencies The heroine gives as good as she gets and the conversations between them sparkle All in all a great read

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    Not well written and slow So slow And predictable And boring Did not finish at 24%

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    This is the story of Elinor who was turned by William the Elder of London after a tragic accident that would have ended her lifeThe story itself was uite interesting and I enjoyed watching the fledgling vampire settle into her new life The book tackles aspects of the turning and the weeks that follow that most others gloss over such as the feeling that pulls a fledgling to sleep during the day While I liked the story there was something about the book that just didn’t click for me; I think it may have been the writing style as it seemed over written like the author was trying too hard Things were over described in places making sections of the book boring which caused me to skim sections of the text until I felt the story picked back up again I’m sorry to say that I found this book difficult to get into I didn’t really settle into it until around half way through and even then I was still skimming paragraphs here and there The story is told in the first person from both Elinor and William’s perspective It also contains several of William’s journal entries I actually preferred the journal entries over the first person narrative so it wasn’t the changing perspectives that made this book difficult to get lost inI may not rate this book up among my favourites but the story itself is a good one I liked the characterisation of Elinor and while I uestion her self preservation instincts you had to admire the fact that she was always willing to stick up for herself I found William to be a bit of a wild card There were moments when he seriously over reacted and treated Elinor appallingly despite the fact that he’d been obsessed with her even before her turning I found William difficult to understand in these scenes as they seemed completely out of characterI’m undecided as to whether or not I’ll continue with this series but I have added book two to my wish list just in caseSuggested Audience Adult readers of Paranormal RomanceProfanity NegligibleSexual content Infreuent but detailedViolence Sporadic sometimes severeCautionary elements Contains scenes of physical abuse torture and attempted rape Molestation is discussed as part of the character’s background

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    Rating 25This book is a nice fun read for anyone that is new to the genre or wants a taste of the genre As an reader that has read the top 75 books in the goodreads urban fantasyparanormal romance genre this book fell short for me In such an overpopulated market especially in this genre it is incredibly difficult to write a new book without inadvertently borrowing whether intentionally or not from the other great books in this genre For these reasons I deeply respect Stevens for giving it a goThe story follows a young ballerina that gets into a horrible accident and is turned into a vampire without consent by a handsome older vampire in the city of London The story has many of the themes present in the other books in this section and ultimately fails at bringing a fresh voice to the overcrowded market The book is predictable There is a scared little girl who gets turned into a vampire by a man that she doesn't know or love She ultimately falls in love with him and proves herself both strong and uniue in her abilitiesSince this is the author's fairly recent debut novel I felt that I had to be extra honest in my review Stevens has amazing potential to write an even better book Her character development is good and the writing kept me interested the entire time I know that new authors have it really tough so I hope that this review will serve as encouragement rather than a mean critiue

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