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Solving Single [PDF / EPUB] Solving Single You are the type of woman a man marries Yet you settle for being just another girl men string along Regardless of what commitment level you find yourself in if you have yet to receive the ultimate com You are the type of woman a man marries Yet you settle for being just another girl men string along Regardless of what commitment level you find yourself in if you have yet to receive the ultimate commitment from the man you want you are still SINGLE Stop waiting for a man to ask you out Stop waiting for a man to make your relationship exclusive Stop waiting for a man to reward your loyalty with an engagement ring Stop waiting period Learn to free yourself from relationship purgatory and get the lasting commitment you deserve Solving Single is a system that will eliminate your relationship problems by breaking years of habits erasing preconceived notions and unlocking the power every woman has over every man Solving Single is the key that will unlock the male mind allowing you to instantly get noticed by any man sidestep manipulation from those who just want sex and attain a legitimate romance There is no need to think like a man lower your standards or play his game Solving Single will show you how to win on your own terms no matter what faults you think you possess Stop waiting for your love life to fix itself and learn the definite steps to Solving Single.

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    It is about damn time someone came out with a book like this for OUR generation This ain't your auntie's copy of Act Like A Lady etc Focusing on the current generation the author helps you categorize the type of woman you are and assists you in realizing the type of man you may be dating while making you aware of the ways of ratchets and hoes With helpful advice we learn the ways to Spartan up and leave ain't shit no nothing men behind Would definitely recommend Read his Black Girls Are Easy blog

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    If you keep settling for the bottom how are you going to make it to the top?This author was recommended by my one and only favourite youtuber that I absolutely adore and who has empowered me as a woman in indescribable ways Unfortunately I couldn't stand the ghetto way of writing and the vulgarity of this man's words and this is the main reason for such a low rating Also poor vocabulary no higher literature value no strong scientific background a blog type of a book Could have been written in respectful manner However this book contains some of the gems I found and would like to shareBeing submissive will delight a man but it will not make him value youLearn to say “no” and say it often Most men will complain but they respect a challenge and if he’s truly into you he will compromise or do things on your terms once you show him you’re not a joke That’s not being a bitch to get your way That’s using your leverage to make him respect youYou can get any man but that doesn’t mean you can transform any man into a compatible one Having the power to attract is worthless if you lack the wisdom to pick the guys that best suit you emotionally

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    amazing ive Followed the Blog from which the book comes from I have to personally say it is a book for those ready for a change in the right direction Everyone can give you advice on relationships but when it comes from a mans perspective it makes a difference I absolutely recommend this book again for those ready for change

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    I needed to find somewhat short books to read to finish up my reading goal for 2019 Ho Tactics was suggested to me as an empowering book earlier this year I happened to really like the writers voice and thought it was a rather funny book So I wanted to hear what else he had to say that wasn’t related to being a ho and knew this would be a uick fun audiobook to get through This book is funny as shit Not in an ironic way But genuinely funny I know there are reviews saying that the author is rude or disrespectful I understand that perspective but I disagree I think he’s blunt and honestly talks about women being the shit and powerful and goddess like but that we’ve given our power away hoping some man runnin’ game will “pick us” I happen to agree with much of the sentiment in this book and though I didn’t read it to “get a man” I came away feeling confident in my choices with men and to continue to never settle My favorite thing about this book was that I feel like the misogynistic views of men get so much air time in the world it was nice to read a book where a man was saying women are amazing women are strong women are Spartans and we should always remember that Is this book also problematic and flawed? 100% But for me the humor and overall message was what I focused on As far as self help—it depends on what you’re looking for I wasn’t reading this with a self help intention yet I came away feeling much confident in who I am and what I will and won’t put up with from a man I’m interested in romantically So often I’ve had lady friends in my life tell me my standards for men are too high and this book reminded me that I should never lower my standards It felt good to feel validated for standards I’m often criticized for Consider myself helped If you’re looking for serious help with relationships or dating I’m not sure this is for you But who knows It’s a uick read and it’s funny so it can’t hurt

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    My eyes have been opened I've started to Spartan up already IRL thanks to this bookIt's a lot of the same tried and true classic advice talk to men you meet in your everyday life but put in a down to earth and memorable way that doesn't make it seem like he's some kind of wiser than thou guru a closed mouth doesn't get fed And he doesn't hold back He gives you a reality check while at the same time telling you to trust yourself and live like you're a ueen Believe in yourself be selfish go for what you want be clever about communicating like don't ask if he wants to get married someday over appetizers type of advice he doesn't recommend pick up artist BS and if he isn't what you want don't waste time on him that's basically the book in a nutshell After reading this I feel like other dating authors are holding back Lambert covers almost every single dating situation you could find yourself in good or bad I enjoyed the slang he used and the characterizations he painted but weak bitches may be sensitive to the swearing or hip hop characterizations

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    Narrow minded speculations of a know it all narcissist with no factual or scientific proof The author has no basic knowledge of anthropology sociology psychology biology or any kind of other science brands connected with human mating habits Or any kind of understanding of basic statisticsHe presents his subjective ideas as axioms with no room for a constructive debate or secondary explanations I would recommend this book to readers who are interested in the way the narcissistic mind works

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    Not a Christian dating book Lots of swearing and convincing of premarital sex If you are struggling w a son husband guy during COVID read this one before you drive yourself crazyAdmit’s he doesn’t speak for all men and didn’t have a father figure growing up Best guy POV in depth insight dating advice compilation I’ve seen in a long time though Every chapter is a new topic with so much to say from a straight to the point momma’s boy Says the point of the book is for women to see men as less scary and completely harmless He also mentions he’s piggy backing on Steve Harvey’s success with breaking down the male mind in order to give dating advice Steve was on the Christian side And has points where he adjusts advice for married or people in long term relationships that are stuck TBH I think they both Harvey Lambert had issues that they spent yrs observing personally dealing with soul searching through That being said who else is better at sharing mistakes and ideas I think he’s got a lot of on point opinions of how guys overcome relationships connection and commitment fears and how women feed those sometimes Grain of salt as everyone is not the same it’s all opinion based off thousands of experiences It’s also so in depth that it forces you to rethink everything from a guy’s POV for sure I would recommend it Also listened to his men don’t love unicorn and ho book which are disturbing when he women wives cost or controversial at the least A lot of tangents that seem off base with bad behavior ideas Making off desperate people trying to explain maturity scarcity fear mentality problems not very well and not worth it

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    Everything laid out nicely Get you a man in 35 seconds Great book for all not singles only Helps marrieds level up too Re visit chapters if stuck in situation ships as well

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    Straightforward adviceThis is the information you need to seal the deal Along the same lines as Why Men Love Bitches but written from a mans perspective

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    Great book great blog

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