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    Kenneth and Thorn have been training to assume their new roles as enforcers Kenneth’s final spell entails learning how to rob a mage of his magic for a short time Typically such a spell would benefit the mage’s lifemate But as Thorn is talentless apparently this does not hold true in this caseNow it’s time to put their training into effect as they receive their first assignment A new alchemy school is opening in the town of Eleborough which is a talentless town governed by a mage named Thralten who is known not to like talentless Their job is to see if the talentless and the students are getting on well Their secondary assignment is to make certain the school is effectiveOne last hurdle before they leave—a dinner party thrown by Kenneth’s parentsThorn has his doubts about what they’re doing but he’s determined to do his best as well as support Kenneth They arrive at the governor’s home which seems oddly distant from the town but he isn’t there to greet them his assistant Marle standing in his stead They are shown to their room where Thorn finishes what they began in the cabOn the governor’s return they are dined where they learn that no talentless are employed there Everything is done through the use of magic How odd Thorn decides they will split up to investigate—he will take the town while Thralten shows Kenneth the collegeThorn uickly learns what the talentless think of him and it is disheartening They consider him a traitor and he begins to wonder if he is doing the right thing How can he help them when they don’t even trust him? Meanwhile Kenneth is being presented with temptations of all sorts What’s up with that?The excitement continues in the third book of the Enforcer’s series as we watch our heroes take what they’ve learned and apply it to the real world Now all of Thorn’s misgivings come to the fore as he struggles between his love for Kenneth and his desire to help the talentless to lead better lives and achieve greater euality with the mages with the fear that he is indeed the traitor his own people perceive him to be Where the first book was written from Kenneth’s perspective and the second from Thorn’s this is told by both of them So we get a good mix of mage and talentlessKenneth and Thorn’s relationship continues to grow and develop and there are some interesting developments as they get to know each other better There is a mystery at the heart of this book and a lot of suspense and drama as well as some very hot sexI am thoroughly enjoying the series and am moving on to the fourth book—hopefully not the last Highly recommend this series

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    4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviews This story is part of a series and must be read in order Kenneth and Thorn are now Enforcers with Thorn becoming the first Talentless Enforcer it is now time for their first mission Check out the new alchemy college meet the governor and see how the college's presence is effecting the local village easy right? The governor is friendly the college welcoming but the village is hostile Thorn and Kenneth split up to discover what is truly going on and while Kenneth is being seduce by the college Thorn is being spat upon by his fellow talentless and as they both draw near to the truth they have to face a deadly enemy again First Mission begins about three weeks after The Exam finished it continues with the story of Kenneth and Thorn a mage and a talentless who are liefmates and are set on becoming Enforcers to uphold the law and in Thorn's case to bring some euality for the talentless On their first mission together Thorn's fears seem to be realized when he is spat upon and called a traitor by his own people but his determination to help them won't let it get to him Kenneth has his own concerns when he realizes that he is being distracted from his job trying to determined what is happening isn't easy when he can trust no one but Thorn I really do enjoy this series as the storyline develops and we see both Kenneth and Thorn confronting their future together Their first mission isn't as easy as they hoped as they come across a cesspit of corruption and dark magic Their love is still strong and strengthening everyday they face what is thrown at them the contempt and anger the wiles and seduction with the knowledge that they can fight against it together They are a wonderful couple and their passion for each other doesn't waver even when temptation is being force upon KennethThe storyline is really good and has excitement and danger with both men fighting against the evil deeds to save the village but with Thorn finding himself in great danger I have to recommend this to those who love magic and steampunk stronger bonds being forged fighting against dark deeds building a bridge between Enforcers and talentless with a great ending that leaves the way for great stories

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    The plot was interesting enough But for me the sex scenes felt like a filler A padding to make this a novella instead of short storiesToward end of the book I was hoping for a conclusive ending but got a sex scene insteadI am still not a fan of how the author tried different terms for the MCs For me the terms felt odd and somewhat impersonal Like they were boiled down to the blond the brunette the mage the inventor etc I don't think I see other author use this style And I have clocked than 1k books already It still just a personal taste thoughI also felt that the attempt at writing mystery felt slightly heavy handed Like the author relied a tad too heavy on tell and not enough show to support the tell Not enough when it felt like a mystery genre which this book felt likeSo 3 stars I am curious about the next book but it wasn't a must

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    I liked this best of the three Lots of plot action and sex I do think all three books should have been combined into one I expect there'll be missions for these two; I hope they'll be as good as this first mission

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    First Mission is Mage Kenneth and his lifemate the talentless thorn going on their first mission as enforcers I absolutely love the details in this book

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First Mission [PDF / EPUB] First Mission Kenneth and Thorn have become Enforcers those who keep the peace monitor major societal changes and if necessary hunt down criminals Luckily their first mission seems easy They must explore a new alch Kenneth and Thorn have become Enforcers those who keep the peace monitor major societal changes and if necessary hunt down criminals Luckily their First Mission seems easy They must explore a new alchemy school meet with the governor of the local village and determine if the school’s presence has upset the local population of people who cannot use magic at all As a talentless himself Thorn especially is concerned He knows the ineuality the talentless face in a world ruled by mages and he is anxious to see how he will fare as an Enforcer When they arrive the governor is friendly enough But as Kenneth and Thorn begin to explore the school and surrounding village they find signs of something far serious than simple friction between the talentless and the magi Students at the alchemy school displays feats of magical strength far beyond what Kenneth has seen before and Thorn finds out that talentless people are disappearing They set out to figure out what is going on—but run into problems when they meet an old enemy.