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Underground Road [PDF / EPUB] Underground Road Damien Edith Kenneth and Mary are residents of a single street whose lives are ordinary to the last degree and as such encompass addiction and domestic violence uiet achievements and small acts of kin Damien Edith Kenneth and Mary are residents of a single street whose lives are ordinary to the last degree and as such encompass addiction and domestic violence uiet achievements and small acts of kindness and treachery Jack and Mary locked at uncomfortably close uarters on Jack's retirement chafe and sulk and fret Edith finds solace in her lonely life playing the pokies Young Damien terrified of his stepfather Marcus and the school bully broods on revenge And Kenneth unhinged wanders the streets Lives intertwine and decisions are made And the tension grows to its shattering climax.

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    A thought provoking commentary on the social climate of contemporary Australia Underground Road exposes lives of uiet desperation lived on a single suburban streetTold in three parts from a omniscient third person perspective we are introduced to four residents of a working class suburb The recently widowed Edith who spends lonely hours in front of the pokies at the club mentally ill Kenneth who roams the neighborhood looking for the secrets letterboxes have to tell twelve year old Damien who lives with his siblings his mother and her temperamental de facto and sixty three year old Mary forced by Centerlink to search for work now that her husband has retiredTheir stories unfold slowly revealing the unsettling truth of these character's lives behind closed doors As realistic representatives of the social challenges in Australia today Kernot's characters draw attention to issues such as gambling addiction domestic violence bullying and mental health care Underground Road is a moving poignant and honest novel to challenge your social conscience

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    This is an impressive first novel The characters are well drawn There is a mood of impending doom from early on and Kernot builds tension right through the book It is a gripping read but also takes time to incorporate significant social commentary without being 'preachy' The lives of the inhabitants of one street are intertwined each facing different challenges bullying domestic violence gambling mental illness adjustment to retirement The characters are engaging and the reader is drawn into their world from page oneWhilst it is set in contemporary Australia and has specific Australian references Centrelink Commodores 'pokies' etc it might almost be any western country where people face similar challengesHighly recommended

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    A tale of the day to day ordinary lives of neighbours living in a low socio economic environment somewhere in the northern suburbs of Adelaide South Australia The characters stories are wound into domestic violence mental health bullying pokie addiction A good read and probably very true to real life but I felt the book ended too soon there was no closure to the storyI needed

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    Sharon Kernot is a South Australian author She has captured typical battles people living in disadvantaged suburbs often face In this novel four families living in one street struggle with issues such as family violence gambling grief and mental illness Seemingly unconnected to each other their lives become entwined through a series of tragedies The plot is gripping the characters complex and the attention to detail brings the story to life Definitely a page turner

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    It was great to read a book by a local Adelaide author The book focuses on the everyday lives and struggles of individuals living on one street in a low socioeconomic area of Adelaide Very eye opening and worth a read

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    A real page turner

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    I was really impressed with this book So well written such strong characters seemed impossible not to get drawn in by the story Not keen on the ending but then what could I have expected?

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