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    A crime reporter once at the top of game makes a last ditch effort getting the scoop of his life in hope of putting its shattered remains back together A past mistake will come roaring back to haunt him as history repeats itself and a monster is abducting small children Tom Reed is a man on the edge and this just might be the story that pushes him over Will he soar once again with the eagles or plummet to the earth in disgrace once again?San Francisco Homicide Inspector Walt Sydowski is one of the top cops in California A widower alone with only his job to give him validation still reels with the knowledge that one toddler’s murder was never avenged and now the monster is back and children go missingAs Tom works his angles Walt does his job but are they both coming to the same conclusion or have they both become blind to the clues that lay right in front of them? Just enough edgy chop to ramp up the tension to nerve scorching levels Rick Mofina cleverly drops a particular sound throughout that was perfectly ominousIF ANGELS FALL by Rick Mofina is a parents’ gritty nightmare as small children go missing and finding the monster takes a turn no one could see comingI was hooked to this dark tale of suspense my heart in my throat as young children disappeared These characters are so very human so flawed and the feelings of desperation are palpable as two men race against time for different reasons only to discover they were both on the same roadSeries Tom Reed Walt Sydowski Book 1Publisher Carrick Publishing; 2 edition April 15 2013Publication Date April 15 2013Genre Suspense | Crime ThrillerPrint Length 477 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews Giveaways Fabulous Book News follow

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    I loved this book from start to finish the characters were believable shows how easy it is for children to be taken Mr Rick Mofina should be congratulated for bringing such a good thriller to life a 5 from me

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    I like this author He keeps his language clean and does not indulge in writing about sexual escapades Other authors take a lesson from Mr Mofina When choosing a thriller to read I am always wary of what may come out of the characters' bedrooms or their mouths Thank you dear author for kindnesses in these regards The author's writing mechanics were excellent I knew who the perpetrators were but I was never convinced that there would be a good ending for Keller's hostages The read twisted my stomach into knots than onceAt his wife's insistence Keller took his three children boating to log in some uality time with them A storm and a whale caused a mishap that killed the children Keller was the sole survivor Tom Reed a newspaperman got on the story and on the effort to find the children His efforts to find the children nearly him his job and his familyMy favorite character was three year old Danny the first kidnapping victim Did he have any skills to get away from Keller? I was actually glad when the six year old girl was kidnapped and housed with Danny believing that she had better survival skills than a three year old I could not help but wonder if my own children at those ages could have saved themselves from Keller I have thinly outlined the plot because I do not want to ruin the book for other readersThank you Mr Mofina for a Good Read

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    I had accepted an offer from to download six of Rick Mofina's books for free His books are very favorably reviewed by readers and I looked forward to joining their ranks I began with his debut novel If Angels FallPerhaps I was expecting too much but I was sorely disappointed If Angels Fall is the story of a parent's worst nightmare the kidnapping of children Despite a marginally satisfying surprise three uarters of the way through there's no mystery to his story because Mr Mofina tells us from the beginning who's doing it and why Then there was another child who had been kidnapped and murdered the year before but Mr Mofina tells us who committed that crime too A newspaper reporter and police detective who had clashed over that case from a year before work together or less to find the kidnapped childrenSo for hundreds of tedious pages we follow the cop and the reporter in their investigations to discover what we readers already know But a thriller should be thrilling never tediousJudging him on just this one book Mr Mofina is a decent writer but not anywhere near outstanding The ending of his book was entirely predictable His editing is far from perfect He does not distinguish paragraphs within a chapter when a scene changes There are numerous typographical errors where even one is too many The absence of page numbers is annoyingIf I do read the rest of his novels in my collection they might change my opinion of Mr Mofina but I cannot find any particular reason to recommend this book or to rate it higher than 25 stars

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    Excellent read real tearjerker though keep you on the edge of your seat

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    I'm not a fan of police procedurals and to be honest this book didn't particularly change my mind about that but for what it was it was a solid read My standard preference for a mystery thriller is a surprise of a plot surprise of a murdererkidnapperetc the fun is in the figuring out who did it plot twists and so on In this one you know exactly who did what and why Mofina's strength is in his intense excellently paced narrative the readers get to follow along the legal and otherwise procedures so inept and frustrating at times that they seem utterly realistic to uncover and bring to justice the criminals in uestion So it's of a thrill of pursuit over then thrill of discovery It's entertaining though Mofina's writing is consistently good he even takes the time to develop characters including minor players which is always welcome although it does add to the book's bulkiness Nevertheless it's a fast read Possibly the best thing about the book is that Mofina actually was a crime reporter like his protagonist Tom so it adds a nice degree of realism and presents a reader with a fascinating world behind the scenes The book is slightly dated and not just because newspaper reporting is going by the way of Atlantis but not terribly so remains very readable and pretty good fun For genre fans this would be lovely

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    This is one of the better police procedurals I've read in awhile A real page turner The novel was suspenseful enough to keep me up into the wee hours of the morning until I finished itThe plot was finely crafted The prose and dialogue excellent And while the characters might be a bit stereotypical it may be because many people fall into broader stereotypes uite easily I think Mr Mofina's penchant for action overcame any shortcomings in this area If there was any defect it might be the focus on the characters with little time spent on San Francisco itself Sure there was some descriptive prose but I'm attuned to Lescroart's Dismas Hardy and his passion for the sights and sounds of the cityOther commenters were appalled by the use of the F word in the novel WTF? This is 2015 If that still bothers people I wonder what kind of lighting they use under their rocks to read these novelsMinor gun problem noted The gun on the 110 ft CG Cutter was noted in the Kindle version as 3mm No such animal It's a Mark110 57mmbut I'm not sure what it was at the time this novel was writtenIn any event I look forward to reading of Mr Mofina's works

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    REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK APRIL 30 2016Narrator Christian RummelOnly two good things I can say about this audiobook 1 excellent narration by Rummel his female voices were so good I had to doublecheck there wasn't a female narrator as well Especially noteworthy when Rummel has a rich and deep voice; 2 it cost me only 199Apart from that this debut thriller was tedious to listen to unnecessarily lengthened by repetitious scenes and dialogue of grief sticken parents demanding and crying the same things Several times I paused to wonder why there was hardly any interaction between Reed and Sydowski if the series were named after them I was expecting them to have some sort of bond or be closely involved in the investigation and search for the abducted kids Instead Sydowski was like an incidental secondary characterThe whole police procedural felt inept and implausible especially with the FBI involved I wouldn't have known the FBI was there if the author hadn't mentioned it The phone call made by one of the abducted kids was lengthy enough for the police and FBI to order a trace yet Sydowski merely hands the phone to Reed and passes scribbled notes to him WTF???I doubt I will follow the series

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    So soGood plot terrible segues made for difficult read of what could have been a really good story Transitions were many times confusing forcing a re read to figure out what's supposedly happening concurrently or somewhere else Use extra spacing asterisks in between paragraphs to indicate changes in time place characters Very difficult to follow

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    My first Rick Mofina novel and it did not disappoint Excellent mysterythriller filled lots of action and mental intensity Looking forward to book #2 of the Reed Sydowski series

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If Angels Fall[PDF / EPUB] If Angels Fall NOTE Before reviewing this book please know that formatting issues and revisions concerning an outdated edition have been addressed Pointing them out now no longer applies to the current editionTom Re NOTE Before reviewing this book please know that formatting issues and revisions concerning an outdated edition have been addressed Pointing them out now no longer applies to the current editionTom Reed is a crime reporter with The San Francisco Star whose superb journalistic skills earned him a Pulitzer nomination But years later Reed’s life is coming apart His editor wants him fired His wife has left him to wrestle with his demons If Angels MOBI :ß Alone Reed is tormented by the fear he may have caused the suicide of an innocent man suspected of murdering a two year old girlReed’s friend on the case is legendary San Francisco Homicide Inspector Walt Sydowski who has one of California’s highest clearance rates He is also a lonely widower haunted by the fact he cannot solve the girl's heartbreaking deathBoth men grapple with the past while they race the clock to learn the truth behind a several new abductions that have anguished the Bay Area in this acclaimed thriller set in the late s.

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