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Roping the Rancher Estes Park #4 [PDF / EPUB] Roping the Rancher Estes Park #4 Stacey Michaels is trying to get her acting career back on track while looking after her traumatized teenage brother and a demanding mother She doesn't have time for romance And if she did Well she'd Stacey Michaels is trying to get her Rancher Estes ePUB ✓ acting career back on track while looking after her traumatized teenage brother and a demanding mother She doesn't have time for romance And if she did Well she'd look to date someone in the business not some cowboy But when her brother begs her for a chance to try the euine therapy program Colt Montgomery offers at his ranch in Colorado Stacey can't refuse Even if she and Colt strike sparks off one another She knows he sees her as a Roping the Epub / diva but why can't he understand she just wants what's best for her brother She's spent her whole life taking care of others—maybe it's time to let Colt take care of herThis is the seuel to The Rancher and the Vet and is the fourth book in Benson's Estes Park series.

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    Sure she was than easy on the eyes and her body could keep a man busy for months exploring every exciting inch of her but those things weren't what he found most intoxicating Her grit Her tenacity The way she never let anything get the best of her He couldn't help but admire her She faced her worst fear She wasn't some dainty little thing that folded when a strong wind blasted her pg 162OK well there were some things I liked about this book and some things I hatedSUMMARY This is the seuel to The Rancher and the Vet and is the fourth book in Benson's Estes Park series even though this isn't noted by GoodreadsColt comes home from Afghanistan and opens up a therapeutic ranch called Healing Horses He is a widower and a father to 15 year old JessStacy is 27 and has legal guardianship over her 17 year old brother Ryan Their mom is weak needy and selfish One year ago Ryan got in a car accident in which he suffered brain damage and he also has to walk with a walker Stacy is an actress and formerly was on The BachelorANALYSISWHAT I LIKED Stacy actually is a strong woman She does not let people bulldoze her She is able to stand up for herself and does so freuently She even stands up to the hero I was impressed She doesn't let the hero push her around She stands up to cops Cops She stands up to creepers who try to sexually touch her She is a fighter I really liked the backbone on this woman She's weak when it comes to giving in to her needy mother and strong on every other front Which is realistic Everyone has weaknesses The humor and banter between Stacy and Colt was actually amusing and sounded good I could see sparks then I could see that they had a compatible sense of humor and got along well You can't find that rapport with just anyone Stacy is a Hollywood actress They bring up that as a child she 'grew up' on a long running show How long had it been since she'd had anything fried?Definitely not since she starred in THE KIDS RUN THE PLACE The producers had been sticklers about her weight Once her mother found that out she'd instituted daily weigh ins and kept a log of every bit of food that went into Stacy's mouth pg 73However as a Hollywood actress it is important to her that she stays thin When she goes to a restaurant with the hero she orders a veggie wrap I'll have a veggie wrapA veggie wrap? Colt scoffed You need some meat on your bones You look like a strong wind would blow you over Halligan's in known for their burgers Colt turned to the waitress Get her a buffalo burger instead pg 77 Major points taken off for the hero No matter what his intentions it makes me rabid someone tells someone else what they can or cannot eat or tries to limit their eating 'for their own good' or tries to get them to eat stuff because 'they need meat on their bones' or whatever I am a strong believer in your own rights to do what you want to your own body and definitely your rights to eat or not eat what you wantBut in keeping with my earlier statement Stacy surprisingly holds her ground She does NOT get a burger She sticks with her veggie wrap She does NOT allow him to pressure her into eating a burger What was it with this guy telling her what she should or shouldn't do? She'd been taking care of herself since she was eleven I ordered a veggie wrap because that's what I want I don't eat red meatAny fries or onion rings to go with that? Jenna askedStacy bet Halligan's had killer fries Probably crunchy on the outside and all warm on the inside and the thought of onion rings left her weak No thanksDon't tell me You don't eat fried food either Colt saidAs a matter of fact I don't pg 77This is great One most books would have the heroine be bulldozed by the hero and enjoy food that she was made to order 'for her own good' Two usually when bringing up eating like this the author is setting up a plot where the heroine learns to 'relax' about food because of the hero's love or something NOT SO HERE She never starts eating food that she has issues with Instead the hero becomes considerate of her needs and even makes her an egg salad sandwich on the picnic because he remembers she doesn't eat red meat and didn't know about turkey or chicken This is GREAT Benson has the hero learn about and then respect her wishes instead of trying to 'improve her life' by forcing her to 'enjoy' whatever food he thinks is delicious I liked that Stacy exerted control over her own body and intake stuck to her guns and then Colt learned to be respectful of that and from then on honored her wishes It's VERY RARE in romance novelsAnd since Stacy is still a successful actress by the end of the series it doesn't seem like she's going to loosen up on her food intake any time soonThis is also NOT made a big deal of in the book I'm glad Stacy is very pragmatic about it it's not treated as a big issue and everything is resolved with no fanfareWHAT I DIDN'T LIKE Misogyny I have to say this book was not very woman friendly For one thing women are always cast as the villains Stacy's mom practically gift wrapped an eating disorder for her daughter She is also weak greedy unloving disinterested in her children's emotional and physical well being dependent and a leech Ryan her 17 year old son refers to her as a bitch with no repercussions Ryan also view spoilerseemingly doesn't care when his mom attempts suicide hide spoiler

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    Roping The Rancher by Julie Benson was than just a fun romantic book it dealt with some deep subjects in today’s worldStacy Michaels needs to get her young brother Ryan into an euine therapy program after a wreck left him with very little motor skills Their mom is no help a self centered lady who puts herself first leaves all responsibility for Ryan on StacyColt Montgomery is a war vet single dad and the owner of Healing Horses Raising his teenage daughter Jess and dealing with his nightmares from Afghanistan often sidelines his goalsStacy and Colt’s relationship doesn’t start off on the best foot but together along with Ryan and Jess they all begin to see how each can help the other overcome their fears setbacks and personal dilemmas Julie Benson’s writing style characterization and the plot in this book was amazingI truly felt all the character’s turmoil they were facing in this journey to get their happy ever after Highly recommend this book to those who love a great romance with depth

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    Stacey is an actress working on a movie is Estes Park Colt runs an euine therapy ranch Stacey's younger brother whom she's basically raised is in need of said therapy When Colt agrees to let Ryan do his therapy at his ranch things are looking up Colts daughter Jess and Stacey's brother Ryan go to school together and become uick friends That makes it easy for Colt and Stacey to find rime to spend together The problem is that Stacey will be returning to LA as soon as Ryan's therapy and her movie filming are over So how will Colt convince her to stay?The story did have sexual situation but not detailed Language was clean

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    this as a DNF I made it about 34 of the way but the heroine's fear of horses ruined it for me If she was THAT terrified of horses I don't think ONE lesson learning how to be a sidewalker would have been fixed her up It just seemed dangerous and ill advised and I had to give up

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    Benson truly nails iAs I finish up my Bachelor’s degree I don’t really find sitting down for five and a half hours to read as something I’d like to do But once I started reading Roping the Rancher I couldn’t stop Benson’s creation of new and familiar characters is stronger than ever The heartbreaking pasts of both the hero and heroine as well as everyone around them just keeps tugging on your heart until it feels like they’ll snatch it right out of your chest The hero and heroine Colt and Stacy are loveable and completely real characters that are so stubborn and oblivious to the other’s feelings that you want to hunt them down and slap them for not realizing it The family aspects of this book are unlike so many others I’ve read in the Harleuin lines Stacy and her brother Ryan struggle with the other’s emotions and understanding each other until almost the end Trust me right now my relationship with my sister is somewhat comparable as she goes off to college The two struggle also with each of their relationships with their mother which ends in of a tender coming of age story Colt and his daughter Jess also have a relationship that also hit close to home that is unlike any other While they play the teenage daughter single father card there are aspects of each’s past that also gives them a truly touching ending that will make you smile when you finish Even though this is a romance Benson intertwines social commentary into it At first I’d just read over and moved on but I went back and had to mark it The characters address the obsession the world has with reality television as well as bringing the romance market into the 21st century with sprinkles of Facebook and social media The book goes through so many seuences of characters learning to trust themselves as well as others that I had to write them down to keep track before I wrote this review I think in a world of today after something as tragic as each of these characters have experienced trust is something they all need and each gets it in their own way In a world where so many people say so much Benson gives us true to life characters that are afraid to express what they really want—their feelings And for me there’s nothing truer than that I guess I should mention that the sexual tension builds from the second the two meet and escalates until the love scene where—well I marked that part too Julie Benson’s works are wonderful and I love all of them that I’ve read but I have to say this has been my favorite and Colt Stacy Jess and Ryan will stay with me for years to come Definitely a great read

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    Enjoyed the storyline will read from this author

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    I liked Julie Benson’s writing style the sense of humor and empathy with which she develops her characters strong people that are genuine flawed and honorable and don’t take themselves too seriously Sometimes it seems that the narrator is teasing the characters even if in a kind wayThe setting is great the supporting characters also well handled Perhaps the end of the story could have been abbreviated but that’s just a detail in a very good romance

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    One barely detailed smut scene Super cliché Bland stereotypical characters Stereotypical problematic things said and thought by both main characters If it had been longer this book would have ended up as my first DNF book but I needed a sex scene to feel like I read it and it was so close to the end I figured I might as well read the rest Obviously I expected some of these things but not to the extent that they were at Glad I finished sad it wasn't better

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    Short readReally liked this but it was a little shorter I expected Sweet story and not too trashy Great read for a relaxing wknd

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    Eh fell flat Everything had been done before Nothing new and not enough depth

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