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Flesh Wounds [PDF / EPUB] Flesh Wounds Bred in the Bone is the stunning third novel in Brookmyre’s series featuring private investigator Jasmine Sharp and Detective Superintendent Catherine McLeod Set in the disturbing underworld of Glas Bred in the Bone is the stunning third novel in Brookmyre’s series featuring private investigator Jasmine Sharp and Detective Superintendent Catherine McLeod Set in the disturbing underworld of Glasgow—a place where countless old scores are still waiting to be settled and where everyone knows everyone else—.

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    “Beware the fury of a patient man” John Dryden an English poet literary critic translator and playwright who became Poet Laureate in 1668 Christopher Brookmyre a Scottish best selling novelist spun an astounding tale portraying the deepest darkest corners in the Glasgow crime world in his latest book Flesh Wounds Synopsis Private investigator Jasmine Sharp's father was murdered before she was born and her mother went to self sacrificing lengths in order to shield her from the world in which he moved Since her mother's death all she has been able to learn is his first name and that only through a strange bond she has forged with the man who killed him The biggest thug of Glasgow murdered in a car wash inside his own car and the CCTV footage reveals Glen Fallan as the killer Soon Glen Fallan is behind the bars So what is the mystery? Sounds like story ends over here However this is just the beginning Jasmine Sharp the PI of Glasgow has a history with Glen Fallan and according to her Glen couldn't be the killer Enter DC Catherine McLeod who investigates the mystery behind Fallan's motive mostly the mysterious sign left on the dead man's head So as McLeod prepares to cover up her past Jasmine soon plunges into the untold mysteries of her past thereby venturing into the forbidden lands of Glasgow under worldWell this is the first time I am reading any Brookmyre novel so I had no idea that Flesh wounds is a part of a series based on SharpMcLeodFallan However it was no trouble for me to read Flesh Wounds as a standalone The author has skillfully bared the stories of Sharp and Fallan's past in flashes just at the right moments The author tried to show us how past demons can claw us if they are not put to rest at the right times Both Mc Leod and Sharp are the two strong characters of this book As the story progressed the we get to know about Sharp and McLeod's characters with depth The narration is very strong ultimately gripping The moment I started reading I found an inevitable attraction with the narrative style of the author The author brought out the dark satire underlying in the plot uite brilliantly The story unfolded in flashbacks As the investigation progressed we eventually see the underlying past behind each find The author laid out the violence intricately and uite vividlySince the mystery is based on an untold past misdoings so there was no mystery the past itself being the mystery Both McLeod and Sharp are flawed characters trying to come to terms with their devastating past thus unlocking the key behind this murder Hence Flesh Wounds is an engaging read that will arrest your mind and soul until its very endVerdict Christopher Brookmyre is one of the best Scottish crime author so do not give this book a miss Courtesy Thanks to the author Christopher Brookmyre for giving me the opportunity to read and review his book

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    Flesh Wounds – Brilliant Glasgow ThrillerPrivate investigator Jasmine Sharp in Flesh Wounds returns in the final book of the Sharp Trilogy written by Chris Brookmyre Brookmyre’s use of the Glaswegian really brings home the Glasgow setting and at the same time this book ties up all the loose ends in a bloody violent ending This is an example of the Glasgow Underworld clashing with the police and the occasional bent copper a shine example of the Glasgow crime thrillerJasmine Sharp is still searching for who her father may be and as her mother is dead she is searching all the people that knew her when she was a lot younger This will drag her real rather in to the midst of the murder investigation being conducted by the Polis into the execution of gangland boss Stevie Fullerton at one of his businesses Jasmine does not realise that this murder will drag a lot of history up not only her family history but that of the underworld bent police and cover ups and a wrongly convicted person in a murder The murder of Julie Muir 25 years earlier officially had been solved but during this case everything seems to collapse especially when people start searching for the paperwork from the case Officers are threatened to look the other way and close the case as uickly as possibleDetective Superintendent Catherine McLeod is the senior investigating officer who is also living in fear during the investigation that her past may come out We see flashbacks of what McLeod has to hide and what it means to her and her family The biggest uestion is will that history come out in the light of dayWhat we do see in this thriller is an excellent interaction of all the characters who are strong use of the Glasgow Patter which you can hear them speak Through the use of language we can explore the darker side of Glasgow and that language brings forth some brilliant imagery even so if you know GlasgowFlesh Wounds is an excellent conclusion to the Jasmine Sharp trilogy where we get the answers to the uestions she has put to herself At the same time we are sold a pup before finding out at the end the real truth as reader and Sharp can see what has been hidden in plain sight all the time Brilliant novel by an excellent writer well worth reading and you will not regret it

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    Bred in the Bone is an intense police procedural that is complex intelligent puzzling and rivetingPart of a series featuring private investigator Jasmine Sharp and Detective Superintendent Catherine McLeod Bred in the Bone functions as a stand alone but makes me want to read the previous books for some back storyThe story is revealed in alternating chapters about Jasmine Sharp Catherine McLeod and a young girl whose name is not given Past is prologue to current eventsInformation is divulged little by little keeping the reader in suspense and continuous speculation This is so skillfully done that you feel as if you are the fly on the wall observing behaviors and conversations accumulating information It isn't so much the use of red herrings as the lack of information or awareness reuired to fully evaluate You get the knowledge when the characters do and you have than one character to rely on yet solving this mystery necessitates following the pace set by the author until the conclusionThe beginning is a bit slow but once the initial chapter is out of the way the novel moves uickly from one character to another as both Catherine McLeod and Jasmine Sharp investigate the murder for different reasons Setting is uniuely important in some novels and the Glasgow underworld is essential to the success of Bred in the Bone Brookmyre's Glasgow is dark enough but not as dark as Denise Mina's Glasgow Brookmyre manages to present the sinister world of Glasgow's criminal society with enough detail to make it abhorrent but he is also able to put human faces on even the villains While it is apparent that some of the characters and situations have been introduced in the previous novels the author provides enough information for clarity in subtle ways avoiding long information dumps A skillful writer Mr Brookmyre leads without condescension keeping the reader guessing putting together facts and circumstances and participating in the situations is no minor feat The novel has side stories that must unite for a clear picture but the author deftly steers the reader through the details hints and innuendosHighly recommendedRead in November 2013 Blog post scheduled for May 14 2014NetGalleyGrove AtlanticCrimePolice Procedural May 2014 Print version 416 pages

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    When I began the Jasmine Sharp series I seriously doubted that I would finish them let alone give this 5 stars It feels like Brookmyre has written the previous two novels simply to set this upI won't give anything away which makes it hard to review in any depth but suffice to say this is simply fantastic I am a big fan of Brookmyre and I think it is fair to say that his usual dark humour is not particularly evident in this book and indeed the series However this does not detract in the slightest I was left guessing until the end and when I thought I had figured something out it would turn out to be a minor development and you then get socked in the face by what is really happening Brookmyre is an absolute master of suspense timing and deception Whilst I consider this to be the best of the Jasmine Sharp novels you have to read the preceding two for it to have the necessary impact Personally I found the first one a slog and Jasmine to be deeply irritating but stick with it because it is definitely worth it

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    I am really enjoying Christopher Brookmyre's newish Glasgow crime series the previous volumes are Where The Bodies Are Buried and When The Devil Drives These books all feature ex actress turned private investigator Jasmine Sharp Detective Superintendant Catherine McLeod and reformed ? Glasgow hard man Glen Fallan The earlier books introduced Sharp in particular this one tells us a bit about the other two though Sharp also has some great scenes In flashbacks we see Fallan as an apprentice gangster recruited and rising through the ranks and learn why McLeod loathes him so deeplyAgain this book concerns a mystery raked up from the past as Fallan is arrested almost red handed for the murder of the man who evidently didn't kill him all those years ago but was previously thought to have Not a spoiler it's in the blurb It isn't the only one the book is full of mysteries like that nothing whether past crimes or family relationships is uite what it seems Fallan Sharp and McLeod need to find answers for the sake of their careers families and livesThe central characters are portrayed believably Their relationships have developed through the series There has been cooperation but it's been forced cooperation and they are wary of each other it's fun to see them badmouthing each other as they go about their business McLeod makes a convincing senior polis we hear again about that dark place she sometimes goes to but she's not a clichéd burned our cop with a wrecked home life Flesh Wounds is very much a summation of the series so far there are satisfying answers to all or most of the uestions that hung over the earlier books but they aren't allowed to hold up a knotty complicated plot with plenty of twists I didn't see coming There are a couple of well observed subplots as well a rather sweet little love story and one showing the heartbreaking result of prejudice and corruption Pay close attention to all the details everything counts in the endThe earlier books seem to have divided Brookmyre's fans though perhaps less so than Pandaemonium and Bedlam That's a pity as they're very good as being what they are I think this book is the best of the three by some way I hope Brookmyre writes though I can see why he might think this is a good place to stop

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    Flesh Wounds aka Bred in the Bone is the third in the Jasmine Sharp series from Scottish author Christopher Brookmyre One of those authors that is on the to be purchased immediately list under the category I'm starting to fret about the time it's taking to get to this one Welded on fan needless to sayThe Jasmine Sharp series is a bit different from some of Brookmyre's surreal out there offerings Although there's always plenty of cutting humour dry observation and than a bit of dragging readers down dark alleys at unexpected times This is a very good series It bounces the reader up and down through Jasmine Sharp's life and times just as she's riding the shockwaves herself It will work better if you read at least one of the earlier books before embarking on this one as there's a lot of build up in explaining Sharp her mother her uncle Fallan DS McLeod and just about everybody else that makes an appearance here To say nothing of how an aspiring actress ended up as a PI These does seem to have been a bit of uibbling about the decidedly different almost mainstream approach that Brookmyre has taken in this series which seems a bit unfair as this is extremely entertaining and engaging crime fiction with a great central character to boot

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    At first I was a bit worried about Brookmyre going straight The sense of fun the still just about plausible plots with great one liners meant that on form they were the euivalent of the best popcorn films with a wise cracking but not pantomime cast of action heroes He actually sends this up in personal favourite One Fine Day but Lethal Weapon Die Hard or the Rock could all be similar examples of big explosions and great one liners But in one or two recently he was heading towards those James Bonds where even Roger Moore was arching an eyebrow to the cameraBut did he need a Daniel Craig reboot? He works in the same 'world' as his Christopher books referencing previous characters And well yes This is the third and it feels like this series is starting to hit form and he's finding his balance Yes it's 'real' nasty things can and do happen with threat it's all fairly plausible Ironically for some authors going 'serious' there's probably far less gruesome violence than in his other books but he uses that well to heighten the impact when it does happen And while the standard execution shooting that starts the book is ten a penny in crime he adds depth to the cast by having them consider their own levels of desensitisation to the violence making the reader ask themselves some uestions tooAnyway along with all this he lightens up a bit after the straightlaced beginning to the series and lets some one liners and jokes creep in Which makes this an enjoyable read He ties together plot lines from the previous books well to offer a semi conclusion to a loose trilogy but leave room for Well plotted with characters that are becoming rounded as they develop I enjoyed 'supporting cop' Beano being fleshed out in this book This is enjoyable fun and a fairly satisfying read

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    This is by far he best of the sharp investigations book Still not as good as the parlabane novels but far riveting than the last one The twists and turns in the final act elevated the tension to the nth degree And inspector mcleods back story added a fascinating new dimension It s not often that you have the two heroines of the novel genuinely being justifiably antagonistic to each other Genuinely a good read

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    Can't help but think it missed out a chunk of what happened to Macleod after all this but I love these books Jasmine is one of my favourite PIs and ranks alongside Robin EllacottI might have to start reading his Jack Parlabane novels to tide me over till the next Sharp investigations book is out

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    Ahh the annual Brookmyre Where would we be with out it? Enjoyed this hugely compared to his last one Bedlam as I have been enjoying this loose trilogy set around his Glasgow gangster set up This flowed nicely and I devoured it uickly Brookmyre on top form really no need be said

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