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To Sleep No More [PDF / EPUB] To Sleep No More In the fourteenth century Oriel de Sharndene the beautiful daughter of a Sussex landowner is married off to the retarded brother of the Archbishop of Canterbury; three centuries later Jenna Mist wife In the fourteenth century Oriel de Sharndene the beautiful daughter of a Sussex landowner is married off to the retarded brother of the Archbishop of Canterbury; three centuries later Jenna Mist wife of the village carpenter is hanged for witchcraft; in the eighteenth century a highwayman captures the love of the delightful Henrietta Trevor three apparently To Sleep PDF/EPUB ² unconnected events This panoramic novel skilfully interweaves past and present fact and fiction exploring the enigma of reincarnation through the agesSet in the village of Mayfield in Sussex To Sleep No More opens in the tumultuous reign of Edward III when monarch and Church struggled for supremacy and ambitious noblemen aimed to better themselves by marrying their daughters well Oriel accepts the Archbishop's half witted brother Colin de Stratford to please her father but soon falls in love with the dashing Gascon suire Marcus de Flaviel A strange and touching friendship develops between the three but when Oriel becomes pregnant suspicions are aroused and Marcus disappears without traceBut their souls cannot rest and the story follows them through the times of witchcraft persecution under James I to the troubled Georgian period when highwaymen and smugglers held sway.

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    I really enjoyed the ethereal uality of this story there are shadows of the past and the future constantly fleeting through the present The book is written in three parts each in a different period of history but all in the same small area on the coast of SussexMy favourite part was part one set in the fourteenth century a story of love and loss between Oriel de Sharndene who is married by arrangement to Colin brother of the Archbishop of Canterbury by the description in the book I think that Colin had Down's Syndrome he is however blessed with a wonderful gift for playing the gittern a small instrument like a lute Although Oriel knows of Colin's disability she is very fond of him and is enchanted by his beautiful music There is however another man in the lives of Colin and Oriel Marcus de Flaviel he is charged with caring for Colin who loves his friend dearly a relationship then builds between Oriel and MarcusThe second era is set during the reign of James I and the main character is Jenna niece of Alice Casswell who was hanged as a witch the same love triangle seems destined to repeat itself and the reader starts to realise that the people although maybe of a different sex and status in life are maybe the same souls returned to re enact their past livesThe third part of the book set in the Georgian ear was my least favourite simply because it is a period of history that appeals to me least again we have the same scenario with the central and also minor characters returning to carry on the circle of their love There are smugglers highway men and fops and dandies in this eraYou do need to concentrate uite hard as it is a little complicated to recognise the different people as they return to different lives in different bodies there a uite a few to remember and it is not always immediately obvious who is whoIt is a very eerie tale and is he sort of story you hear from people who believe in past life regression interesting but uite long

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    A lovely book that I first read in the 1990's Set in three time lines this book delves into the theory of reincarnation and multiple lives weaving together the destinies of several souls A great book which I can highly recommend

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    Too tediousI found this to be a tedious read Just didn't care enough about the characters and was not really engaged

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    Set within three separate and yet linked timelines each with different characters that are conjoined by their fates through reincarnation To Sleep No More is an intriguing and different period tale unlike anything I have read previouslyThe three stories initially seem like they have nothing in common with one another but as the story progresses and as you delve into each of the different timelines the past lives link come and to the forefront until you reach a point where you can completely understand how the stories are linked how the characters are linked and how much fate and destiny have had a pull and influence on their very different lives It's a fascinating premise when you think about it are we destined to live the same romance over and over again with the same soul even if you have no clue that you may have been through it over and over again It's a deliciously provocative thought and who wouldn't like to think that our lives and loves could possibly have such an order to them?The writing of this story is cleverly put together with the threads gradually knitting themselves together over the course of the entire book Each of the three threads contain a separate story of love romance and friendship and each is worth reading in their own rights alone but it's not until the very end that you can truly understand why the book has been structured in the way it has when the underlying truth behind the past lives is fully revealed The characterisations are beautifully crafted and each of the characters breath life into the story and into each other with their richness of emotion and personality The pacing is perfect and suits the book completely growing in pace as we learn and about the truth As the three stories are set in different time periods each time coming further into the future you get a good sense of the world around them and of the various times that they live in meaning that you do get a good sense for the world building and the mythology behind the families in uestionthe land they live on and the social structures of the varying timesI don't really want to go into the stories too much as I wouldn't like to give any spoilers away at all which would be far to easy to do but trust me when I say this is a great period novel with a twist It may sound a little insane on paper but the book itself is a real joy to read and I would recommend to anyone who has a love of books featuring those bygone times It's a great read

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    I did not enjoy this book it was long involved too many people and was hard to follow The story itself is interesting enough It follows the spirits of three people from the 1500s to the 1800s as they try to find their destiny of being together Unfortunately it also covers the spirits of about 10 other people through the ages and you are left trying to remember the stories from each time period and the spirits are not always in the same sex bodies which makes it very confusing Each time periods story is too long and detailed and not necessary to fulfill the plot As much as I have a lovehate relationship with trilogies this book may have been better as one But ultimately I think it would have been better if you were following less people and the tediousness and extra details of each time period were condensed

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    I received a free copy from Netgalley in return for an honest review'To Sleep No More' is a book with three separate stories that are intertwined through place and as it seems characters and situations That makes that each story is easy to get involved in since it seems like as a reader you already know with whom you are living along Indeed you do not simply read about the characters and happenings you live them like you're a ghost who has seen them all being born and raisedIt was uite a long read and although the last part was to me the most 'difficult' to get into my mind still pondering over the people I already left behind I loved to read 'To Sleep No More' until the end and somehow I wished it had not ended yet

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    Waste of TimeI had hoped for something along the lines of Ken Follett's magnificent Pillars of the Earth or any of Edward Rutherfurd's wonderful sprawling sagas Wrong Pretty ordinary reincarnation plot and pretty ordinary characters I give it two stars because there is a historical basis for a number of the characters and there is some interesting information about the early 18th century smugglers aka free traders who were largely Jacobites or at least Stuart sympathizers

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    This is an enchanting historical romance that explores the idea of previous lives and who one might be if this is indeed truly possible Whether or not you believe in this idea the book is well crafted details life in three different centuries and provides plenty of excitement troubles and romance for the main characters to deal with Intriguing enjoyable read – I highly recommend it Thank you NetGalley and Endeavour Press for the copy of this book to read and review

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    beautifully descriptive

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    The writing style was much too descriptive for my taste however it was well written I would have given this book 3 stars but had to give a 4th for a story that was uniue and enjoyable

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